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Zhukov NUK17
GearGraphic DuelMachinePistols DMP MK II.png
Equipment Details
Type Submachine Gun
Used by Scout
Slot Secondary
Hitscan Yes
Availability Unlock
Never sophisticated, but never disappointing either. The NUK family of twinned micro SMGs has a long and treasured track record, yet Those In The Know generally agree that the 17 is among the very best
~ Item Description


The Zhukov NUK17 is the Scout's unlockable secondary weapon. It is a pair of machine pistols built entirely out of metal. The trigger guard encases the whole way around the user's fist. Uniquely, the magazines insert into the top of the weapon at an angle. When the Scout reloads the weapon the mags pop out and the guns disappear from view, reappearing with fresh mags and a confident spin. Both of the pistols have a separate ammo counter which is consolidated into one counter on the player's HUD.

Ammo will always be consumed in pairs, though only one bullet will be fired.

Icons Campaign.png Unlocked through an assignment.
Requires Scout Class level icon.png 15
Purchased for:
Credit.png 8200 Credits
Umanite icon.png 100 Umanite
Bismor icon.png 160 Bismor
Initial Stats
Damage 12 Kinetic
Magazine Size 50
Max Ammo 650
Rate of Fire
(per second)
Reload Time 1.8s
Weakpoint Damage Bonus +15%

Note: Although the weapon's stats indicate that it is capable of firing 30 rounds per second, it is a common misconception that the weapon is capable of outputting as much damage as it describes. In actual gameplay, the machine pistols have half the effective amount of bullets; this means that for every 2 ammo the gun uses, only 1 bullet is fired out, and only 1 bullet's worth of damage is being dealt.


There are five tiers of modifications and each tier has two to three upgrades. Only one modification can be equipped per tier.

Zhukov NUK17 Modifications
Mod Effect Description Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Expanded Ammo Bags
+100 Max Ammo You had to give up some sandwich-storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased
Credit.png 1000 Credits
Bismor icon.png 20 Bismor
Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
High Velocity Rounds
+1 Damage The good folk in R&D have been busy. The overall damage of your weapon is increased.
Credit.png 1000 Credits
Enor pearl icon.png 20 Enor Pearl
Tier 2
Class level icon.png 6
Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
High Capacity Magazine
+10 Clip Size The good thing about clips, magazines, ammo drums, fuel tanks can always get bigger variants.
Credit.png 1800 Credits
Magnite icon.png 18 Magnite
Enor pearl icon.png 12 Enor Pearl
Icon Upgrade FireRate.png
Supercharged Feed Mechanism
+4 Combined Rate of Fire We overclocked your gun. It fires faster. Don't ask. Just enjoy. Also probably don't tell Management, please.
Credit.png 1800 Credits
Croppa icon.png 12 Croppa
Jadiz icon.png 18 Jadiz
Icon Upgrade Speed.png
Quickfire Ejector
-0.6s Reload Time Experience, training, and a couple of under-the-table design "adjustments" means your gun can be reloaded significantly faster.
Credit.png 1800 Credits
Enor pearl icon.png 12 Enor Pearl
Bismor icon.png 18 Bismor
Tier 3
Class level icon.png 10
Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
Increased Caliber Rounds
+1 Damage The good folk in R&D have been busy. The overall damage of your weapon is increased.
Credit.png 2200 Credits
Croppa icon.png 20 Croppa
Jadiz icon.png 30 Jadiz
Icon Upgrade Aim.png
Better Weight Balance
x0.4 Base Spread Base accuracy increase
Credit.png 2200 Credits
Croppa icon.png 30 Croppa
Jadiz icon.png 20 Jadiz
Tier 4
Class level icon.png 14
Icon Upgrade BulletPenetration.png
Blowthrough Rounds
+1 Max Penetrations Shaped projectiles designed to over-penetrate targets with a minimal loss of energy. In other words: Fire straight through an enemy!
Credit.png 3800 Credits
Enor pearl icon.png 15 Enor Pearl
Bismor icon.png 25 Bismor
Icon Upgrade Weakspot.png
Hollow-Point Bullets
+30% Weakpoint Damage Bonus Hit em' where it hurts! Literally! We've upped the damage you'll be able to do to any creature's fleshy bits. You're welcome.
Credit.png 3800 Credits
Croppa icon.png 25 Croppa
Umanite icon.png 36 Umanite
Enor pearl icon.png 15 Enor Pearl
Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Expanded Ammo Bags
+100 Max Ammo You had to give up some sandwich-storage, but your total ammo capacity is increased!
Credit.png 3800 Credits
Jadiz icon.png 15 Jadiz
Magnite icon.png 25 Magnite
Bismor icon.png 36 Bismor
Tier 5
Class level icon.png 18
Icon Upgrade Electricity.png
Conductive Bullets
+30% Damage Bonus More damage to targets that are in an electric field
Credit.png 4400 Credits
Croppa icon.png 40 Croppa
Jadiz icon.png 110 Jadiz
Umanite icon.png 60 Umanite
Icon Upgrade MovementSpeed.png
Get In, Get Out
+Get in, get out Temporary movement speed bonus after emptying clip
Credit.png 4400 Credits
Magnite icon.png 40 Magnite
Enor pearl icon.png 110 Enor Pearl
Bismor icon.png 60 Bismor


Overclock calculations happen after modifiers.

Zhukov NUK17 [Expand/Collapse]
Overclock Effect Description Price
Minimal Magazines Pos.svg +1 Combined Rate of Fire
Pos.svg -0.4s Reload Time
By filling away unnecessary material from the magazines you've made them lighter, and that means they pop out faster when reloading. Also the rounds can move more freely increasing the max rate of fire slightly.
Credit.png 8450 Credits
Croppa icon.png 100 Croppa
Jadiz icon.png 70 Jadiz
Bismor icon.png 130 Bismor
Custom Casings
Pos.svg +30 Combined Clip Size

Neg.svg -2 Combined Rate of Fire

Fit more of these custom rounds in each magazine but at small reduction in the rate of fire
Credit.png 7700 Credits
Croppa icon.png 75 Croppa
Enor pearl icon.png 140 Enor Pearl
Bismor icon.png 95 Bismor
Cryo Minelets
Pos.svg +Cryo Minelets
(10 Cold damage per mine)

Neg.svg -1 Damage
Neg.svg -10 Combined Clip Size

After impacting terrain, these high-tech bullets convert into cryo-minelets that will super-cool anything that comes close. However they don't last forever and the rounds themselves take more space in the clip and deal less direct damage.
Credit.png 7300 Credits
Croppa icon.png 65 Croppa
Magnite icon.png 135 Magnite
Umanite icon.png 95 Umanite
Embedded Detonators
Pos.svg +Embedded Detonators

Neg.svg -6 Damage
Neg.svg -20 Combined Clip Size
Neg.svg -400 Max Ammo

Special bullets contain micro-explosives that detonate when you reload the weapon at the cost of total ammo, magazine capacity and direct damage.
Credit.png 7550 Credits
Jadiz icon.png 135 Jadiz
Magnite icon.png 65 Magnite
Umanite icon.png 90 Umanite
Gas Recycling
Pos.svg +5 Damage

Neg.svg x0 Weakpoint Damage Bonus
Neg.svg x1.5 Base Spread
Neg.svg x0.5 Movement Speed While Using

Special hardened bullets combined with rerouting escaping gasses back into the chamber greatly increases the raw damage of the weapon but makes it more difficult to control and removes any bonus to weakpoint hits.
Credit.png 7800 Credits
Jadiz icon.png 105 Jadiz
Magnite icon.png 125 Magnite
Enor pearl icon.png 70 Enor Pearl

Stats Breakdown

Unique Modifications

Conductive Bullets

Icon Upgrade Electricity.png
Conductive Bullets causes each shot fired from the Zhukovs to deal +30% more damage to any target that are under Electrocution. The Electrocution effect can be applied through the IFG, but also the Engineer's "Stubby" Voltaic SMG, Bosco's Overcharged Rounds mod, the Deepcore GK2 with the Electrifying Reload Overclock, or from the M1000 Classic with the Electrocuting Focus Shots Overclock. The damage bonus does not apply to player armor's Static Discharge.

Get In, Get Out

Icon Upgrade MovementSpeed.png
Get In, Get Out gives the player a +50% bonus movement speed for 2.5 seconds when they empty the magazine on the Zhukovs. It should be noted that the player must empty the entire magazine for the effect to activate; reloading halfway will not activate the effect.

Unique Overclocks

Cryo Minelets

Cryo Minelets is an Unstable Overclock
Each Bullet that touches a surface automatically turns into a Minelet after 0.1 seconds, and is armed after 0.8 seconds. Creatures that go near it will trigger the Minelet and give 10 Cold in a 1.5m radius, Minelets autotrigger after 4 seconds, each Minelet can only be triggered once. By having the mod "Blowthrough Rounds" it is possible to shoot through Creatures to hit a surface.

Embedded Detonators

Embedded Detonators is an Unstable Overclock
When reloading each bullet fired that hit an enemy will explode, including enemies hit through penetration. Several enemies can be affected at the same time. The explosion does not have any AoE to it, only affecting the creature it explodes in.

  • Damage: 38 Internal (per bullet that damages the target ; damage is not affected by hitting Weakspots or Armor)
  • Detonators stay through born ready activation and can still be activated on next reload
  • A full reload is not necessary to activate Embedded Detonators. It will trigger at the beginning of the animation. Canceling the reload, by switching weapon for example, will still activate the effect.


Each modification that is purchased advances a mastery bar by one unit.

Mastery unlocks:

  • Three modifications – First Stripe Weapon Paintjob Icon Skin First Stripe.png
  • Seven modifications – Deepcore Weapon Paintjob Icon Skin Deepcore.png
  • All (12) modifications – The Company Special Weapon Paintjob Icon Skin The Company Special.png


Full gallery of skins can be seen at Weapon Skins.


  • This weapon has a slightly different FOV than Scout's other weapons.
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