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Self-propelled and self-guided, when thrown it will seek the closest unbearded skull and give it a good whack while delivering a stunning 100.000 volts. Shockingly, it even returns to its owner!
— Item Description

The Voltaic Stun Sweeper is an unlockable Throwable for the Scout.

Resembling a light olive-green boomerang with an orange battery in the middle and a blue-glowing electrical field on its edge.

Voltaic Stun Sweeper is able to hit nine enemies in a single throw before it breaks. If it does not hit any targets, it will fly back to the Scout to be used again, without wasting ammo.

Targets hit by the Voltaic Stun Sweeper would be stunned immediately and electrocuted in the process, dealing decent damage. Its ability to stun multiple group of enemies, as well as home-in on targets makes it a very useful weapon when dealing with flying creatures. However, there is a downside. The Voltaic Stun Sweeper lack any and all forms of armor break, making it a poor weapon of choice against larger foes like Praetorians and Dreadnoughts. Reserve this for smaller enemies.

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires scout Level 15
Purchased for:
Credit 5600 Credits
Umanite 30 Umanite

Initial Stats
Carried Amount 8
Damage per Hit 35 Electric
Max Number of Hits 9
Stun Effect
Stun Chance 100%
Stun Duration 8.5s
Electrocute Stats
Electrocute Chance 100%
Electrocute Duration 4s
Electrocute Damage per tick 1 Electric
Tick interval 0.25s
Movement speed x0 (100% speed reduction)
*Will not benefit from Weakpoints

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