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Upon Quote Audio
A Dwarf Salute
Rock on!
Rock and Stone... Yeeaaahhh!
Rock and Stone forever!
Rock and Stone!
For Rock and Stone!
We are unbreakable!
Rock and roll!
Rock and roll and stone!
That's it lads! Rock and Stone!
Like that! Rock and Stone!
Yeaahhh! Rock and Stone!
None can stand before us!
Rock solid!
Rock solid!
Stone and Rock! ...Oh, wait...
Come on guys! Rock and Stone!
If you don't Rock and Stone, you ain't comin' home!
We fight for Rock and Stone!
We rock!
Rock and Stone everyone!
Yeah, yeah, Rock and Stone.
Rock and Stone in the Heart!
For Teamwork!
Did I hear a Rock and Stone?
Rock and Stone, Brother!
Rock and Stone to the Bone!
For Karl!
Leave No Dwarf Behind!
By the Beard!

Jukebox Lines[]

Upon Quote Audio
Activating the Jukebox Yeah, that's nice!
Ohh, I like that!
Not that...
Hidden gems my ass!
Now that is real music!
That reminds me of my first love..
I feel like dancing!
Can't stand still to this!
Nice tune!
That sucks!
Let's dance!
Bang your head to this!
Dance, monkeys!
That's sweet!


Upon Quote Audio
When Dwarf gets Downed Hah! <Grunting>
When Falling I fell!
Oops I slipped!
Friendly Fire Ouch! Watch it!
Trigger discipline, you whale piper!
It's ME, you arsewipe!
Friendlies! FRIENDLIES!
Friendly fire!
Watch it you blind-sided pig!
Hey! I'm not the enemy!
Watch where you're shooting! Moron!
Stop shooting me!
I'm your friend! And let's keep it that way!
I hope that wasn't on purpose!
Don't shoot me!
Watch your fire, moron!
Watch it!
Stop shooting you pointy-eared Leaf Lover!
Shoot them! Not me!
OW! That hurt!
I'm with you! You beardless blunderbuss!
Hold your fire you addle-brain lump of lard!
I'm not one of them you knob head!
You interplanetary goat! Why are you shooting at me!
Why are you shooting me? You slack-jaw dimwit!
Don't shoot me!
Stop attacking me!
When the Drop Pod Leaves and the Dwarf is Left Behind Get back here you bastards!
Okay, this is not happening!
Don't leave me!
Damn you Deep Rock Galactic!
I've lived like a Dwarf, and I'm gonna die like a Dwarf!
Damn! That's unfortunate!
Well... Sometimes you win, sometimes you die!
Game over boys!
Game over lads!
Oh shit!
This is it boys!
This is it lads!
We were so close - damn it!
Random Comments I think we actually have a chance to make it out alive!
Maybe we're not gonna die after all!
I actually think we're gonna make it!
I'll beat your record this time - just watch me!
Wonder what slop they're serving in the canteen tonight!
This place is almost nice compared to last time!
This is a friggin' hell hole!
God dammit, there's a pebble in my boot!
I think we're actually doing alright so far!
That guy at mission control, he really has a cozy job!
I'm wondering if fighting bugs and moving dirt is the best way to make a living.
I'm having the best time in my life right now!
Next time, let's go somewhere nice!


Upon Quote Audio
Calling the


Where is that damn tin can?!
Molly! Come here!
I called for Molly!
I called for the M.U.L.E.!
Molly is on the way!
Where is that damn M.U.L.E.!
I need the M.U.L.E. - Right here! Right now!
Come here!
I need the damn minecart on legs! Where is it!
Donkey! Come here!
I got to deposit!
Molly! Over here!
Move your tin ass over here and hurry please!
Just take your sweet time old lady! I've got all day!
Deep Rock seriously need to invest in some better equipment!
Depositing into the M.U.L.E. Down it goes!
Depositing minerals!
You're a good M.U.L.E., Molly!
The tin can is surely hungry today!
Making a deposit!
Another day at the office!
Getting closer to our quota!
Down the hatch!
Whoopsie doopsie!
Bum bum bum!
Mmm... Could really go for a cold brew right now!
This is thirsty work!
<Yawn> I could need a good rest!
<Grunt> Air's kinda heavy down here today!
When we get back... It's sandwich time!
Sometimes I wonder if mining is all there is to life... Then I punch myself in the nose!
Mining is hard work, good thing we're dwarves!
Need to get my pickaxe sharpened when we get back!
Oh gobblesnarks, think I dropped me bloody keys in there...
During the "Extraction" Sequence Let's follow the M.U.L.E., it's heading for the drop pod!
Follow the M.U.L.E.!
Follow Molly!
The M.U.L.E. has been called back to the drop pod!


Upon Quote Audio
Ordering a Resupply Resupply ordered!
I ordered a resupply!
More ammo is on the way!
Resupply Arrival Resupply arrived! Go restock!
The resupply is here.
Time to restock!
Resupply pod is here! Everybody collect ammunition.


Upon Quote Audio
Being Grabbed by a Mactera Grabber Help, it took me!
Let me go!
Let me go, Creep!
It took me!
Put me down!
I'm afraid of heights!
Stupid bug! Put me down!
Being Grabbed by a Cave Leech Help! I'm stuck in the ceiling!
The tentacle got me!
I'm paralyzed!
Can't... move!
Help! I'm stuck!
Shared by Both It got me!
I'm trapped!
Please, shoot it!
Get me free!


Upon Quote Audio
Dwarf Shout on Hoxxes (Field) Over here!
With me!
Follow me!
I know the way!
Move out!
This way!
Come here!
Dwarf Shout in Space Rig <Dwarf spitting>
<Dwarf flatulence>
<Dwarf burp>
Dwarf Shout when Downed Save me!
I can't feel my beard, help!
Please, rescue me!
I'm down!
Bastards got me!
Help! They've got me!
I'm hurt! I need help!
Help! Please hury!
I could use a hand!
Somebody help!
Come and rescue me!
Need a hand here!
Somebody patch me up!
Dwarf Shout While Holding a Beer For Karl!
Rock and Stone!
Rock and Stone to the bone!
Bottoms up, friends!
Fortune and glory!
To a successful mission.
To our continued survival ... yeah right! Hahaha!
Long live the Dwarves!
To the fallen.
For gold!
For teamwork!
To Karl!
To darkness!
To the empires of old!
To danger.
To mates, to darkness, and to making it back alive!
To those we lost!
Teamwork and beer will keep us together!
Last one to finish is a pointy-eared Leaf Lover.
To Rock and Stone!
Nothing will stop us now!
Darkness is our friend!
Hello darkness, my old friend!
Miners - the lowest, and the highest.
Cheers, everyone!
Karl would approve of this.
May your beards be thick and your gold satchels heavy!

Using Equipment[]

Upon Quote Audio
Overheating Damn drills are overheating!
Not again!
I gotta watch the overheating!
It's overheated!
Rubbish equipment!
Deep Rock really need to provide better equipment!
God damn these drills!
That goddamn overheating!

Using Weapons[]

Using Support and Traversal Tools[]

Upon Quote Audio
Grappling Zip!
From A to D, skipping B and C!
Better than flying!
See ya, suckers!
Gotta go fast!
You snooze, you lose!
I'm outta here!
I love this Grappling Hook!
Watch me fly!
I'm off!
Ludicrous speed!
Placing a Satchel Charge Thing's about to go boom!
Explosives placed!
Ready to blow!

Using Grenades[]

Upon Quote Audio
Throwing a Cluster Grenade Cluster Grenade!
Let it rain!
All clear!
Out of the way!
Cluster out! Save yourself!
Watch for the Cluster Grenade!
Time for fireworks!
I call it my "grenade-grenade"!
Throwing a Cryo Grenade Cryo grenaade!
Enemies frozen!
Freeze, creep!
Cryo Grenade!
Pickaxe and chill!
Chill factor!
Cold shoulder for you!
Cold as ice!

Dwarf Selection[]

Upon Quote Audio
Driller I'll drill through anything!
Ain't no obstacle I can't clear!
Let me handle the digging!
I eat rock for breakfast!
Diggings' my middle name!
Step aside, wimps!
Obstacle? More like a granite smoothie once I'm done!
If it ain't drillable, it's probably flammable.
Fueled up and raring to go!
Heavy duty excavation, ain't no finer thing!
Engineer Elementary!
Infestation problems? Automated turret, mate.
Turrets and explosions! You've come to the right place, mate.
Let's play this smart for once, huh?
Cut 'em off, cut 'em down. That's the way!
It's all about securing the caves, ya know.
Identify targets and exterminate. That's how it's done.
Quotas and objectives to fulfill. Let's get 'er done, lads!
Time for a cold one once this is done.
All in a day's work.
Gunner Just show me where to shoot!
I'll kill anything with more legs than two!
Lock and load!
Pumped up and ready to kill!
Two-thousand rounds of depleted uranium, aw yeah!
So what if I like really big guns?!
It ain't a gun if it don't weigh at least one-hundred pounds!
Time to turn some aliens into thin, green paste!
Trigger finger is itchy again.
Born to kill, baby!
Scout The truth is out there, so is the gold.
Let's move it.
Time to light this shit up.
Allow me to illuminate the situation! Hahahaha!
Darkness? Ain't nothing!
Darkness, here I come!
I can get anywhere, any time.
Keep them shites off me, I'll keep the team alive!
Afraid of the dark? No need! You've got me!
Yeah, I've got a grappling hook. What are you going to do about it?
Yeah, I don't so much scout as make this operation possible.



Mineral Quote Audio
Aquarq Aquarq here!
Found an Aquarq!
There's an Aquarq here!
Bittergem & Compressed Gold We're rich!
Dystrum I found some Dystrum!
There's Dystrum here!
Dystrum found!
Enor Pearl Found an Enor Pearl!
Enor Pearl here!
There's an Enor Pearl here!
Gold Gold!
There is gold here!
There is gold!
I found a gold vein!
Jadiz Jadiz here!
Found a Jadiz!
There's a Jadiz here!
Nitra There is Nitra over here!
Found some Nitra!
Anyone needs ammo? There's Nitra here!
Mine the Nitra for ammo!

Removed Voicelines[]

Upon Quote Audio
Friendly Fire I'm not a monster you dickhead!
It's me you drunk bastard!
I'm on your side, you mange packer!
Dwarf Salute Stone and Rock!
Dwarf Shout when Downed Could you lazy bastards get me the fuck up!
Being Grabbed

by a Cave Leech

Help me you fuckers!
Grappling Who needs ziplines?
Overheating Weapon or Tool Fuck!
Work you piece of shit!
Fucking piece of...
Placing a Satchel Charge That will do!
Armed and ready!
This shit is dangerous!
Things about to get serious!
Here we go!
Ready to blow!
Get to safety, folks!