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Punchbag Turtle are features within the Planetary Regions of Hoxxes IV that can be aesthetic, beneficial, or hazardous to the players. They vary between biome with many being exclusive to particular biomes.

Feature Location Description
BF Rock-Tree.png
Sandblasted Corridors A fossilised tree that shatters when mined
BF Wind Tunnel.png
Wind Tunnel
Sandblasted Corridors Periodically blast air and sand out horizontally. This can launch dwarves very far, which can be fatal.
BF Explosive Spore.png
Explosive Spore
Sandblasted Corridors A plant that when damaged will shoot a spore up into the air, which explodes on contact with a surface or if it is shot. The plant will regenerate the spore after a period.
BF Snow.png
Glacial Strata Soft lumps of generated terrain that slows anything that walks over it, and can be used to break a fall
BF Xenofungus FlatBlue.png
Blue Plateau Xenofungus
Fungus Bogs Large, flat, plate-shaped fungus that grow out of the walls and can support a dwarf's weight
BF Xenofungus ThinTurtle.png
Tall Helmet Xenofungus
Fungus Bogs Tall fungus with an irregular texture that are often surrounded by smaller iterations of themselves
BF Xenofungus BellGrey.png
Grey Bell Xenofungus
Fungus Bogs Tall fungi that are grey and black and are often surrounded by smaller iterations of themselves
BF Grassy Vines.png
Hanging Grassy Vines
Fungus Bogs Masses of grassy material that hang from the ceiling, often obstructing vision.
BF Steam Geyser.png
Steam Geyser
Fungus Bogs Rocky geysers which can accelerate a dwarf upwards. Care must be taken not to suffer fall damage.
BF Glow Tree.png
Glow Tree
Fungus Bogs Trees with bioluminescent bulbs at the end of its branches. When damaged, these bulbs permanently emit light.
BF Poison Fungus Spores.pngPoison Fungus Spores Fungus Bogs Hazard: Releases harmful vapors when players get too close, causing damage over time. The vapors are green and linger for a time.
BF Ejector Cacti.png
Ejector Cacti
Dense Biozone Hazard: These cacti will periodically fire out needles in all directions, dealing serious damage to anything it hits. The needles travel in an arc and can shoot quite far if the Cacti is on high ground.
Glyphid Tunnel
Any Hazard: When a dwarf approaches, swarmlings will chitter before spewing out of the tunnels to attack the intruder