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Update 8: Binds N' Beards!
Update 8
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This our first patch since launch. We aim to publish updates like this on a regular basis, probably a bit faster here in the beginning.

Update 8: Binds N' Beards! main focus was various miscellaneous tweaks, hair styles and beards. This update went live on March 2nd, 2018.

Patch Notes[]

  • New:
    • New reload for the Jury-rigged Boomstick
    • New soundFX (death splat sound, tutorial pop up sound, revive sound, maggot ..)
    • Added "Give Us Feedback" button to Escape menu
    • Max FPS option
    • Added option to disable analytics
    • Added Keybindings to Options -> Control menu (yeah, it's 2018, and NOW we got key-bindings!)
    • Disable server list when already hosting
    • Only show Info Screen once per session
    • Added a new dance to perform at the Jukebox
    • Added first batch of new beards and hairstyles ( Beard System is under construction - some clipping will occur with some beards )
  • Fixes & tweaks:
    • Fix: Memorial Hall upgrade at Player Rank 5, 7 and 8
    • Fix: Grappling Hook intersects with poison clouds
    • Fix: Complexity and Duration on serverlist
    • Improved Friend Inviting on Steam
    • Sentry Gun fixes and tweaks
    • Fixed Mixer names on enemies being wrong if several people spawns enemies
    • Fix for Push to Talk
    • Fix Glyphids playing run animation while not moving after being hit
    • Fixed various spelling errors and typos
    • Fix for Game Server Name (should work now!)
    • Try to fix players are unmuted when someone else joins
    • Improved Crafting menu layout
    • Cabin Sign font should be more readable
    • Fix: Supply Pod leaves red squares when it goes down
    • Lots of crash fixes (thanks for the reports!)
  • Localization:
    • Updated all languages with latest from Crowdin community
    • Note: since we are also adding new text, you will keep seeing some part of the game in English
    • Fixed some text in Space Rig not showing correct in Russian
    • Note: we have several more languages that will be added in the next update (Italian, Japanese, Croatian and Finnish) - they didn't make it in this time, sorry!

Known Issues[]

  • Disband Team can take a LONG time