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Update 7: Alpha Launch
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Some of you might have played the Closed Alpha and/or the Open Alpha. Since then, we have worked hard to add a LOT of new content and features to the game. We call this Update 7 and you can read about the new goodies here.

Update 7: Alpha Launch was the last update released before the game was sold to the public. The main focus was general improvements and new additions, such as procedurally generated missions, vanity shop, new missions, new biomes, etc.

On the 14th of February, an announcement was posted that Deep Rock Galactic would released to the public on the 28th February 2018 for 22.99 EUR / 24.99 USD.

Deep Rock Galactic was released at 8 AM UTC on February 28th, 2018.

Early Access Launch Trailer[]

New Features[]

The new major content introduced in this update.


The solo mission companion Bosco was introduced in this update. It helps solo players defend, mine and explore, with the ability to revive twice.

Procedurally Generated Missions[]

Until this update the missions have always been the same with caves getting procedural generation, now even the missions themselves are generated.

Vanity Shop[]

Vanity Shop was added which allows players to purchase various cosmetic items ranging from hats to armor.

New Biomes[]

Seven new biomes were added:

Note: While Magma Core biome was already present, it has greatly changed.

New Mission Types[]

Elimination - the miners are tasked with tracking down giant eggs and killing Glyphid Dreadnoughts which reside in them.

Egg Hunt - the miners are tasked with retrieving ten small eggs, the gameplay is nearly identical to Mining Expedition.

Point Extraction - the miners are tasked with retrieving ten new minerals called Aquarq, instead of having the M.U.L.E. you'll get a Mine Head with three turrets each containing limited ammunition.

Work Instructions - this is a tutorial mission meant to prepare any new players, the cave generations are never randomized and there's no secondary objectives. This plays almost exactly how "First Dive" mission used to play in the closed alpha.

Patch Notes[]

  • Major new features
    • New Mission selection map with procedurally generated missions
    • Seven vastly different Biomes with new minerals and lots of new cave content
    • Kill Mission, Egg Hunt Mission and various secondary objectives added
    • Total overhaul of the UI, HUD & Menus
    • First-day-at-work Tutorial to help new miners get their bearings
    • Introducing Bosco, the all-purpose-drone, that will help you in SOLO Mode
    • Quick Join terminal added to player cabin (simple matchmaking)
    • Vanity Shop where you can buy new armors, hats and beards!
    • Memorial Hall added to Space Rig, showcases previous Closed Alpha testers and unlock statues
    • 10+ different languages supported, translated by our awesome community!
  • Class Balance tweaks/features
    • Engineer: Sentry guns can now be recalled and refilled with ammo
    • Scout: Grenade that paralyses enemies
    • Gunner: Lowered ammo for zipline gun
    • Using Pickaxe in combat is now less overpowered
    • Acid Spitter Glyphid added for more ranged threats
    • Overall tweaks to weapon stats and recoil/accuracy
  • Other/misc tweaks/features
    • Call Drop-Pod button on Molly to end the mission (when objective is fulfilled)
    • Deposit minerals on Drop-Pod, so greedy dwarves can collect gold while escaping
    • Lots of new dwarf voice lines and new Mission Control lines
    • Lots of new music tracks to set the mood
    • Mixer Interactivity for streaming added to the Option (Gameplay) menu
    • Sound effects and particles for different materials and in general, a lot of new particle and sound effects added
    • Many performance and stability improvements
    • Nice fading between various states of the game
    • Controller setup updated and rumble fixed
    • Hints on loading screen