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Update 6: Open Alpha Preview
Update 6
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Alpha Launch
If you are already in the Closed Alpha, then we have a little surprise for you. We have just submitted the upcoming Open Alpha to the main, stable branch for a sneak peek. And yes, you can stream the glorious gameplay of the Open Alpha build as much as you want.

Update 6: Open Alpha Preview removed turrets, removed floodlights and introduced a new mission. It was also an announcement for the Open Alpha preview.

This update went live on October 30th, 2017.

Patch Notes[]

  • Missions available:
    • Mother Lode (NEW)
    • First Dive
    • Lost Overhang
    • Infested Chasms
  • Controls:
    • Added AZERTY Keyboard Layout
    • Added: QWERTZ Keyboard Layout
    • Updated Controller Scheme (Xbox One)
    • New button layout
    • Added sensitivity for analog sticks
  • In-Game Changes:
    • Added a Tutorial message system
    • Added Recoil to some weapons
    • Added Region to the Server list
    • Added Kick and Mute to the Host-player in the Escape menu.
    • Added FOV slider
    • Removed: Floodlight and Auto Sentry
    • Gold is, in this build, only used for extra Credits
  • Others
    • Fixed Join Game through Steam Friend List