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Update 4: A Home in Orbit
Update 4
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Hello Miners!

Update 4 is here for the Closed Alpha! But what's in it? Here's the list of everything that's been added and/or changed

Update 4: A Home in Orbit most notably introduced the Space Rig, Nitra and Support Drops. It went live on June 29th, 2017.

New Features[]

New Ores[]

Nitra was introduced in this update which is used for resupply pods. Previously gold was used to pay for resupplies.

Bittergem was added as a bonus ore.

Jadiz was added as a bonus ore.

New Support Drops[]

Flood Light was introduced, these would greatly light the area around it and requires 40 gold to be summoned.

Auto Turret was introduced, they would come in yellow with 500 bullets and would act similar to engineer's sentries, requires 60 gold to be summoned.

Patch Notes[]

  • First pass on Progression & Upgrade systems!
    • Completing a mission earns you XP and Credits.
    • XP gained counts towards two tiers of progression at the same time - account-wide and per character.
    • Credits can be spent on upgrades for your equipment and weapons.
    • Playing on higher difficulties gives you a bonus to both XP and Credits
  • Gems!
    • The caves now have gems embedded in the walls! Learn to identify the clues, dig the gems out, and deposit them into your MULE. Each gem gives you bonus credits on mission completion.
  • Orbital Space Rig!
    • The Space Rig serves as the place to select your mission, set up the team, select which character to play, as well as perform upgrades to your loadout.
    • In your personal cabin is two terminals:
      • The Select Character terminal allows you to switch which class to play, as well as buy upgrades your gear.
      • The Find Team terminal allows you to find and join missions already in progress
    • To setup a new mission, activate the large Planet Hologram right next to the Drop Pod
    • To depart and start the mission, head in to the Drop Pod when you are done
  • New mineral to dig: Nitra!
    • This is the new currency used for calling down Resupply Drops from orbit.
    • Identify Nitra in the caves by its red and matte look.
  • New Support Drops!
    • Use Gold to call down two new types of Orbital Drops:
      • Flood Light: Good to light up areas in the caves, when you are out of flares.
      • Auto Turret: Great assistants if you are low on ammo, but have a lot of gold to spend.
  • New map: Green Depth!
    • Biggest map until now, and it takes about 40-60 min to complete!
  • Reworked HUD and Menus!
    • New unified look for all menus
    • The ingame HUD has been cleaned up
    • Context-sensitive personal mineral inventory
    • The Item Bar fades out when not in use
    • All HUD and Menus should be considered works-in-progress still - we are absolutely not done
  • Gameplay Changes:
    • Enemies:
      • Enemies now have support for weak points as well as armor.
      • The Praetorian is no longer staggered by weapons.
      • The Swarmers slow the player for a short duration when attacking
    • Support & Resupply Pods:
      • The Resupply Pod now comes equipped with only 2 ammo and health refills, instead of the previous 4 - do you grab it for yourself or leave it for someone more needy?
      • The UI element of the pods are not in the HUD anymore, but the button to choose it is still 5.
        • To toggle through the different pods, press R while having the Pod selected.
    • New Zipline Controls:
      • Using the Zipline no longer requires you to hold E down.
      • Walk up to the Zipline and press E once to attach to it.
      • Press E again while on the Zipline to change direction.
      • Press Jump to detach.
    • Inventory Caps:
      • Mining beyond what you can carry will make the overflow drop on to the floor.
      • Other players can pick your leftovers up, or you can deposit your current inventory and return to pick it up yourself.