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Update 3: Beards
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For some bizarre reason, we managed to remove the beards in the previous release. It's hard to think of a worse fate for a dwarf! Beards should be central to this game., so we are talking about adding features, where players can customize their beards. Heck, maybe we'll even do procedurally generated beards some day!

Update 3: Beards mainly fixed and tweaked a bunch of things. It went live on April 7th, 2017.

Patch Notes[]

  • Probably our most requested feature, BEARDS are in!
  • Dwarf outfits tweaked to match key art.
  • Updated icons for dwarves and gear.
  • New Status Effect and Affliction systems means we can make stuff like web slowing and fire burning effects more easily.
  • The shooting spider now shoots a web that slows and impairs the vision of the player.
  • Flamethrower can now light enemies and the environment on fire (not to mention other dwarves).
  • Improved enemy spawn systems means more dynamic enemy encounter and waves.
  • Improved many particle effects across the game.
  • Added third person animations for heavy weapons and pistols.
  • Several weapons have had their models and skins improved.
  • Added angle indicator to tools that have angle restrictions.
  • Improved map generation speed.
  • A first, rough pass on the new Biome system is in. Each location will feel more unique already, though we are still only at an early stage of implementation.
  • Grappling hook now has a cooldown between each use and a softer landing...
  • Improved zipline grabbing, holding E while falling will ensure you grab any zipline that comes close to you.
  • New Flare system: you now hold up to 4 flares in your inventory, slowly regenerating over time as you use them.
  • Improved Enemy Pathfinder. They can now properly avoid and walk on Non-Terrain entities.
  • Cam shake and sound levels on drop sequence have been tweaked.
  • Attenuations on sounds have been tweaked, making the game less loud.
  • Lots of bug fixes and smaller tweaks.
  • Added Invert Mouse Wheel and Show Help Buttons options. Invert mouse is also saved correctly.
  • Fixed some weapons can shoot extra fast just after switching weapons.
  • First pass on controller support (only tested with Xbox 360 wired):
    • There is currently no aim assist and no acceleration on turning or other fancy features.
    • NOTICE! Only gameplay is supported at present! Menus cannot yet be navigated with a controller.