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This article/section contains information about content that is currently unreleased.
Unreleased content is subject to change, and may not be included in the game at all.
Update 35
Update 34
Modest Expectations
Update 36


With a smaller update for April, we can focus on creating a much bigger Update 35. It’s planned out for Q3 2021 - so at least 6 months from now. This lengthy timeframe will allow us to dig deeper into the game and add some new systems for the future. Deep Rock Galactic is here to stay for a long time - there are no signs of fading, quite the opposite - so we need to think further ahead. Normally, we don’t even plan that far, but we must also admit that getting a bit of breathing room and time to dream feels and sounds REALLY good. The last 4-5 years have gone by incredibly fast and even though we never crunch (as in never ever), it still feels like we are rushing things faster than we actually have to.

Update 35 has no title yet nor a theme. And since it’s so far away the content is obviously not finalized. But we know that it will very likely include a number of features that have been previously announced like a new mission, new weapons, new overclocks, and new cosmetic items. On top of this, we might add in some new mutators, more features to the space-rig, more cosmetic systems, and maybe some more things to happen during the missions.


New Mission Type

We have something cool cooking. Something horrible. Something challenging. Something...lucrative.

New Weapons

You and we have been wanting this for a long time. Presently experimenting and trying things out. But it's looking very promising already.

New Overclocks

New Weapons will obviously mean new Overclocks for the new Weapons. And probably new overclocks for the old Weapons as well, since we'll no doubt have a bunch of cool new ideas.

New Cosmetics

We're preparing several tweaks and improvements to how we handle Cosmetics, and have some seriously cool things brewing. Too early to make promises yet, but it won't be just "more hats". (There will obviously be new hats too, of course!)

UI Improvements

We'll continue our mission of updating aging UI elements with more current and modern designs that emphasize giving you the information you need at your fingertips.


Teaser of the Drak 25 Plasma Carbide