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Update 33: New Frontiers
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Release Date February 4th, 2021
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Update 32: Roughnecks At Work Update 34: Modest Expectations

Hello Miners!

It’s the first Update of 2021, and we got some spicy stuff for you! This time we got two entirely new Planetary Regions for you to explore - the mysterious wonders of the AZURE WEALD, and the thorn-infested hell of HOLLOW BOUGH. Update 33 also includes all new Mactera variations, and several new strains of horrible Glyphid Dreadnought mutations. And then of course there’s the usual slew of other goodies - read more below for the full picture!

It’s time to get greasy! There has never been a better time to be a combat miner working for DRG. See you in the mines!

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

Update 33: New Frontiers was released on February 4th, 2021.

Version: 1.33.49660.0

Update Preview[]

Update Changes[]

New Biomes[]

Azure Weald[]

The Azure Weald is a chilly place, every bit as hostile as the rest of Hoxxes IV - but still, we cannot deny it is oddly beautiful. Dazzling, bioluminescent clusters of lichen light up the darkness, illuminating this fertile and overgrown Region in flickering neon colors. Don't let that lull you into a false sense of security, however - the Azure Weald brings to mind the deep jungle, in all its splendor and horror - and much like its terrestrial counterparts, it is absolutely not out to make friends. Kill or be killed - this is the law in this place.

Hollow Bough[]

Hollow Bough is a biological oddity that has the Science Department scratching their heads - this entire region of the planet is dominated by colossal, organic conglomerations resembling the inside of hollow trees. However, these structures are under attack by an invasive species of voracious vine-like plants, as much a threat to us as the planet itself. We recommend traversing these environs with extreme caution. The deep, dark folds of wood and bark house much more than a first glance let on.

New Milestones[]

New biomes means new Milestones - one set for Azure Weald and one for Hollow Bough.

Missions Overhaul[]


It’s Dawn of the Dread down there! Multiple reports have come in from teams finding Dreadnought Cocoons that are further progressed in their metamorphosis than previously encountered. While there are no external markers on the cocoons to show that they are different, the things waiting patiently inside certainly are. So far two confirmed Dreadnought variants have been encountered but disturbing as this is, R&D ensures us that we are fortunate to have found them now and not later when the metamorphosis might be closer to completion.

Dreadnought Hiveguard
Completely covered with unbreakable armor, this variant of the Dreadnought is immune to all damage, exposing it’s vulnerable areas only briefly while enraged. To make matters worse, the Hiveguard can call reinforcements to aid it in battle, hence the name. The Glyphid Sentinels that answer this battle call are unlike any we have ever seen. We have no idea where they are coming from but they are both fast and tough. R&D recommends engaging the Dreadnought Hiveguard with great caution and a lot of ammunition.

Dreadnought Arbalest and Lacerator
Question: What’s worse than one Glyphid Dreadnought? Answer: Two Glyphid Dreadnoughts. It would appear that a Cocooned Dreadnought can split in two during metamorphosis. The two monsters - the Arbalest and Lacerator - are both quite different from the original and from each other, displaying wholly unique behaviors. They would be bad enough on their own, but together they pose an immense threat - able to attack from multiple directions and varying ranges at once, while also displaying extreme mobility. Luckily, their shells are softer than that of a regular Dreadnought, allowing damage to pass through from any angle. R&D insists that this apparent weakness is only due to the untimely opening of the cocoon.

Glyphid Dreadnought tweaks

  • Dreadnought is now more aggressive and can now shoot two fireballs in a row when under 50% HP
  • Increased the Dreadnought's armor HP across all hazard levels but especially for Hazard Level 4 and 5 and made the Dreadnought's armor regrow after taking less damage
  • How soon the Dreadnought's armour regrows now scales with hazard for solo games just as it does for multiplayer
  • Extended the time before the dread regrows it's shield on lower hazards
  • Increased the Dreadnoughts base health across all hazard levels but especially for haz 4 and 5
  • The Dreadnought is now more aggressive in multiplayer games
  • Increased OG Dreadnought's movement speed, especially for higher hazards
  • Made the Dreadnought’s speed scale properly in solo games across the different hazard levels
  • Increased the range of the Dreadnought's Trembling Stomp AoE attack, extended the duration of the attack’s warning phase and improved the visibility of the warning
  • Made the Dreadnought occasionally perform it's Trembling Stomp AoE Attack after being frozen
  • The Dreadnought now unfreezes at a higher temp but gets there just as fast, making it harder to quickly freeze him twice in a row
  • Expanded the splash range of the dreadnoughts Swarm Bladder projectile
  • The Dreadnought is now invulnerable for the few seconds while it's armor regrows
  • In multiplayer games, when only one player is left alive the Dread will occasionally stop to roar(similar to how it does in solo games) giving the last player a slightly better chance to revive or resupply, etc.
  • “Sticky Flame Slowdown” mod no longer slows the Dreadnought down to a crawl, it’s still effective just not as extreme
  • Decreased carve size of the Dread's fireball
  • Fixed the Dreadnought damaging itself with some of it's attacks

Salvage Operation[]

Locating Mine M.U.L.E. Legs
It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster but we have finally fixed the issues with locating all the legs needed to fix the Mini M.U.L.E.s. We’ve taken this opportunity to also tweak the gameplay around it to better match our original vision. Now you can interact with a broken M.U.L.E. to download the locations of it’s missing legs to your terrain scanner. No more searching high and low for that last leg.

Connect Fuel Cells to Drop Pod
Update 32 came with a bunch of new tech that we were more than happy to add to existing missions. Exactly how the fuel made it from the fuel cells to the drop pod has always been a bit of a mystery, but not any more! Now in just a few easy steps you can connect a fuel-line between the two, similar to how you build pipelines in the On Site Refining mission.

Point Extraction[]

After the release of Update 32 with its shiny new machines, the old Minehead really began to show its age, so we decided it’s about time for an update of the model to match the raised standard. We hope you like it.

New Enemies[]

Mactera Tri-Jaw[]

A new type of Mactera has been spotted in the depths. More cautious than its brethren, the Tri-Jaw tends to hang further back while delivering a triple barrage of projectiles. Make no mistake, it is a deadly thing, and should be exterminated with extreme prejudice.

Mactera Brundle[]

Reports have been coming in of an armoured Mactera variant spotted flying in the swarm. These tough cookies can survive many attacks that would outright kill their more fragile cousins and they keep their vulnerable abdomens covered most of the time.

Deeptora Bough Wasp[]

A distant cousin of the Deeptora has been spotted living in the folds and nooks of the Hollow Bough. Like their sand-dwelling cousins, the Bough Wasps are extremely territorial and will swarm any intruder that stray too close to their nest.

Stabber Vine[]

Hollow Bough is full of creepy stuff but none is as dangerous as the Stabber Vine. Plant or animal, the jury is still out on this one, it is very aggressive and persistent in its assault. Any dwarf foolish enough to stray too close will be repeatedly attacked by its stabbing vines. Keep your eyes peeled for its tell-tale spike as most of its body is difficult to distinguish from the mass of the relatively harmless red vines that infest the area.

New Jukebox content[]

Some content creators have experienced copyright claims from music in the jukebox. So far we have tried to spot fix the problem by removing tunes that caused this problem, but now we have a better solution. We have produced 8 new “safe” tracks which are the only ones you will hear when you tick off STREAMER MODE: DISABLE COPYRIGHTED JUKEBOX MUSIC in the option menu. Those 8 tunes are of course also available to everyone in the “normal” Jukebox. This solution has also enabled us to bring back previously removed tunes.

Furthermore we have added a bunch of new dance moves. So it’s time to kill it on the dance floor!

Steam Award Award Helmet[]

In celebration of our Steam Award nomination and our amazing community that made it possible, we would like to present to you a fancy new helmet: The Horned Marauder. Just because you deserve it!

Overhaul of the Mineral Trade[]

The Mineral Trade menu was deemed ready for an update by management. It’s now more intuitive than ever and daily deals have been added. Once per day you can now benefit from an extra good deal (as in, not so bad deal!).

M.U.L.E. Docking[]

Some long overdue polish on the docking of the M.U.L.E. is coming. No more jittery flapping about, Molly now has her own spot on the Drop Pod with a fancy electro-magnetic crane for loading and unloading.

Save Doretta[]

Since almost the first test of the Escort Mission on our experimental branch players have been requesting for a way to save Doretta. It’s something many here at GSG have wanted as well and we are happy to announce that you no longer have to leave Doretta all alone in the dark. While it is not viable to return the bulk of the Drilldozer back to the Space Rig, kind dwarves can now grab Doretta’s head and carry it with them to the escape pod.

Don’t expect any reward! Management really doesn't care!

Community Request[]

  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] You can now select audio output source and input source separately in-game
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Games with Friends can now be sorted in the Server List

Miscellaneous Changes & Bugfixes[]

  • Increased Escort Duty mission payout
  • Added XP to Oilshale
  • Added blood splatter on terrain when killing Lootbugs
  • Decreased Egghunt mission payout slightly
  • Decreased the damage of the Glyphid Acid Spitter against Doretta
  • Decreased the amount of Nitra in Deep Dives by 15%
  • Rearranged the order of the Server List so friend’s games always appear at the top
  • Added a tooltip that allows you to open Steam community profiles by right*clicking servers on the Server List
  • Added the ability to change to the resolution of other monitors with higher resolution than primary one, in windowed mode on Steam
  • Added an ‘Appear Offline’ option to the Privacy options that hides your game from your friends on the Server List on Steam
  • Tweaked the entrance/exit tunnels of the Drilldozer to look nicer
  • Scout’s T5 modifications that trigger on kill, now only trigger when killing enemies.
  • Optimized the performance of Machine Events
  • Squashed a bug that prevented from playing death animation properly
  • Squashed a bug that sometimes prevented turrets from firing by abusing the range
  • Squashed a bug that caused the laser pointer of the Zipline Launcher to become stuck when other weapons were equipped
  • Squashed a bug that allowed the Gunner to purchase the "Tank Division" beard in the store for free. (It is acquired by forging Matrix Cores)
  • Squashed a bug in the Deep Dive difficulty settings concerning the spawning of Glyphid Oppressors
  • Squashed a bug that caused uncharged Experimental Plasma Charger projectiles to fire diagonally when firing in quick succession
  • Squashed a bug that caused the pathfinder collision of the Heartstone to be offset in Escort Duty
  • Squashed a bug that enabled you to squeeze one of your chins through the Gloomstalker armors. Too powerful.
  • Squashed a bug that sometimes caused frozen Glyphid Exploders to detonate twice
  • Squashed a bug that enabled the Dreadnought to rotate during its rage animation in solo missions
  • Squashed a bug that caused boss health bars to be squished to the side after the Ommoran Heartstone fight
  • Squashed a bug that caused the beer license upgrade sound to play five times instead of one
  • Squashed a bug that caused weakpoint hits to not be reflected in the healthbar when hit by certain weapons
  • Squashed a bug that granted infinite oxygen on Low Oxygen missions if the player reentered the Drop Pod
  • Squashed a bug that enabled the barrel spawner in the Space Rig to spit out more barrels than necessary. Budget cuts.
  • Squashed a bug that caused the Ommoran Beamers to sometimes keep firing after being destroyed
  • Squashed a bug that caused the 'Claimable Perk Points' notification to not show
  • Squashed a bug that caused the Doretta’s tank treads to block line of sight of Macteras when they are trying to shoot at Doretta
  • Squashed a text error in the Heightened Sense perk description
  • Squashed a sound issue with the BRT*7 when emptying the weapon with less rounds than a full burst
  • Squashed a bug with a bunch of old caves not behaving correctly causing tunnel generation to fail
  • Squashed a bug that prevented the Ommoran Heartstone from updating correctly for clients
  • Squashed a bug that enabled the Turret EM Discharge overclock for the “Stubby” Voltaic SMG to damage the L.U.R.E.
  • Squashed a UI text scaling issue for Drop Pod screen
  • Squashed a bug where the magazine of the Deepcore GK2 had a visible shadow in first person
  • Added colliders to the Medbay Drones in the Space Rig
  • Squashed a bug that caused the fuel canister UI to not be synced correctly when late joining during the fuel stage of Escort Duty missions
  • Squashed a bug that caused enemies to try to attack the Drilldozer while it is inside the garage
  • Squashed a bug where changing to fullscreen mode from windowed mode, would sometimes make the cursor stuck in the lower half bottom of the screen
  • Squashed a bug that caused Deep Dive title to not correctly display in several Asian languages
  • Minor Space Rig material and model tweaks
  • Squashed a bug that prevented zooming in/out on the Terrain Scanner to work if cycle item up/down had been rebounded to another key
  • Squashed a bug that caused players to sometimes clip through the Escape Pod and fail the mission on take-off

Scrapped/Postponed Content[]

A sweltering, yellow-green hellscape of toxic fumes and brittle mineral crusts covering corrosive, stagnant pools. Only few things will live or grow here, but those that do are among the toughest on the planet. Full PPE is advised.

Post Update Hotfixes[]

Hotfix 1[]

4th Febuary, 2021

Hello Miners,

We hope you are enjoying the new update! This hotfix fixes a crash while trying to reconnect to a game, only the host being able to collect treasure from Machine Events along with several tweaks and some fixes for the DLC armors.

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Squashed a bug where the Dawn of the Dread - Full Cover Head-wear revealed that Dwarfs are airheads.
  • Squashed a bug that messed up the body's skin color when wearing the Dawn of the Dread armor.
  • Squashed a bug that made clients not able to collect loot from Machine Events + Cargo Crates if the host collected first.
  • Squashed a bug that made the game crash when trying to reconnect to the game.
  • Squashed a bug that caused the Mactera bomber to not do its death*spiral behavior when killed.
  • Squashed a bug where some people could not see what games their Steam friends were in * on the server*list.
  • Renamed “Appear Offline” privacy setting to better convey what it actually does.
  • Lowered contrast for post*processing on Hollow Bough and Azure Weald.
  • Tweaked the Dreadnought Twins’ colors, so it is easier to tell them apart.

Hotfix 2[]

5th Febuary, 2021

Hello Miners,

We’re ready with a new hotfix fresh out of the oven that resolves a lot of the issues that have been reported since the release of Update 33 yesterday. By popular request, we have also added an auto-switch option for the Zipline Launcher that will auto switch to the previously equipped item after a zipline has been launched. Read below for all the juicy details!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Tweaked the impact sound of the Korlok Tyrant Weed to only be audible for the player that did the damage
  • Moved chat / chat input slightly to not be obstructed by perk icons
  • Fixed M.U.L.E. being unlocked at Player Rank 0 in the Memorial Hall
  • Added impact sounds to the Stabber Vine
  • Squashed a bug that caused frozen swarmers to not count as your kill
  • Tweaked the new Dreadnoughts so they will now try to move out of the Gunner’s Shield Generator more reliably when they are not doring critical things
  • Squashed a bug that caused the armor of the Dreadnought to not appear frozen when frozen
  • Changed the spacing between the bottom buttons of the Server List to match the Mission Map
  • Tweaked the Plasma Bursters grenade friendly fire modifier from 100% to 50% (of Normal friendly fire reduction)
  • Squashed a bug that prevented the Veteran Depositor perk from not actually giving 30% damage reduction at higher ranks.
  • Tweaked the Beastmaster perk. Tamed Glyphids now freeze half as fast and unfreezes twice as fast.
  • Squashed a bug that caused the Q’ronar Shellback projectile damage falloff to not work. It now has the proper falloff.
  • Fixed spelling error in the Mactera Tri-Jaw Miner’s Manual entry
  • Fixed missing weakpoint info for the Mactera Tri-Jaw Miner’s Manual entry
  • Changed Arbalest flame attack description in the Miner’s Manual from Melee to Ranged
  • Squashed a bug that prevented Dreadnoughts from carving towards the player if no path is found
  • Squashed a bug that caused the new Dawn of the Dread armors to not be visible in first person until you move.
  • Tweaked the Dreadnought Twins so they unfreeze at a higher temperature, to help prevent quick consecutive freezing. The time it takes for them to defrost is the same.
  • Tweaked the Dreadnought Twins health exchange so it is no longer a zero-sum game resulting in a net gain of HP. The amount of gain depends on the difference in HP. The greater the difference, the greater the gain.
  • Added glow to the weakpoint of the Dreadnought when hit
  • Squashed a bug with grunts and swarmers where they could interrupt their own attack if not moving for a while and attacking
  • Squashed a bug that caused the drone sound of the OMEN Exterminator event that could be stuck for a bit
  • Squashed a bug that caused players to teleport in and out of the Drop Pod when landing
  • Fixed first person arms not getting the correct skin color.
  • Temp text fixed in Hollow Bough / Azure Weald Miner's Manual entries.
  • Fixed case of bad grammar in Azure Weald description
  • Optimized cave generation time for Hollow Bough
  • Doretta head is now placed inside the Escape Pod when taking it inside, instead of being carried / rolling around
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Zipline Launcher: Added an auto-switch option under Options/Controls/Miscellaneous, that will auto switch to the previously equipped item after a zipline has been launched.
  • Tweaked the model of the Glyphid Lacerator
  • Removed the large warping effect from the Experimental Plasma Charger Thin Containment Field explosion that was causing nausea in some players
  • Fixed spelling mistake in Hiveguard Miner’s Manual entry
  • Fixed spelling error in Bough Wasp Nest Miner’s Manual entry
  • Fixed missing laserpointer info for fuel line connector, Bough Cone, Dry Thorn Tumble
  • Squashed a beard intersection bug in the Dawn of the Dread Driller Armor
  • Squashed a bug in the Mission Map. There is now always 6 available biomes to choose from.
  • Fixed spelling errors in the Hexawing and Spitballer Miner’s Manual entries
  • Fixed spelling error in the Mactera Brundle Miner’s Manual entry
  • Added sounds when Doretta’s head is placed in the Drop Pod
  • Fixed spelling error in Spinning Death OC description
  • Fixed spelling error in Glacial Strata Deep Dive quotes
  • Fixed spelling error in subtitle for Ommeran Heartstone being attached to the M.U.L.E.
  • Fixed spelling error in subtitle for Drilldozer running out of fuel
  • Fixed spelling error in Mineral Trade Network assignment description
  • Fixed spelling error in Burning Love beer description
  • Squashed a bug in the Without A Paddle achievement that caused it to trigger in the wrong situation
  • Fixed spelling error in Glyphid Bulk Detonator laserpointer shout subtitles
  • Fixed spelling error in Glyphid Warden laserpointer shout
  • Tweaked the Doretta petting shout
  • Fixed spelling error in the Scout MK3 armor description
  • Fixed spelling error in shotgun description
  • Squashed a bug in the item shop if you purchased and equipped an item for a character that is not active
  • Added new sounds to the Stabber Vine
  • Fixed grammatical error in Elephant Rounds description
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Squashed a bug that enabled the player to become stuck behind the Assignment Terminal in the Space Rig
  • Squashed a bug that prevented the Mactera Bomber from charing shots
  • Squashed a bug that caused the extraction timer to be a second off
  • Removed delay from all new laserpoint shouts
  • Tweaked the sounds of the Stabber Vine
  • Fixed a crash that happened when you freeze a Dreadnought

Hotfix 3[]

9th Febuary, 2021

Hello Miners,

This hotfix contains a lot of fixes that hopefully should make the game crash a lot less, a fix that removes some grey pixels that have been bothering some people by hanging out in the left corner, and a bunch of smaller things. Also, by popular demand, the old EPC TCF explosion is back!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed crash related to Mactera Grabber.
  • Fixed crash related to general flying enemies.
  • Fixed crash related to the Fuel Line Builder.
  • Fixed crash related to grinding on pipes.
  • Fixed crash related to assignments.
  • Fixed crash related to machine events.
  • Fixed crash related to Hollow bough.
  • Fixed crash related to late join in Escort Missions.
  • Fixed crash related to Reverb (Rare).
  • Fixed crash related to using objects (Rare).
  • Probably fixed some weird crashes which would occasionally happen when switching audio output devices.
  • Fixed a typo in the Dawn of the Dread armor description.
  • Fixed that some translations didn't fit the fields in Miners Manual for the Dreadnought Twins.
  • Fixed the Cargo Crate batteries looking lopsided when placed on the ground.
  • Squashed a bug that made Crested Waterfall beard available in the shop, when it is a Matrix Core item.
  • Squashed a bug that set the Frozen Damage multiplier was set to x4 instead of x3.
  • Squashed a rare bug that made the mouse sometimes leave the game window when playing in windowed mode.
  • Squashed a bug that made the Dreadnought Twins unintentionally trigger temperature shock on themselves.
  • Squashed a bug that made mystery grey pixels appear in the upper left corner.
  • Added sparks/smoke to Doretta at mission complete screen
  • Added support for very large numbers at the mineral trade terminal
  • Added New assault rifle bullet casing particle
  • Brought the old EPC TCF explosion back.
  • Moved Doretta's head to be more visible on Mission Complete screen.
  • Removed the 2-stop escort mission from Deep Dives.
  • Reduce the chance of Molly’s pathfinding getting confused.
  • Tweaked Dreadnought Twins’ fire breath.
  • Tweaked Dreadnought Twins’ armor debris effect color.
  • Tweaked Dreadnought Hiveguard ragdoll.
  • Tweaked Sentinels ragdoll.
  • Updated the Deep Dive Dreadnought health scaling.
  • Dreadnought Eggs in deep dives are now seeded, so they will be the same every run
  • Sentinels no longer leave goo if killed while frozen
  • LMG Gun Platforms and Bosco will no longer target the Dreadnought Hiveguard while it's completely invulnerable.
  • Bosco is now immune to stun.

Hotfix 4[]

11th Febuary, 2021

Hello Miners,

This hotfix is a good mix of miscellaneous fixes and tweaks. Highlights include Grabber stuff and that the jumpy bois are back.

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed crash related to particles.
  • Fixed random crash related to alt tabbing.
  • Attempt to fix crash related to Dreadnought broken back armor.
  • Fixed the fade from black at mission start (and elsewhere).
  • Fixed the flare collision on Goo Sacks.
  • Fixed the material on Unknown Horror.
  • Fixed Mactera Tri-Jaw's Miner's Manual page - It now has the right colors.
  • Fixed the alphabetical ordering of biomes in the Miners Manual.
  • Fixed that players looked very jittery when riding on top of Doretta - Smooth rides from now on.
  • Fixed multiple spelling errors.
  • Squashed a bug that made flares burn sounds not fade out for clients.
  • Squashed a bug that could cause the "thin" armors to show in the wardrobe when wearing full face-helmets and long beards.
  • Squashed a bug that made weapons appear in the wardrobe.
  • Squashed a bug that made the Mineral Trade terminal not update mineral amounts from Matrix cores until after making a trade.
  • Squashed a bug that made a diamond appear in all missions Esc Menu and not just Assignment missions.
  • Squashed a bug that caused the hologram to not disappear from Cargo Crate or Lost Packs if multiple players collected loot at the same time.
  • Squashed a bug that made Cave Angel drop clients instantly (200ms+ ping).
  • Squashed a bug where servers friends were playing in, would be displayed at the bottom of the server list instead of the top.
  • Squashed a bug that made the poor Mactera Grabbers’ AI break down if they grabbed a L.U.R.E and the L.U.R.E unspawned while being grabbed. Poor confused Grabber.
  • Added a 3 second period after a Grabber spawns where they can't grab anything - they will still go into chase mode though.
  • Added a LoS check that needs to be passed to pick up the target (hopefully this will prevent Grabbers from grabbing dwarfs through thin walls).
  • Added new assault rifle bullet casing particles.
  • Added Stabber Vine kill-count to the Miners Manual + That you only unlock Stabber Vine entry after first kill.
  • Extended the time the Dreadnoughts stay frozen slightly to compensate for the lower frozen damage bonus.
  • Extended the time it takes for the Dreadnought to regrow its armor on lower hazards slightly.
  • Made the Hiveguard take a slightly longer pause between its AoE rock attacks in solo games.
  • Made it so that dreadnought fights will not be interrupted by random enemy spawns.
  • Removed the huge distortion effect from when the player shield breaks
  • Swarmers now jump out of the Glyphid Brood Nexus again.

Hotfix 5[]

15th Febuary, 2021

Hello Miners,

This hotfix includes a lot of fixes and a few tweaks. Highlights include goo splatter and dead, frozen Fester Fleas. Bon Appétit!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed Glyphids Grunts not leaving goo splatter on the ground after killing them.
  • Fixed The Hawkeye mod.
  • Fixed health percentage on the Drilldozer being wrong for Client when latejoining.
  • Fixed wrong announcement in missions where Molly wasn’t part of the mission.
  • Fixed control sluggishness from standing on black ice that remained after leaving the ice.
  • Fixed the Zhukov so they mirror each other, like they do in the loadout.
  • Fixed the Zhukov 3rd person fire animation.
  • Fixed Unstable overclock for Zhukov transfering penalties while reloading.
  • Fixed the overclock 'Hoverclock' that wouldn't activate when used.
  • Fixed wrong dialog appearing when pinning a Mobula Cave Angel with Bosco
  • Fixed Gunk Seeds being slanted.
  • Fixed beard goatee flickering with certain armors.
  • Fixed issues in the wardrobe related to victory poses
  • Fixed Fester Flea animating while frozen.Fester Flea now dies after freezing.
  • Fixed kills not being awarded after something dies from freezing.
  • Squashed a bug where you could get stuck between the drill and the Drilldozer while it’s mining the heartstone
  • Squashed a bug where not all the biomes were getting a mission
  • Squashed a bug where you were able to destroy weakpoints on the Unknown Horror
  • Squashed a bug where you were able to damage the Unknown Horror after freezing it.
  • Squashed a bug where you could trigger fade from black on the loading screen, when a controller was connected.
  • Squashed a bug where the mineral grinders on the Escape Pod flickered when looking at them from extreme angles or when you carried items up to it.

Changes, tweaks and removals

  • Removed Vietnamese translation option due to the translation being incomplete. Will be re-applied when a more complete translation has been made.
  • Daily deals will now also show as SOLD OUT, after taking the deal, on the Mineral Trade Terminal.
  • Removed confusing text from ticker in the Mineral Trade Terminal.
  • Lowered enemy aggression towards Doretta a bit to compensate for the previous AI fix that made them more effective.

Hotfix 6[]

19th Febuary, 2021

Hello Miners,

This hotfix includes fixes for the Mineral Trade Terminal (Stonks!) and additional fixes for Escort and more. We also added physics for the Dawn of the Dread DLC armor, enjoy!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Closed polygon holes in Azure Weald Big Egg
  • Fixed Beamer crystals not looking the same when destroyed for host and client (lights and particles, not the crystal terrain)
  • Fixed Beamer crystals getting stuck in an always on state where they wouldn't stop firing even if they are destroyed
  • Fix the collected amount of items in the store being higher than the max amount
  • Fixed issue where gunkseed could spawn on top of the drop pod causing issues when they meet
  • Fixed Gunner's Heavy Autocannon with Big Bertha OC + T2 Lighter Barrel Assembly (without T3 Supercharged Feed Mechanism) does not apply T5 Damage Resistance buff.
  • Fixed Spiderwebs to render more properly (they can still randomly disappear though, a bug for another day!)
  • Fix mineral trade in spacerig showing wrong deal
  • Grammar and wording improved on Memorial Hall information screens.
  • Fixed the remaining twin becoming temporarily invulnerable if you kill the other too fast
  • Attempt to fix Refinery Objectives UI not updating correctly for late joining clients
  • Fixed the bar being non interactable after closing the unlock new beer prompt with the escape key
  • Doretta pathfinding work, Smoothed out doretta path
  • Fix dwarf shouts mission fail shout would play even if all dwarves made it to the drop pod during an escort mission
  • Refactoring of audio output switching. Should fix issues with switching windows default device and audio device option not persisting rebooting of the game. (There are still some issues left)
  • Dawn of dread armor now has Physics (The character model when pausing in solo will be buggy, will be fixed later)
  • The Escort mission drill will now take less damage from high damage attacks

Hotfix 7[]

22th Febuary, 2021

Hello Miners,

This hotfix includes fixes for the Dreadnought twins constantly wanting to meet up to regenerate health, and resolves a bug that suddenly enabled the Hoverboots perk to permanently affect gravity in some missions. We have also improved the pathfinding of Doretta for a smoother ride all together!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Squashed a bug that caused the Dreadnought twins to heal each other almost all the time
  • Squashed a bug that enabled Hoverboots to affect gravity
  • Tweaked some armor physics behaviour
  • Squashed a bug that caused Dawn of the Dead armor to not animate correctly in the escape menu when playing solo
  • Squashed a bug that caused some beards to no longer collide with armor
  • Improved the pipelines in Refinery missions to reduce the risk of becoming stuck in them
  • Improved Doretta’s pathfinding
  • Coral structures should no longer cover up Cargo Crates in Dense Biozone

Hotfix 8[]

25th Febuary, 2021

Hello Miners,

We’re celebrating that Deep Rock Galactic has spent 3-Year-In-Orbit! So this list is not so much a Hotfix as it is a list of the new things added in connection to the event - Since a lot of the stuff will be around after the event is over - there is however one fix for a bug that made the tutorial a bit funky.

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Squashed a bug that made you play as Scout in the Tutorial mission instead of Gunner.
  • Added 3-Years-In-Orbit Party Hat! (Claimable during the 3-Year-In-Orbit Event)
  • Added Free Beers (Claimable during the 3-Year-In-Orbit Event)
  • Added Scale Brigade Frameworks to Cargo Crate Treasure pool.
  • Added tip-machine to the bar.
  • Added Armor Hunt Assignment that unlocks Scale Brigade Armor + Scale Brigade Armor Paintjob for all classes.Take note that this assignment can NOT be aborted once started.
    • During the 3-Year-In-Orbit Event ( Now to March 14th) the assignment will be available to all players who’ve completed the intro assignment “Conquer Hoxxes”.
    • After March 14 the assignment will, for those who didn’t complete it during the 3-Year-In-Orbit event, be available at Rank 100 and above.

Hotfix 9[]

26th Febuary, 2021

Hello Miners,

This patch contains several crash fixes, along with fixing some annoying bug habits, that should result in an increased work satisfaction of at least 6.37%. Also Doretta works better now.

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed Mobula Angels shatter animation plays where it was frozen not where it landed (DRG-2755)
  • Removed physics causing the Drilldozer to freak-out when dying (it was fun while it lasted..)
  • Refactoring audio input device changing, to fix issues with it.
  • Fixed Mini-Mule Leg vanishes when dropped by Bosco (DRG-2495)
  • Trawler will no longer drag people through doretta, refinery, minehead (DRG-2104, DRG-2223)
  • Fix rare crash when quitting refinery mission
  • Fix for old savegames crashing on startup
  • Fix Insect Swarms in Hollow bough not dying when the nest is killed
  • Fixed so tipjar can't been used while holding a beer
  • Improvement to avoid the player getting stuck

Hotfix 10[]

15th March, 2021

Hello Miners,

The last hotfix of update 33 is upon us, and it will change the Scale Brigade Assignment to now require Player Rank 100, as well as the completion of the earlier Prestige assignments you get at Rank 70 & 80. This path also includes a couple of fixes as well as some tweaks to the Scale Brigade armor and Improved Bosco digging.

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

  • The Scale Brigade Assignment now requires Player Rank 100 and completion of all previous Prestige Assignments
  • Improved landing animation handling in first person when landing and shooting.
  • Added a pop-up that explains all currently available loot has been claimed from the - Cargo Crate and Lost Pack if the player has collected everything
  • Tweaked the shininess of the Scale Brigade armor material
  • Tweaked the insignia on the Scale Brigade armor
  • Tweaked the icon of the Scale Brigade paint job
  • Squashed a bug that caused character turns to not be synced between client and host while seated in the Drop Pod
  • Squashed a bug that caused the Hoverclock overclock to often fail to activate when using Focus Mode in the air
  • Squashed a bug in the tutorial that caused the game to crash
  • Squashed a bug that enabled Glyphid Guards to attack while stunned
  • Squashed a bug with most shooting animations in first person resulting in less smooth transitions between moving and shooting
  • Squashed a bug in the head turn animations while seated in the Drop Pod
  • Squashed a bug that caused dwarves to grow when jumping in the Drop Pod after mission completion
  • Squashed a bug that caused the Employee of the Month Terminal to not work
  • Squashed a bug that sometimes enabled Bosco to refuse to pick up a gem after digging it out…. Management disapproved.
  • Squashed a bug that caused weird dirt digging behavior for Bosco