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Update 29: The End of the Beginning
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Release Date March 26th, 2020
External Link(s) Steam
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Update 28: Feeling Perky Update 30: Going 1.0
It’s time for another update as we’re ramping up for full release! The main focus for this update has been on improving the first experience new Greenbeards will encounter, but we also have a lot of goodies for veteran players, such as Armors finally being able to get new Paintjobs, and an all-new Miner’s Manual to name a few!

Cheers, The Ghost Ship Crew

— DRG Update Page

Update 29: The End of the Beginning introduced Pickaxe Customization, the Miner's Manual, an updated tutorial, vanity changes and general polish. It was released on March 26th, 2020.

Update Changes[]

Pickaxe Customization[]

Every miner needs a pickaxe, but no two pickaxes need to look the same! Find and unlock new parts to customize each of the six different sections of your pickaxe, not to mention a handful of brand new Paintjobs for it as well. Crack those rocks in style!

Lost Pack Encounter[]

If you see some lost gear scattered around the place, try to find a blinking helmet. Use that to download the location of the lost dwarf’s backpack and track it down using your Terrain Scanner. They are always full of pickaxe parts and precious minerals.

Drop Pod Overhaul[]

Let’s be blunt… the Drop Pod has been in need of a facelift for a while. That has now happened - including Fuzzy Dice!

New Dwarf Shouts[]

BISMOR, BISMOR, BISMOR! A good bunch of new shouts have been added, including some notorious missing Laser Pointer shouts!

Spacerig Exterior[]

Did you know that the Launch Bay is only a small part of the Spacerig infrastructure?

Miner’s Manual[]

Missions, Crafting Resources, Damage Types, Weapon Mods... There are so many systems in DRG! It can be overwhelming at first. We collected as much information as we could and created a ton of new infographics to make a guide. Hopefully this will help during the first few hours of the game. There might even be some details veteran miners didn’t know.
It’s the intention that the Miner’s Manual will continue to expand with new entries and chapters in future updates.

Improved Tutorial[]

Mining is way more fun once you know the basics. There is now a brand-new and more streamlined Tutorial with clear instructions and tasks. Let’s get the Greenbeards up to speed as soon as possible, Management wants to see that ore flowing!

Escape-Menu Overhaul[]

With the inclusion of the Miner’s Manual, we decided to redo the whole Escape menu. The main tab is the Status, where you can read all the information about your current Mission, Loadout, and Team. Many of the items link directly to the Miner’s Manual, so you can learn more about, for instance, the current Mission Warning Mutator with just one click.

Vanity Icons[]

All cosmetic items, both from The Shop and The Forge, now have proper icon previews! They are perfect for quick sorting and to avoid “guess forging”, but, most importantly, they look cool.

Armor Paintjobs [Community Request][]

All the ingame Armor Sets have received the same split between Frameworks and Paintjobs that weapons got recently. Several brand new Armor Paintjobs can be found in the Lost Pack Encounters, with more to come further down the line.
Also, for those with Supporter Upgrade, the Gilded Armor is now a Gilded Paintjob and can be applied to all Armors.

Weapon Balance[]

"Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon[]

  • Moved some of the AoE range bonus of Carpet Bomber OC to the Base Weapon and Shrapnel Rounds Mod
  • Moved some of the AoE damage bonus of Carpet Bomber OC to the Base Weapon
  • Added an accuracy bonus to Big Bertha OC
  • Removed starting fire rate penalty on Big Bertha OC, now only the max fire rate is affected
  • Reduced the direct damage penalty on Neurotoxin Payload OC
  • Slightly increased the DR bonus from the Damage Resistance at Full RoF Mod

"Warthog" Auto 210[]

  • Moved some of the damage bonus of the Bigger Pellets Mod to the Base Weapon
  • Increased the base rate of fire
  • Lowered the rate of fire bonus of the Miner Adjustments Mod
  • Increased the bonus of the Supercharged Feed Mechanism Mod
  • Removed the Improved Stun Mod and increased the base duration of a weakpoint stun
  • Fixed the stun chance stat display to be more clear that the stun chance is calculated for every pellet that hits
  • Made it so the Minishells OC can't stun targets
  • Fixed crosshair misalignment
  • Fixed the Cycle Overload OC not affecting weapon spread properly
  • Lowered the spread penalty of the Cycle Overload OC

"Stubby" Voltaic SMG[]

  • Reduced recoil especially the horizontal recoil so it is now easier to manually compensate
  • Greatly reduced max shot spread
  • Improved base accuracy
  • Increased base damage
  • Consolidated all base damage into one damage type
  • Increased base chance of electrocution

Modifications Tweaks[]

  • Replaced the Floating Barrel Mod with a Recoil Reduction Mod
  • Improved the bonus of the Improved Capacitors Mod
  • Removed the Larger Capacitors Mod
  • Relocated the Conductive Bullets Mod to Tier 4
  • Removed the Overcharged Rounds Mod and added some of it’s bonus to the Base Weapon

BRT7 Burst Fire Gun[]

  • Increased base damage
  • Decreased base ammo
  • Lowered the base armor breaking
  • Decreased base recoil
  • Decreased max spread
  • Increased base clip size

Modifications Tweaks[]

  • Increased damage bonus of the High Velocity Rounds Mod
  • Removed the Burst Damage Mod
  • Increased the stun duration of Burst Stun Mod
  • Swapped positions of the Floating Barrel Mod and the Disabled Safety Mod
  • Increased the bonus of the Quickfire Ejector Mod

Overclocks Tweaks[]

  • Increased the damage bonus of the Experimental Rounds OC to work with the new weapon damage and ammo numbers

Cryo Cannon[]

  • Reduced base charge-up time
  • Increased discharge time
  • Increased the base effective range
  • Increased the speed with which the spray extends to its effective range
  • Increased base freezing power
  • Increased base damage
  • Increased the base size of the pressure chamber
  • Lowered the base re-pressurisation delay
  • Fixed the weapon damage and freezing power stats displaying each other's values.

Cold Mechanics Tweaks[]

  • Mactera Spawns freeze a bit faster
  • Enemies slow down faster as they get colder

Modifications Tweaks[]

  • Combined the Larger Pressure Chamber Mod and Increased Chamber Pressure Mod
  • Improved the value of the 2nd Stage Pump Mod and renamed it to Faster Turbine Spinup
  • Increased the value of the Bypassed Integrity Check Mod so it now completely removes the re-pressurisation delay
  • Increased value of the Overclocked Ejection Turbine
  • Renamed the Faster 1st Stage Pump Mod to Fast-filling Pressure Chamber
  • Reduced the value of the Improved Mixture Mod and renamed it to Supercooling Mixture
  • Renamed the High Water Content Mod to Hard Mixture
  • Increased the power of the Cold Radiance Mod

Overclocks Tweaks[]

  • Added a flow rate bonus to the Flow OC
  • Increased the Ice Spear OC damage and it no longer depends on pressure, it's now always hits the same
  • Increased the Ice Spear OC ammo cost and it now always consumes the same amount and you can always shoot it as long as you have the ammo and the weapon is not repressurising
  • Tweaked Ice Spear OC damage and ammo cost
  • Increased the damage bonus and lowered the pressure drop penalty on the Ice Storm OC
  • Removed rate of fire bonus from Ice Storm OC
  • Added an ammo penalty to Ice Storm OC
  • Increased the radius and freezing power of the Snowball OC, like the Ice Spear the damage is now constant
  • Lowered the ammo cost of the Snowball OC, like Ice Spear the ammo cost stays constant
  • Increased Snowball OC ammo penalty

Breach Cutter[]

  • Increased the base width of the plasma beam
  • Increased the base damage
  • Changed how damage is shown in the stats to a DPS value
  • Decreased line speed
  • Increased the plasma line life-span
  • Decreased the rate of fire
  • Increased the base magazine size
  • Increased the "hitbox" of the plasma beam so it is more forgiving

Modifications Tweaks[]

  • Increased the values of the Loosened Node Cohesion Mods
  • Increased the value of the Prolonged Power Generation Mod
  • Removed one of the damage Mods and increased the value of the remaining one
  • Added a Mod to extend stun duration
  • Removed one of the magazine-size Mods
  • Removed one of the Expanded Ammo Bags Mods and increased the value of the remaining one
  • Improved the effect of the Quick Deploy Mod and it now affects both deploy speed and deploy delay
  • Changed the Double-split line to a Triple-split line that covers a larger area both above and now below the standard line
  • Combined the There Can Only Be One and Explosive Goodbye Mods and made it that firing while you have a line out will detonate that line wout shooting a new one. Lowered the explosion's damage but it now leaves a residual plasma field that continues to damage enemies over time.
  • Added the Plasma Trail Mod which causes the beam to leave a trail of residual plasma which damages enemies over time
  • Rearranged many of the Mods
  • NOTE: Anyone who owned the removed Mods will be refunded the Minerals and Credits they spent

Overclocks Tweaks[]

  • Yaw Man has become an Unstable OC and is now called Spinning Death. It causes the beam to spin while moving slowly forward dealing a lot of damage over time in the area.
  • Roll Control will not spin the beam if you click to fire but only if you hold. Releasing the fire button after the projectile starts spinning works as before.
  • Return to Sender no longer has a damage penalty
  • Inferno now ignites most enemies in one pass and no longer reduces your rate of fire
  • High Voltage Crossover is now a Balanced OC and no longer has a damage penalty

Deepcore 40mm PGL[]

  • Improved the responsiveness of the Proximity Trigger Mod and fixed the description which referenced a damage bonus based on a time mechanic that was not actually being used

"Lead Storm" Powered Minigun[]

  • Improved how quickly the Burning Hell OC sets things on fire
  • The Leadstorm OC now removes the Minigun's stun ability and has a slightly lower
  • Lowered the damage bonus on the Leadstorm OC a bit

Other Weapon Tweaks[]

  • Made the Persistent Plasma effects always kill swarmers that go through them. This impacts both the EPC and the Breech Cutter.
  • Lowered the splash radius of the Pheromone Canister and lowered the number of enemies a pheromone-affected target can attract


  • Added a new first person death animation
  • Added a new attack to the Glyphid Oppressor
  • Added new equip animations to the Equipment Terminal
  • Added a new terminal design for the Accessory Terminal and renamed it The Shop
  • Added a new terminal design for the Mineral Trade Terminal
  • Added pathfinder blockers below the platforms of the Minehead in Point Extraction to prevent enemies from walking there
  • Overhauled the Tutorial Hints
  • Weapons that do fire damage can now ignite gas clouds
  • Hoverboots perk now have particles coming from the boots and will also burn any creatures unfortunate enough to be right beneath you when you activate them
  • Renamed the Grappling Gun to Grappling Hook
  • Renamed the Zipline Gun to Zipline Launcher
  • Resupply Pods now needs to fall a set distance before it starts doing damage on landing
  • Improved several sprint animations
  • Improved the sound of the Dash perk
  • Improved the logic of the Born Ready perk when activated on clients
  • Improved the spawning logic of Machine Events to prevent Core Infusers from disappearing
  • Fixed several field of view related bugs, including the field of view of the Zhukov NUK17
  • Fixed a bug in the achievement for Milestones
  • Fixed a bug with the Impact Axe sound effect only playing for host
  • Fixed a bug that caused clients to not see themselves as frozen when they are frozen
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused double footstep sounds in first person
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain status effects from properly displaying on Lootbugs
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Terrain Scanner to become stuck in view
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the salute animation from playing in third person while sprinting
  • Fixed a bug that enabled Silicate Harvesters to walk on walls
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Iron Will countdown to display prematurely
  • Fixed a bug that caused the light of the Proximity Trigger mod for the Deepcore 40MM PGL to stick around after the projectile is destroyed
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Heightened Senses from working after the first time you get grabbed by an enemy
  • Fixed a bug where projectiles could nudge the player around for a brief moment while close. This was especially noticeable when looking down and firing.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented enemy health bars from properly indicating weakpoint hits for clients
  • Fixed a bug that caused LMG Gun Platforms with Hawkeye System mod to shoot marked enemy corpses indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug that caused some weapons to become offset when saluting with certain weapons
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Loadout Icon Selector menu to remain open after closing a Terminal
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Bosco skins from working in missions
  • Fixed a bug that enabled two players to tame the same Glyphid, sometimes removing its textures
  • Fixed a bug in the State of the Art achievement so it no longer triggers prematurely when having all items upgraded fully except the armor
  • Fixed a bug when using both the Hardened Drill Tips and Supercharged Motor mods on the Reinforced Power Drills
  • Fixed a bug that caused the canister of the CRSPR Flamethrower to change color when
  • reloading with some Weapon Frameworks
  • Fixed a bug with Air Geysers causing jittery movement for clients while pushed
  • Fixed a bug that caused Bosco to senselessly attack the Drop Pod if you marked it with the Laser Pointer. Silly Bosco
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mactera Spawns to look like they are in their attack stance while fleeing

Post Update Hotfixes[]

Hotfix 1[]

26th March, 2020

  • Fixed promotion badge returning blank texture after level 18
  • Improved lighting and PostFX on Dwarf in Escape Menu; Terminals
  • Victory moves previewable again in the Wardrobe menu
  • Fix rare crash in Terrain Scanner
  • Fixed bug where the Wardrobe's 'New Items Available' sign was always on
  • Fixed Crashes related to Glyphid Oppressor
  • Fix for white screen rendering artifacts seen in memorial hall on some gfx cards
  • Fixed Gunner Armor Mastery 7 Skin not unlocking

Hotfix 2[]

27th March, 2020

  • Fixed you could be awarded the starting pickaxe parts in the lost pack
  • Fixed Praetorian named Oppressor when using laser pointer
  • Tweak Droppod collision
  • Fix droppod missing in loader sequences
  • Fix you could charm a grunt at the same time, making stuff break
  • Fixed treasure boxes rewarding multiple times
  • Fixed two instances (crafting items and weapon skins) where notifications would stay forever
  • Promotion popup shows current class instead of promote able class
  • Laser cannon sound turned down a bit
  • Tweaks to the temperature settings of Oppressor, Dreadnought, and Mactera Bomber. Now they are harder to freeze. Their movement speed will still be reduced by cold.
  • Added a check for when the local player used the chest
Hotfix 2.1[]

28th March, 2020

  • Lost Pack and Crates are now 2 separate "dice rolls", so they will appear more often and also sometimes both will be in the map.

Hotfix 3[]

30th March, 2020

  • Purple Haircolor reverted to the previous look
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the Spinning Death OC description
  • Optimized pathfinding in certain scenarios
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the Pickaxe Customization description
  • Fixed a bug that caused Ebonite Machine Event not animating or showing progress on clients
  • Fixed a bug that caused Ebonite spheres to not collide with terrain
  • Improved the look of the Pickaxe Customization Terminal to look more like the new Wardrobe Terminal
  • Adjusted the UI in the Mission Selection Terminal
  • Increased Flare Hint time to trigger
  • Fixed the Beast master perk activation sound
  • Fixed a bug that caused the lasers of the Tritilyte Deposit Machine Event to be very loud
  • Lost Pack and Cargo Crate are now on separate chances so that both can spawn in a mission
  • Improved colliders around the Droppod to prevent enemies (especially Trawler) to enter it and drop off players where they get stuck
  • Ramp is now lowered when the Droppod lands to prevent players from getting stuck from the ramp unfolding upon them
  • Fixed misspelled Praetorian when using the Laserpointer
  • Removed loud Glyphid noises from Beastmaster tamed pets.
  • Fixed restricted armor material in wardrobe as well as the vanity icon generation
  • Wardrobe menu now updates paint job slot after new armor has been chosen
  • Fixed Dreadnought attacking pets.
  • Dreadnought should no longer target dead dwarves
  • Fixed Dreadnought rotation during carving attack
  • Fixed Detonator & Ghost targeting.
  • Updated images of Droppod & Memorial Hall in the Miners Manual
  • Added notification for pickaxe parts
  • Attempt to fix notifications showing in wardrobe without having notifications on items
  • Fixed invisible oxygen tanks on supply pod when on low oxygen warning
  • Lost pack reward can now display pickaxe parts correctly
Hotfix 3.1[]

30th March, 2020

  • Fixed vanity not applied correctly to escape menu / third person / end screen

Hotfix 4[]

31st March, 2020

Note from the Devs:

Hi Miners, Unfortunately, we introduced some unfortunate bugs in the last hotfix, and it took a while to fix them, Management's position is apologetic!

  • Fixed all sort of Vanity issues that was introduced in last hotfix
  • Fixed cases where the lost pack would reward you with...nothing instead of a pickaxe part or paintjob.

Hotfix 5[]

31st March, 2020

  • Fixed Bosco Laserpointer tutorial hint not show the correct button
  • Glyphid Oppressor got a bit longer attack and deals a bit more damage. Sound on Scream before attack made louder to give a better warning. Cam shakes addedd to the ground attack
  • Improved falldamge detection on clients. Server should not randomly deal large amounts of fall damage in some cases.
  • Fixed being able to take invisible exploding barrels if you dug under the explosive barrel dispenser
  • Subtle Shadow paintjob thumbnail updated
  • Tweaked lighting in Character Selection, no more harsh white rimlight on weapons
  • Lighting in Pickaxe Icons is less nuts
  • Unarmed idle fixed the hand attach bone so it matches more the salute animation.. hopefully it works better now
  • Pickaxe icons - camera positions
  • Icon for Splattered paintjob for Driller fixed
  • Added extra reminder hint to two tutorial hints
  • Lighting added to Memorial Hall 1st floor
  • Splattered paintjob - splatter added to several layers missing it
  • "Special" pickaxe back blades were mistakenly labelled as part of sets - Naming fixed now to be unique
  • Scout MK1 armor can now receive Golden Supporter Paintjobs properly. Other Paintjobs on MK1 slightly more detailed too.
  • Two new tutorial hints explaining how to call and salute.
  • ESC menu dwarf lighting tweak
  • Added external monitor to the Pickaxe Terminal, for displaying 'New Item(s) Available'
  • Fix Drillers right drill particles
  • Tweaked unarmed walk cycles to blend better with salute animation
  • Tweaked unarmed run cycles to blend better with salute
  • Pickaxe Terminal monitor
  • Reduced the activation range for the Defensezone effect, so you need to be closer to the border for the effect to kick in - making it easier to see in defensezones.
  • Improved heavy low equip animations third person
  • Fixed 3P heavy low sprint animation.. Feet where super buggy

Hotfix 6[]

1st April, 2020

  • Space Rig - Skylight reset to original, lights slightly tweaked in Medbay
  • Machine events should no longer spawn on top of the minehead in Point Extraction.
  • The droppod (when returning) should no longer drop on top of machine events.
  • Fixed infestation larva not taking damage from linecutter
  • Deeptora spawner - Can be frozen. No longer stops cryocannon and flamethrower
  • Deeptora swarm - Can be damaged by weapons doing fire damage, e.g. boomstick with right mod. General optimization on both.
  • Deeptora Hive & LootBug No longer blocks flame thrower / cryocannon
  • Fix broken supply pods in salvage could not be fixed
  • Salvage Drop Pod is rusty again
  • Dust Runner Engineer Paintjob is Dusty again!
  • Paintjob Icon for Engineer MK4 fixed
  • Fixed Boomsticks Special Poweder OC for clients.
  • Fix GrenadeJump OC for engineer when playing as client
  • Fix ebonite machine event powerups going through the ground for clients
  • Driller MK5 now always displays warning stripes correctly
  • Fixed spelling mistake
  • Pickaxe notification would also trigger New Items available on equipment screen
  • Attempt to fix BornReady for clients

Hotfix 7[]

8th April, 2020

Bulldog Revolver Tweaks

  • Elephant Rounds OC now has a bit more of a kick
  • Elephant Rounds OC now lowers the revolver's capacity to 3 rounds and extend the reload time a bit
  • Added a base accuracy bonus to Elephant Rounds OC.
  • Five Shooter OC is now Six Shooter and has a rate of fire bonus, a bigger ammo bonus and a slower reload
  • Feather Trigger OC has been replaced with the Volatile Bullets OC which deals massive damage against burning targets
  • Increased the reload speed bonus of the Quickfire Ejector mod


  • Fixed bug with GK2 Bullets of Mercy OC sometimes stacking it's damage bonus

Thunderhead Autocannon

  • Increased the chance to poison enemies with the Neurotoxin Payload OC
  • Added a small range bonus to the Neurotoxin Payload OC

BRT Burst Fire Gun

  • Fixed the crosshairs not showing the weapon spread accurately
  • Added a Blowthrough Rounds mod at T1
  • Added a base spread reduction bonus to the Floating Barrel mod
  • The Homebrew Powder OC has been replaced with the Lead Spray OC which gives a big damage boost at the cost of base spread
  • Increased the ammo bonus of the Compact Mags OC
  • Increased the spread-reduction and mag-size bonuses of the Micro Flechettes OC


  • Extended the effective range of the Burning Hell OC

"Warthog" Auto 210 Overclock tweaks

  • Light-weight Magazines - Reload speed bonus increased
  • Compact shells - Complete rework, renamed as Stunner. With this overclock, the weapon can stun after hitting any body part, not just weakpoints. There is also a damage bonus when shooting already stunned enemies.
  • Magnetic Pellet Alignment - Bonus damage for weakpoints, magazine penalty removed.Rate of fire reduction now applied as a percentage.
  • Stunner: Bonus damage to stunned enemies reduced. Fixed a case in which a part of the shot stunning the enemy was also benefiting from the Stun damage bonus. This was producing an unintended random damage output. Now only the damage dealt by subsequent shots after the stunning shot will receive the bonus.
  • Magnetic Alignment: Rate of fire penalty slightly increased, bonus damage on weakpoints reduced

Electrical SMG

  • Added small cooldown to EMPDischarge OC for the electrical SMG

"Stubby" Voltaic SMG

  • Turret EM Discharge: Cooldown reduced
  • Overclocks' descriptions updated
  • Stun is now applied after all damage, so if you hit an enemy with a shotgun, stun will only apply after all pellets have been calculated. This makes for more consistent experience when weapons also have damage bonuses based on stun.

Fancy new Temperature Shock mechanic

  • Fire and Ice are now best friends, sort of. They still cancel each other out but now whenever you force a creature out of either the Frozen or Burning state they will take a good chunk of damage.
  • Step 1 - Either set a creature on fire or freeze them.
  • Step 2 - Procede to apply fire/heat damage if frozen or ice/cold damage if burning. This works with any elemental fire or ice damage and also with strong heat / cold sources
  • Step 3 - Keep at it untill the target stops being frozen / burning

General Fixes

  • MK3 heavy/light armors renamed ingame to MK3 and MK4 * also fixed a few typos in their descriptions
  • Fix one of the Point Extraction maps that had terrain that did not connect to the rest of the cave system
  • Fix Pheromone grenades not working (Visually) correct on clients
  • Fix paintjob not updating third person correctly if it was changed because of an incompatible default paintjob
  • Added overlocks and item upgrades to the escape menu
  • Fixed not being able to zipline while carrying an explosive barrel
  • Fixed errors in terrain generation causing tunnels to not lead completely to the caves.
  • Bombers no longer requires to hit cave walls to explode and wont be stuck dead forever on for example the minehead
  • Fix glyphids sometimes (more with heavy lag) not playing ragdoll.
  • You can no longer open the map while saluting. (Caused alot of issues)
  • Added weakpoint damage modifier stat display for combat shotgun
  • Droppod carves around it just before it leaves, to remove any platforms that could be in the way
  • Misc audio optimization (Glyphids)
  • Improved Tritolite deposit collider to better match with the model
  • Re-Enable some idle sounds on glyphid grunts
  • Escape Menu: No tool tip when hovering over an unlocked or blank gear mod
  • Fix Bosco loadouts not working correctly. (It was using your characters loadout index)
  • Fixed Perfectly Tuned Cooler OC not affecting Flow Rate
  • Fixed the Burning Hell OC affecting teammates
  • Fix getting multiple rewards from crates

Hotfix 8[]

27th April, 2020

Note from the Devs:

This hotfix includes a moderate boost to the health of the Glyphid Praetorian as well as several weapon fixes and tweaks, especially to the Experimental Plasma Charger. Read the patch notes below for all the juicy details!

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug that caused your character model to turn into a grenade in Terminals
  • Further improvements to prevent the Droppod from landing on Machine Events.
  • Fixed a bug that could make other players animations look laggy if their net connection was poor
  • Enabled network smoothing on the server when looking at clients
  • Beast Master now actives by holding the Use button
  • Fixed a bug that caused Glyphid Praetorian / Glyphid Oppressor / Dreadnought attacks to only damage players and not tamed Glyphids
  • Fixed a bug that caused enemies to attack tamed Glyphids even after they are dead
  • Fixed a bug that enabled the Glyphid Oppressors attacks to trigger after death
  • Increased the damage from Temperature Shock
  • Made Temperature Shock activation more reliable and responsive
  • New temperature shock icons and added a sound to improve feedback
  • Fixed a case where enemies would not spawn from waves if you buried yourself in a tiny room so small that it has no nav points
  • Added new crystal formations to Crystal Caverns

Enemy Tweaks

  • Added a 25% health boost to the Glyphid Praetorian

Having diverse enemies (in terms of speed, size, health, attack rate, etc.) is what we think creates interesting action and makes target prioritization relevant and worth mastering. We have units with radically different properties so the mix of enemies, together with the level layout, will often generate small combat “puzzles” that are fun to engage with. One element we always considered vital is having enemies with a significantly larger health pool. That’s the reason why Praetorians can be found in every mission. An enemy that stays alive for longer is likely to produce situations in which the player has to reevaluate the combat circumstances. For instance, you might need to engage another target before finishing this one off. It makes smaller and more aggressive enemies shine because they synergize. They also incentivize teamwork, since they encourage joining forces to be defeated. We felt that, with the current firepower, Praetorians are not playing their part. They die too fast for these things to happen. A moderate health boost should allow the Praetorian to perform the role we envisioned for this enemy.

General Weapon Fixes

  • Fixed Warthog crosshair showing a dot in the middle
  • Fixed BRT mod that stuns on all bullets hitting the target not working for clients.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the crosshair to disappear
  • Fixed Sticky Grenade for client
  • Fixed return to sender being able to reverse the projectile speed multiple times
  • Fixed Explosive Goodbye not being activatable for clients
  • Fixed line projectiles with Explosive Goodbye not exploding if you pressed again too quickly
  • Increased the size of the plasma field left behind by the Explosive Goodbye mod on the Breech Cutter

Experimental Plasma Charger Tweaks

  • Changed the two charged shot damage mods to affect both AoE and direct damage
  • Replaced the Bouncy Plasma mod with the Plasma Burn mod that heats targets up potentially setting them on fire or extending the burn time of enemies that are already on fire
  • Made it so that the Thin Containment Field mod now also affects the heat generated by normal shots
  • Decreased the charge speed bonus from crystal capacitors
  • Lowered the radius bonus of the Expanded Plasma Splash mod
  • Flying Nightmare projectile now continues through all targets but no longer causes an explosion on impact
  • Reduced the base radius of the Flying Nightmare projectile
  • Flying Nightmare radius is now increased by the Plasma Splash mod and Overcharger OC
  • Updated the stats display to more clearly communicate the damage of a Flying Nightmare projectile
  • Increased the direct damage bonus and added an AoE damage and range bonus to the Overcharger OC and the penalties are now charge shot ammo cost and cooling rate
  • Increased the damage bonus and ammo penalty of Heavy Hitter OC
  • Increased the size of the field left behind by the Persistent Plasma OC and extended it's life
  • Replaced the cooling penalty on the Heat Pipe OC with a penalty to the heat generated by normal shots and added a small bonus to charge speed
  • Fixed the Persistent Plasma OC not triggering when a Thin Containment Field shot was detonated
  • Fixed Flying Nightmare damage not being affected by the Overcharger OC