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Update 27: Little Big Things
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Release Date December 17th, 2019
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Hello Miners!
Update 27 is here, and just in time for the holidays! This update is a big bag of both lesser and major goodies: We’ve wrapped up the last Machine Event and added a ton of small but significant improvements and features - and a new enemy also managed to make the cut! And from all of us here at the office: All the best wishes and a happy New Year! Now get back to work!

- The Ghost Ship Team

— DRG Update Page

Update 27: Little Big Things focused on plenty of Quality of Life changes, such as improved animations and beer mugs, added loadouts, and introduced a new enemy, Machine Event and Weapon Skin. It was released on December 17th, 2019.

Update Preview[]

Update Changes[]

New Machine Event: Omen Modular Exterminator[]

R&D came up with a brilliant idea for helping out our Pest Control teams: Project Omen - a vast network of interlinked Modular Extermination Towers, strategically inserted into caves all over Hoxxes. However, much to their regret, the Exterminators turned out to be just as dangerous to our own people as the bugs they were supposed to protect us against! So, the strategy is clear: Project Omen needs to be shut down. However… for security reasons, that can only be done through a… hands-on approach, by our esteemed ground teams.

Get in there, find and activate the Exterminator, engage the Maintenance Pads to expose the machine Cooling Tanks, and blow them to bits. Easy. Well, and you have to do so within a limited time window or the device goes into Lockdown.

PS: Do note, the Exterminators can be constructed from a variety of different modules, so for your personal safety, do take care to learn the patterns of each. R&D aren’t in the business of making kids’ toys, after all...

New Enemy: Glyphid Oppressor[]

The Glyphid Oppressor is basically Veteran Glyphid Praetorian. It is a slow and extremely heavily armored tank - impossible to deal with from the front, but has a weak spot in the back. Up close, it deals a lot of damage and has a powerful area knockback attack. It can dig through the ground to get to you - Manoeuvrability is key to taking down this unstoppable beast.

Loadouts (Community Request)[]

Tweaking and modding your equipment has been a big thing in the game for a long time, and only got more complex with the introduction of Weapon Overclocks. So by popular demand, as well as our own, you can now set up and save up to three full loadouts for each of your dwarves!

New Weapon Skin[]

The FOURTH RELIC weapon skin can be found for all weapons in the Cargo Crates in the mines. It’s a callback to the past glory and greatness of the dwarf nation - adorn your boomsticks with golden ritual bands and clan insignia, and make your stand!

Small new Animations[]

After introducing the recent pickup animations, we got inspired and have added a handful of other ones as well to better describe the actions happening. New animations added for:

  • Ledge Grab
  • Interacting with a Terminal
  • Hanging pose when on a Zipline
  • Throwing of carriable objects
  • ...and maybe some more?

Gameplay and Balance Tweaks[]

  • The Warning Shield Disruption will now give a smaller Health bonus.
  • Enemies now back out of active Shields instead of turning around and running away exposing their weak butts.
  • Glyphid Guards and Praetorians have had their Resistances to Temperature and Stun increased, making them a bit tougher to kill.
  • Glyphid Guard has had its health increased.
  • Glyphid Bulk Detonators unfreeze faster and if they die while frozen they now explode with a nonlethal shockwave.
  • Jadiz and Enor pearl can now be found in Cargo Crates and are being dropped by the Hooli Hoarder.
  • Stepping over loose chunks of Minerals makes them float to you instead of just popping away.

Weapon mods & Overclocks Balance[]

Thunderhead Autocannon[]

  • Fixed the fire rate ramp-up mechanic so that the Lighter Barrel Assembly mod now works correctly and the weapon's top rate of fire can be displayed in the weapon stats as rounds per second instead of a percentage.
  • Replaced the Quickfire Ejector mod with a Magazine Capacity mod.
  • The Damage Resistance at Full RoF mod now displays a shield icon when it is active and the resistance amount can be seen in the weapon stats.

Beards & Armors[]

R&D has been very busy cooking up a solutions to ensure heavy beards and heavy armor can coexist in peace and harmony. Facial hair and combat suits are not natural friends, but now selecting a large beard will custom fit your heavy armor to make sure there is room for all that bushy glory.

This solution is not fully implemented yet! But our team of armorers and barbers are working round the clock to get all combinations of beard and armor looking their best.

New Cave Content[]

We have once again turned our attention to the caves and will be improving the variety of the special formations and flora that you can find down in the depths. For this update, we have added just a few new things to Fungus Bogs and The Salt Pits but there is more on the way.

In the coming updates more will be added all over the place.

Abyss Bar[]

  • All beers now have unique beer mugs! Beer just tastes better when it’s looking fancy!
  • (COMMUNITY REQUEST) Unlocking a new beer now triggers Lloyd to serve up a free round - Only fair since you spend all the time collecting the beer ingredients.

Visiting the Abyss bar has never been more exciting!

UI & HUD[]

We are doing a lot of minor visual improvements all over the UI and HUD and will continue to do so in the coming time. For now, we’ve been focusing on making Unlocks and Rewards feel more satisfying and informative.

  • The mission map has received parallax scrolling to make it feel more dynamic
  • Ammo Status UI has been updated and better shows your ammo status

Misc. & Fixes[]

  • Mixer Integration now works again and can be enabled in the Options menu, and only Hosts can activate Mixer input
  • Item names in the Employee Wardrobe are now centered again
  • Fixed “Lead Storm” Powered Minigun ammo display off by 1
  • Added Notifications to new Schematics at the Forge
  • Fixed Cosmetic count in the Accessory Shop not matching actual purchasable items
  • Random Mission names can now be translated if it makes sense
  • Minehead can no longer spawn on top of Machine Events during Point Extraction missions
  • Various typos and spelling errors fixed
  • Fixed case of terrain generation crash when in Dense Biozone
  • A bunch of enemies formerly not giving you Health on death when using the Vampire Perk now correctly gives you Health.
  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented some assignments from being started before the main one has been completed
  • You can no longer Sprint while carrying an item if your run speed is boosted above normal.
  • Aquarq and Dystrum icons updated to look less alike
  • Rebalanced Community Goals after this month’s results
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from backing out of a Terminal with ESC after purchasing an upgrade
  • Fixed a bug with an infinite loop of audio that occured when crafting resources and closing the reward display before it is done
  • Fixed a bug where interrupting the Beer Unlock animation by pressing ESC/X could trigger an everlasting audio glitch that was only resolved by restarting the game
  • Beer Ingredients no longer spawn in the Tutorial biome
  • Fixed a bug with public sessions still being listed on the Server List for 30 seconds after the player changed it to a solo game
  • Increased the damage done to enemies by falling stalactites and exploding plants
  • Reduced the performance impact of crevasses opening up during earthquakes in Magma Core
  • Fixed a bug which would reduce zone color caused by reentering the Mission Terminal after unlocking a new biome
  • Fixed Third Person reload for “Stubby” Voltaic SMG
  • Increased the size and improved the readability of the Laser Pointer’s display
  • Fixed a bug that caused large terrain cubes to form when removing floating mineral chunks
  • Fixed incorrect stat display for the recoil reduction of the Floating Barrel mod on the “Bulldog” Heavy Revolver
  • Fixed EPC side charge indicators not working with some skins
  • Fixed a bug with Nayaka Trawlers not giving health when using Vampire perk
  • Mactera now flee out of the Gunner’s shield
  • Added a safeguard that prevents Machine Events from spawning too close to the Salvage Mission Escape Pod
  • The drills on the broken Escape Pod in Salvage no longer kill enemies

Post Update Hotfixes[]

Hotfix 1[]

17th December, 2019

  • Fixed crash with Omen Modular Exterminator event
  • Fixed a high frequency crash

Hotfix 1.1[]

17th December, 2019

  • Tried to fix the high frequency crash...again sorry!

Hotfix 1.2[]

17th December, 2019

  • Another attempt at fixing semi frequent crash.

Hotfix 1.3[]

18th December, 2019

  • Last attempt at crash fix. Its 1/50 games 1 person crashes, so its really hard to reproduce

Note this hotfix was slightly unique in that it was released around 0:30 am CEST (Ghost Ship Games' Timezone)

Hotfix 1.4[]

18th December, 2019

  • One more crash fix attempt!

Hotfix 2[]

18th December, 2019

Note from the Devs:

Hi Miners, This hotfix includes fixes to the Today's Special beer buffs, the movement impairing salute bug and much more! We have also improved the parallax effect in the Mission Terminal, the size and colors of the Laserpointer and linked Vanity to loadouts by popular demand. These fixes and additions are based on your continued feedback and bug reports on the Steam forums and in #bug-discussion on Discord so please keep them coming!

Patch Notes:

  • Linked Vanity to loadouts and made it customizable in the Employee Wardrobe Terminal
  • Implemented a new Bosco icon and added it to the selection of loadout icons
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Made the color of the Laserpointer mark dependant on the selected character
  • Improved the parallax effect in the Mission Terminal
  • Today’s Special beer buffs now work again
  • Added a tooltip to the loadout buttons
  • Grunt Guard no longer stops to scream
  • Fixed spelling mistake in the Snowball OC description
  • Lowered the chance of encountering Xmas decorations in the caves
  • Fixed a crash caused by the Omen Modular Exterminator Machine Event
  • Fixed a terrain carving related crash on Xbox
  • Fixed the placement of bottom buttons of the Escape Menu
  • Fixed a couple of crashes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Mactera Bomber to freak out forever after it dies. Drama queen!
  • Fixed AOE damage being able to destroy weakpoints on the Omen Modular Exterminator before they have been exposed for the first time
  • Tweaked the display position size and position of the Laserpointer
  • Fixed the background color of the Laserpointer when aiming at hostiles
  • Tweaked resource chunks pickup animation.
  • Tweaked the Glyphid Oppressor. It is a faster, but turns slower. Camshakes on screams and attacks are less aggressive. Decreased health slightly
  • Space Anomaly on Hoxxes IV visible from Space Rig has been hidden
  • Improved the armor colliders on the Glyphid Oppressor so it can no longer be shot from the side
  • You can no longer salute while carrying heavy objects
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain enemies from being able to dig

Hotfix 3[]

19th December, 2019

Note from the Devs: Hi Miners, This hotfix includes a fix for the ammo display on the Experimental Plasma Charger, more improvements to the parallax effect on the Mission Terminal and a visual improvement to the Terrain Scanner to better distinguish floors from walls! Management Approved, of course. We have also fixed a lot of bugs related to loadouts and adjusted the taste of the Rocky Mountain beer buff so it now also enables the dwarves to properly destroy Compound Dirt in one hit. Read the patch notes below for all the juicy details.

Patch Notes:

  • Visually improved the holographic display of the Terrain Scanner map to better distinguish floors from walls
  • Extra health from armor mastery now correctly applied to second and third loadout
  • Tweaked the audio for resource chunk pickup animation
  • Fixed a bug that caused a Satchel Charge to appear in the air at the location of the Drop Pod
  • Fixed a bug with weather effects not leaving correct fog settings once it fades on clients
  • Loadout B and C now starts identical to loadout A instead of empty
  • Tweaked the Glyphid Oppressor. Improved the weakpoint colliders. Decreased health and resistances slightly.
  • Fixed a bug that made Bosco select the same loadout as your selected dwarf regardless of what you had selected in the Drone Modification Terminal
  • Improved the parallax effect on the Mission Terminal
  • Fixed a bug that caused Rocky Mountain beer buff to not affect Compacted Dirt
  • Improved the heavy armors of the Scout to better accommodate large beards
  • Fixed the ammo count display on the Experimental Plasma Charger for clients