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Update 26: Endgame - Part 2
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Release Date November 21st, 2019
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Update 25: Endgame - Part 1 Update 27: Little Big Things
Attention Miners!
Update 26 is here! In this second part of the Endgame, we’ve added a brand new system of Machine Events to encounter during normal missions, a much needed overhaul and expansion of the Bar, all new Victory Moves, as well as skins for both Bosco and your weapons, plus an absolute ton of minor bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements. Let’s get to work!
— DRG Update Page

Update 26: Endgame - Part 2 introduced a new endgame mechanic known as Machine Events, as well as Blank Matrix Cores that can be infused by doing these events. It also revamped the Abyss Bar adding many more beers and beer hops to "craft" them with. Additionally it added new customizable post-mission victory moves, 2 Bosco skins, a new Weapon Skin and some balance tweaks. It was released on November 21st, 2019.

Update Preview[]

New Features[]

Machine Events[]

Deep Rock Galactic is developing strategic operations all around the planet. The company is worried about some strange mutations affecting the creatures of Hoxxes as well as peculiar crystals interfering with scanners and other devices in orbit. To eradicate the threat or simply to take samples, these operations require expert dwarven action to be finalized. If you stumble upon one, give it a go and hope that the reward is worth the risk!

Three different Machine Events can be found in random missions: Kursite Infection, Rock Mutation, and Tritilyte Crystal. Each of them offers a different timed challenge that must be completed in order to get access to the Core Infuser where Blank Matrix Cores can be used.

To activate a Machine Event, the player must own the Tritilyte Key. You will own a Tritilyte key if you have a Promoted dwarf.

Blank Matrix Cores[]

Blank Matrix Cores are part of the rewards for Deep Dives and the Core Hunt assignment. The first section of both Deep Dives will now reward Blank Matrix Cores instead of Mineral Container Cores. They can be infused by doing Machine Events, turning them into Overclock or Cosmetic Matrix Cores that can be used in the Forge.

Bar & Beer Overhaul[]

New buff beers with effects in mission added to the “Today’s Special” pool A ton of new craftable gag beers to unlock. The effects of these beers will only work in the Space Rig. Management prefers to separate business and pleasure! New pricing for the beers based on new ingredients found in caves: Barley Bulb, Yeast Cone, Malt Star, and Starch Nut. New Milestone for unlocking Craftable Beers

Bosco Skins[]

You can now choose a look for Bosco. For now, there are two new Bosco Skins that will unlock through Mastery: Cyber Ninja and War Veteran

Victory Moves[]

All classes start out with four default Victory Moves that will be played during the Mission Complete screen after a successful mission. Players can equip their favorite move in the Employee Wardrobe. 18 new unique Victory Moves have been added for players to unlock. Some can be found as rewards in Cargo Crates while others will be obtained as forgeable Cosmetic Matrix Cores (from Deep Dives and Machine Events).

New Weapon Skin[]

One new set of weapon skins, Neon Band, has been added to cargo crate rewards.

Weapon, Mods, Overclocks Balance[]

M1000 Classic[]

The purpose of this overhaul is to support a gameplay style in which both fire modes (hipfire and focus shots) are viable and offer the player interesting choices and to make future balancing of the two fire-modes easier.

M1000 Classic Base Tweaks

  • Increased base ammo (from 50 to 96)
  • Increased base clip size (from 5 to 8)
  • Decreased base damage (from 55 to 50)
  • Decreased base rate of fire (from 5 to 4)
  • Increased base reload time (from 2.2 to 2.5)
  • Increased base focus-shot damage bonus (from 50% to 100%)
  • Increased focus-shot ammo consumption (from 1 to 2)
  • Decreased base armor damage
  • Added a base weakspot damage bonus (+10%)
  • Decreased the spread per shot and increased the speed of spread recovery to make hip-shooting more viable

M1000 Classic Mod Tweaks

  • Tier 1: Increased "Expanded Ammo Bags"-mod additional max ammo bonus (from +15 to +32)
  • Tier 2: Renamed "Floating Barrel"-mod to "Better Weight Balance"-mod. It now gives improved hip-shot accuracy (-50% recoil) which affects both spread-per-shot and recoil
  • Tier 2: Removed "Extended Clip"-mod ; it got combined with the Tier 3 mod
  • Tier 3: Decreased "Killer Focus"-mod focus shot damage bonus (from +40% to +25%)
  • Tier 3: Renamed "Oversized Clip"-mod to "Extended Clip"-mod and clip size bonus increased (from +2 to +6)
  • Tier 3: Removed "High Velocity Rounds Damage"-mod
  • Tier 4: Decreased "Hollow-point Bullets"-mod weakpoint damage bonus (from +50% to 25%)
  • Tier 4: Renamed "Kinetic Energy Penetrator"-mod to "Hardened Rounds"-mod for clarity and increased the armor break bonus (from +200% to +220%)
  • Tier 5: Added "Killing Machine"-mod that grants a very fast reload right after killing an enemy
  • Anyone who purchased the two removed mods will be automatically refunded the credits and minerals spent.

CRSPR Flamethrower[]

Mods have been rearranged to offer more varied build options.

CRSPR Flamethrower Base Tweaks

  • Increased the speed with which the flame extends so less ammo is spent when shooting targets at range
  • Improved the damage of sticky flames
  • Improved the speed with which enemies heat up when going through sticky flames

CRSPR Flamethrower Mod Tweaks

  • Rearranged many of the mods to make sticky flame builds more viable
  • Removed the Sticky Heat and Sticky Damage mods
  • Improved the two Sticky Duration mods
  • Changed the Flamethrower stat display in the equipment terminal to work like the Cryo Cannon


CRSPR Flamethrower: Fuel Stream Diffuser

  • Changed the penalty from lower damage to a slower rate of fire to offset the inherent ammo penalties from using the flamethrower at long range

Experimental Plasma Charger: Heavy Hitter

  • Increased the damage bonus significantly

M1000 Classic: Electrocuting Focus Shot

  • Updated the text to reflect that weak point hits are no longer required for electrocution

Deepcore 40mm PGL: Hyper Propellant

  • Removed the ammo penalty

Subata 120: Automatic Fire

  • Increased the fire rate bonus

CRSPR Flamethrower: Sticky Fuel

  • Added a Sticky Flame damage bonus and replaced the range penalty with an ammo penalty

Warthog Auto 210: Magnetic Pellet Alignment

  • Fixed the stat display to correctly display its negative impact

Enemy Tweaks[]

  • Macteras no longer change targets while charging up attacks
  • Stun now cancels attacks from Mactera enemies
  • New animation for stunned Mactera enemies
  • Heavy enemies like Glyphid Praetorians are more resistant to stun

UI & Hud[]

  • Enemies’ health bar can now display more than three status effects without cropping the icons
  • Enemies’ health bar animation modified so the name disappears faster
  • Added a new notification system for unlocking equipment and vanity to make new unlocks easier to spot in the Equipment Terminal and Employee Wardrobe

Misc, & Fixes[]

  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Added physics to the hammer by the Forge so it can now be kicked around on the Space Rig.
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Due to popular demand, sound has been lowered a notch on the intro logo movie/splash screen
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Added physics to the Salvage Mission objectives so they now fall down when terrain beneath them is destroyed.
  • Added an option for the Scout to automatically switch to the previously equipped item after using the Grappling Gun. Disabled by default, it can be activated from the options menu.
  • Fixed the Satchel Charge so that the Detonator now shows in a closed-off state when the player is out of Satchel Charges.
  • Added some blinking lights to the Satchel Charge when detonating
  • Fixed a bug that caused Deepcore 40mm PGL modification “Proximity Trigger” to detonate on Bosco
  • Fixed the reload animation of the Zhukov NUK17 reload animation so that the right-hand gun no longer randomly fails to eject the cartridge.
  • Fixed a bug that caused excess mineral chunks to not always be picked up. The player now also automatically pick up excess mineral chunks while depositing in the M.U.L.E.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to lock up upon returning to the Space Rig after completing an assignment
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the Field Medic perk
  • Disabled smoke from the Drop Pod when dropping into a mission
  • Fixed the Forging Mastery Milestone being off by one in what you have to reach
  • Fixed a bug that caused enemies to be frozen for a long time if near a weak heat source. This was most prevalent to the Glyphid Bulk Detonator on Point Extraction
  • Picking up items now has animation and involves holding the use button.
  • Passing out drunk now correctly increases your stat, not the hosts!
  • Passing out drunk no longer increases the downed statistic.
  • Fixed some bugs related to resupplying with the Satchel Charge
  • Fixed a bug that causes the player to in certain cases, get a Mineral Container Core instead of a Matrix Core. (Requires having received a lot of Matrix Cores)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to switch weapons after throwing a grenade
  • Fixed a bug with the community rewards
  • Players will no longer defrost slower while in a blizzard
  • Added a short immunity to cold after being freed from ice to prevent players from becoming chain frozen consecutively
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some grenades from being purchasable
  • Charged up focused shots are no longer canceled when changing weapon
  • CRSPR Flamethrower particles now switch correctly with range modifications and also look correct in third person
  • Lethal Enemies warning mutator doesn't increase damage from projectiles anymore
  • Fixed some cases of the notorious cube terrain artifacts
  • Missions rewards now show scaled to hazard bonus in all UI
  • Quick Join terminal has been removed since we consider the Mission Terminal more adequate to join and host missions.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled the Drop Pod countdown in the Space Rig to be resettable by client
  • Fixed Bouncy Plasma modification on the Experimental Plasma Charger not showing impact particles for clients
  • Fixed Better Weight Balance modification not being properly shown in the crosshair after a restart
  • Fixed Explosive Goodbye and There Can Only be One modifications for the Breach Cutter
  • A mic icon is now displayed when local player is voice chatting
  • Fixed a bug that caused the reload animation of the Zipline Gun going haywire in both first and third-person
  • Minerals left in the pouch are now added at the end of the mission
  • Fixed an exploit that caused waves not to trigger when alien eggs are dug out and deposited immediately after
  • Added a Respawn Button to the Escape Menu in the Space Rig
  • Magazines and fuel canisters are now skinned for the Deepcore GK2, Subata I20 and CRSPR Flamethrower to match the skin applied on the weapon.
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] All Gantries on the Space Rig finally play footprint sounds!
  • Fixed snowstorm effects
  • New music added for Machine Events
  • Fixed the color of the Gunner’s flare in the Equipment Terminal
  • Switching back to the Satchel Charge after retrieving a deployed charge causes the player to switch to the Detonator fixed
  • Fixed a bug that caused the modification refund alert window to be shown on first session
  • Fixed the Designated Decoy achievement
  • Fixed a bunch of barrel hoop game issues including the barrel count as well as the Error Log
  • Fixed a bug with resource chunks sometimes dropping with way too much material

Post Update Hotfixes[]

Hotfix 1[]

21st November, 2019

  • Fixed a bug that caused the new new Bosco skins to be unlocked from the start
  • Fixed the reward of the Weekly Assignment so it no longer awards brewing ingredients instead of crafting materials
  • Possible fix for not showing reward UI pop up when collecting a skin from a Cargo Crate

Hotfix 2[]

21st November, 2019

  • Fixed an exploit where it was possible to farm Blank Matrix Cores.

Hotfix 3[]

22nd November, 2019

Notes from the Developers: Machine Events are currently NOT rewarding players without Blank Matrix Cores: This is more a missing feature than a bug, so it will take a bit more time before a solution is implemented. The plan is to have the Machine Event appear as a Completed Objective and award you on the Mission End screen.

The "Hold-E to pick-up items" feature is hotly debated - thanks for all the feedback! This feature is something we always wanted in the game to create immersion and the feeling of working in the mines, so you are not just sprinting through the scenery. Changes like this are always tricky post-release. The current implementation is a first-pass and there are several ways it can be improved. The verdict is still out on this one, but as always, we want to test it with all of you and then get a feeling of the impact before we react.

Patch notes:

  • Fixed a bug that enabled the Scout to move around in the Escape Pod after grappling into the Exit Zone
  • Improved the Beer Menu and added other beer sounds
  • Improved Core Infuser animations
  • Fixed Jelly Swarmer not getting killed by Voltaic SMG in one hit
  • Possible fix for not showing reward UI pop up when collecting a skin from a Cargo Crate
  • Fixed various animation issues with feet sliding while overheating the Cryo Cannon and the Minigun or throwing mugs
  • Improved the visuals of the Tritilyte Crystal Machine Event lasers
  • Fixed numerous issues related to Explosive Barrels unintentionally colliding with usables
  • Resolved music issues with the Machine Events
  • Cargo Crates is now also affected by physics when terrain beneath them is destroyed (like the Salvage Mission objectives and the Supply Pods)
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Core Infuser for latejoining players
  • Fixed projectiles impacting on dead enemies.
  • Jury-rigged Boomstick: Fixed the blast wave dealing damage to nearby teammates
  • Fixed a bug that prevented terrain from breaking by a power attack if the terrain was already hit once
  • Improved the graphics related to purchasing beer licenses
  • Fixed a bug that caused battery inserters to look ejected for latejoining players when they join with a finished game event present
  • Polished the handstand Victory Move
  • Miscellaneous audio bug fixes and tweaks
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Dreadnought's Cocoon to break from the final pulse of a Machine Event ending
  • Fixed beard cropping on Driller & Gunner MK5 armor
  • Fixed cases where new item skin notification wasn't removed when read
  • Miscellaneous fixes to latejoin issues with Machine Events
  • Explosive Barrels can no longer be deposited into the M.U.L.E.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the first stage of the Deep Dives to not register as completed correctly
  • Fixed a bug that enabled credits to visually turn negative when buying a beer license
  • Fixed a bug that enabled the Special Beer unlock popup to open even if the player can’t afford it
  • Possible fix for unsynced beers between menus in the Abyss Bar
  • Improved the sound on pickup
  • Improved the sound on the crystal slam Victory Move
  • Core Hunt assignment description now correctly states that Blank Matrix Cores are part of the rewards
  • Tweaked the enemy wave timing during Tritilyte Crystal Machine Event
  • Fixed a Naedocyte Beeder related crash
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to select more than one reward at the end of a Machine Eventa

While not mentioned in the patch notes, in this hotfix the time required to hold E to pick up collectibles was changed from 0.4 seconds to 0.33.

Hotfix 4[]

26th November, 2019

Notes from the Developers: It’s well known that beards and big armors are not a happy mix. While we have fixed the clipping issues, the issue with hidden beards in most armors for Gunner and Driller is even more pronounced. Don’t fret, we will fix this and make sure there are heavy armor options which allows you to showcase your magnificent beards. Making this will take a bit of time, so don’t expect it to be part of a hotfix.

Patch notes:

  • Completed Machine Events now shows as a completed Mission Objective below Secondary Objective.
  • Completed Machine Events are now part of the Mission End screen with XP and Credit rewards
  • Pick up is now back to an instant pickup, but still has animation. Work is still on-going on this feature! Feedback is much appreciated.
  • Beer plants now scale to mission length in spawn amount
  • Possible fix for the unsynced beers between menus in the Abyss Bar
  • Fixed a bug with Special Beer unlock
  • Core Hunt assignment description now states Blank Matrix Cores are part of the rewards
  • Enemy wave timing during Tritilyte event tweaked
  • Positioning of Nanite Bomb Dispenser tweaked to reduce the cases in which it drops too far from the Tritilyte Crystal
  • Increased the number of Ebonite enemies to be killed in order to complete the Machine Event
  • Reduced the amount of Kursite stones to be deposited to complete the Machine Event
  • Fixed crashes related to Cargo Crates and acquiring Victory Poses
  • All effects should now properly disappear when Machine Events end
  • Fixed a bug where the engineer began recalling sentry guns, when selecting a Core Infuser reward if playing with controller.
  • Fixed collision on the carver of the barrel dispenser not disabling no latejoiners
  • Fixed a bug that caused save game files to grow in size with notifications
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the countdown-to-mission-start from showing in Space Rig menus
  • Moved 'Switch To Character' buttons up to make them more visible
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Incendiary Grenade flames from spreading if you hit a Glyphid with it
  • Fixed a bug that caused an unread equipment notification to unintentionally appear
  • Lootbugs no longer have an invisible collider that blocks bullets and drills for a couple of seconds after it’s dead
  • Fixed Explosive Barrel event ending before the Crystal has died on clients
  • Added two new pick up item animations for Boolocaps and Fossils
  • Fixed more latejoining issues with Machine Events
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain numpad keys from being bindable in the key binding settings
  • Fixed M1000 Killing Machine mod stat colors in the Equipment Terminal
  • Player temperature no longer overlap affliction icons

Bulldog Revolver Tweaks

  • Reduced damage bonus of the High Velocity Rounds mod
  • Increased damage bonus of the Increased Caliber Rounds mod
  • Increased ammo bonus of the Tier 2 Expanded Ammo Bags mod
  • Reduced the bonus of the Hollow-Point Bullets mod
  • Increased base damage
  • Increased the base weakpoint damage bonus
  • Floating Barrel mod now also reduces recoil
  • Changed the Revolver Lucky Bullets OC to a Chain Hit OC
  • Five Shooter OC no longer has a damage penalty but instead has an accuracy penalty and now has a small ammo bonus as well

Hotfix 5[]

27th November, 2019

  • Tweaked the position of the new item notification icon in the Employee Wardrobe for Victory Moves
  • All collected barley resources are now shown on a separate line on the Mission Complete screen
  • [HUD] Moved player Temperature + Affliction icons up a bit, so they don't overlap player resources
  • Changed 'Celebration Move' to 'Victory Move' when you acquire a move from a Cargo Crate
  • Fixed a rare crash related to characters shouting
  • Added a vote for DRG button to esc menu
  • New Steam Award exclusive headwear added: Head Honcho
  • Fixed a bug with hosts not getting the effects of beer buffs in missions
  • Added third person animations to picking up items
  • Fixed a crash related to new item notifications
  • Improved Laserpointer interaction with barleys
  • Fixed a case where a new item notification is displaying incorrectly in the Forge
  • Fixed a bug with an unread item notification displaying incorrectly on Hair Color in the Employee Wardrobe
  • Added more icons for the Laserpointer display when looking at stuff

Hotfix 6[]

29th November, 2019

Notes from the Developers: This final hotfix (knock on wood) for Update 26 includes a fix for the notorious issue with the Weekly Core Hunt assignment not giving rewards. The assignment has been reset so those who already completed it can reclaim their weekly Matrix Core. Thank you for your patience while we have been working on a solution! Apart from that we have implemented third-person pick-up animations and resolved some rare crashes.

Patch notes:

  • Fixed an issue with the Weekly Core Hunt not giving a reward. The assignment has been reset and can be completed again for those who already completed it and didn’t get a reward
  • Added third person pick up animations
  • Fixed more crashes related to Machine Events
  • Fixed rare crashes that sometimes occurred when someone joins the game

Holiday Update[]

6th December, 2019

Notes from the Developers: It's the Holiday season, and management wants to give a little bit back to all of you hard-working miners. The Space Rig has been decorated to get you all into a merry mood, presents can be found in the caves, last year's Yuletide hat is on sale again, and so is this year's headwear: Antler Cap. On top of this, we are introducing the Yearly Performance Bonus. It comes in the form of a one-time assignment with a generous amount of rewards. This bonus assignment will be available until the end of the year, along with the limited hats. Also, note that once started, the assignment can not be aborted. Next week, we will reveal an updated Roadmap, both with details on the upcoming Update 27, and what will happen in the coming months. Update 27 is currently planned to land later in December and will, among many other things, feature a new Machine Event and customizable Weapon Loadouts. Stay tuned!

Undocumented patch notes: