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Update 25: Endgame - Part 1
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Release Date September 26th, 2019
External Link(s) Steam
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Update 24: Explosive Expansion Update 26: Endgame - Part 2
Hello Miners,
Whew! You’ve been patient with us for a long while, but Update 25 - our most ambitious update to date - is finally here! Deep Dives, even more gear customization, late-game rewards, tons of new skins, cargo crates, overhauled beard physics...hoh boy, Miners - this is a big one. Our beards grew 6 inches just from writing these patch notes.
— DRG Update Page

Update 25: Endgame - Part 1 introduced a new endgame mechanic known as Deep Dives, as well as Infused Matrix Cores that can be crafted into new Weapon Overclocks and Matrix Core Cosmetics. The update has revamped mission end screens, various stat changes, and has added two new terminals on the Space Rig. It was released on September 26th, 2019.

New Features[]

Deep Dives[]

If you’re a Dwarf that’s looking to go places, we have just the opportunity for you. As a promoted Dwarf you have been deemed worthy to get special access to weekly Deep Dives - three consecutive seeded missions, where ammunition and health carries over to the next mission. In Deep Dives you will have to complete two objectives in each stage and chances for encountering Mutators are very high. Each of the three stages of a Deep Dive will grant you rewards upon completion, ranging from minerals to the new Matrix Cores. While you can complete the week’s Deep Dives as many times as you want and improve your best time, bear in mind the rewards can only be claimed once per week.

Matrix Cores[]

Not getting paid enough? We’re giving your Deep Rock Galactic pay-slip a boost. Matrix Cores are the cornerstones of the new rewards introduced in Deep Rock Galactic. In Update 25 you will receive Infused Matrix Cores - Matrix Cores with already predefined content, that can be used to forge Weapon Overclocks or glorious all-new beards and helmets. In Update 26 we will introduce a way to infuse Blank Matrix Cores, but more on that when we get closer.

The Forge[]

The place where you go with you Infused Matrix Core and forge them into something useful. Also note that forging Infused Matrix Cores will increase your Forging Mastery and earn you even more Matrix Cores. It’s Hammertime!

Weapon Overclock Cores[]

If you’ve been wanting bigger explosions or new ways to shred entire tunnels of bloodthirsty glyphids, then you’ll love the upgrades you’ll be unlocking for your arsenal. Weapon Overclocks range from basic but minor improvements like increase magazine capacity, to providing entirely new ways to modify the overall weapon functionality. Deal radioactive splash damage with your Grenade Launcher? There’s an overclock for that. Gain more airtime while aiming down the sights of the M1000 rifle? There’s an overclock for that. Shred the enemies with ice shards from your Cryo Cannon? You guessed it. There’s an overclock for that.

Cosmetic Cores[]

With Update 25, we’re doubling down on glorious facial hair and other cosmetic items. If you thought your current beard was the most dwarven it could get... boy, do we have some hairy news for you.

New Assignments[]

  • BREACH THE CORE: Upon your first promotion of any dwarf you get access to a new assignment called BREACH THE CORE. Complete this to earn a handful of Infused Matrix Cores and get your collection of Weapon Overclocks and Rare Cosmetics kick-started. Completing the assignment will also unlock the Weekly Core Hunt.

  • WEEKLY CORE HUNT: For those veteran dwarves looking to make a little spare cash for beard accessories on the side, there’s now Weekly Core Hunt assignments available for Promoted Dwarves. Finishing these will reward you both a Weapon Overclock Core and a Cosmetic Core. Stay strong and classy.

Cargo Crates[]

It’s not all about the Deep Dives, though. Be on the lookout for lost Cargo Crates in the caves of normal missions - they are known to contain copious amounts of minerals and weapon skins!

New Mutators[]


  • LOW OXYGEN: As the title says - hold your breath and try not to die before you reach an oxygen tank.
  • LETHAL ENEMIES: The aliens are extra cranky today. All enemies deal significantly more damage.
  • REGENERATIVE BUGS: I’ll have what they’re having. All enemies regenerate their health if you wound them and don’t take them out straight away.
  • PARASITES: Well, it gets even worse. The aliens in this place are just… ugh… just full of angry, parasitic worms.
  • HAUNTED CAVE: There’s… SOMETHING… in this cave. It is hunting you. Relentlessly. And it just...won’t...die! Don’t stop. Don’t look behind you. It’s right there constantly coming for you.


  • VOLATILE GUTS: You thought Exploder Infestation was bad? Well, whatever infested those poor creatures has run rampant here. Every alien explodes. Just awful.

Beard Physics[]

Glorious facial hair is the hallmark of a good dwarf. We’ve added enhanced beard physics to enhance that magnificent feeling of having a proper dwarven beard.

More Dwarven Shouts[]

Nothing is more dwarvish than yelling at stuff, so we’ve added a whole new range of voice lines to the mix. There are new shouts for Power Attacks, salutes, grenade throws, laser pointer, and lots more.


  • New dripping rainfall effect. It can often occur in Dense Biozone and rarely in Crystalline Caverns.
  • Moving through deep snow in Glacial Strata is less of a slog now - you should notice a significant boost in movement speed.

Bullet Trails[]

They make weapon spread, recoil, and other features more visible so the effect of certain Mods and Overclocks is clearly noticeable. Plus, we also think they look neat.

No More "Floating Islands"[]

Strange anomalies were causing gravity-defying behaviour where crystals, dirt, and other biome elements were floating when separated from their anchor points. They no longer do that. No more getting stuck on tiny little bits of floating rock after digging!

Customizable HUD[]

Less is sometimes more. There is a whole slew of new options for HUD customization, letting you set up what’s shown and what isn’t completely to your liking - including dynamic options to make elements appear when they are relevant and disappear when they are not.

Interplanetary Miners Union[]

The Interplanetary Miners Union has finally made its way to Hoxxes IV for Discord users. By joining one of the three Union Chapters, you can work towards both specific chapter goals and a collective goal. There are Union sanctioned rewards to collect!

Throw Like an Athlete[]

Being a miner demands precision in every aspect, and so we’ve added a new throwing mechanic to the game. Click to let go of a held object, hold down to charge your throw with the desired amount of force.

Weapon Tweaks[]


Deepcore GK2[]

  • Fixed Battle Cool mod to work as advertised (it used to kill spread per shot but without resetting the accuracy)
  • Moved Quickfire Ejector mod to Tier 1 and increased its value for even faster reloads
  • Added a new damage mod to Tier 3 to take place of the relocated quickfire ejector
  • Decreased value of the Tier 2 Increased Caliber Rounds mod
  • Decreased value of both the Expanded Ammo Bags mods
  • Increased the base ammo count
  • Increased the power of the Recoil Compensator mod and it now affects both actual recoil and spread per shot
  • Increased base spread per shot slightly

M1000 Classic[]

  • Added an upgrade type and description for the rifle's focus mode
  • Renamed Improved Ergonomics mod to Fast-charging Coils
  • Improved the Floating Barrel mod slightly to better compete with the others
  • New sound for focused shots

Dual Zhukov NUK17[]

  • Increased base damage
  • Decreased the value of Increased Caliber Rounds mod to better match the other T3 option
  • Increased the Value of the Supercharged Feed Mechanism mod to better compete with other options

Jury-Rigged Boomstick[]

  • Decreased value of Loaded Shells mod to better balance against other options
  • Increased base pellet count to compensate for Loaded Shells mod tweak
  • Increased value of Tier 1 Expanded Ammo Bags mod to better compete with the damage mod


"Bulldog" Heavy Revolver[]

  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Explosive Rounds now do more explosive damage in a wider radius but at a cost of direct damage
  • Moved Hollow Point Rounds mod to Tier 3
  • Neurotoxin Mod now actually poisons enemies instead of just doing more direct damage
  • Deadeye mod now works for both walking and sprinting letting you stay accurate no-matter the situation


  • Increased the base burst delay
  • Increased base damage
  • Decreased value of Increased Caliber Rounds mod
  • Increased value of High Capacity Magazine mod to better match the damage mod
  • Decreased the value of the Burst Damage mod to better match the other Tier 5 options
  • The Longer Burst mod now fires all the rounds in the burst much faster
  • Decreased value of the Hollow-Point Bullets mod slightly to bring it inline with competing options


Deepcore 40mm PGL[]

  • Increased base damage
  • Decreased value of Larger Payload mod slightly to better match other Tier two options
  • The Homebrew Explosive mod now gives a damage bonus in a range instead of a flat damage increase. This requires re-purchasing the mod. Anyone who acquired the old version will be automatically refunded.
  • Increased duration of stun from the Concussive Blast mod

Breach Cutter[]

  • Increased base deploy speed
  • Extended the base deploy delay to compensate
  • Quick Deploy mod now properly affects the deploy delay
  • Extended the base projectile lifetime slightly
  • Renamed some of the mods to better follow out naming style for other weapons and to better clarify functionality
  • Rearranged some of the mods to better balance options

Proximity Mine[]

  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Every mine will now trigger an explosion multiple times. This way, they better serve the purpose of planning defenses and a lonely enemy triggering them is not as big of a waste.

Plasma Burster[]

  • Engineer will carry 6 instead of 4.


Cryo Cannon[]

  • Increased range of Cold Radiance mod to improve usability
  • Increased value of the High Water Content mod to better compete with the other options
  • Increased base charge up time
  • Increased value of the Improved 2nd Stage Pump mod
  • Decreased the value of the Stronger Cooling Unit mod to better match other Tier 1 options
  • Increased the base repressure delay slightly
  • Improved the value of the Bypassed Integrity Check mod
  • Moved the Overclocked Ejection Turbine mod from Tier 3 to Tier 2
  • Decreased base repressure speed slightly
  • Improved the value of the Faster 1st Stage Pump mod to better compete with other options
  • Added a rate of fire mod at Tier 3
  • Fixed EPC bouncy projectiles not impacting armor correctly

CRSPR Flamethrower[]

  • Upgrade slot five, choice three, description should read " direct damage have a chance to explode " instead of " has a chance to explode".
  • Upgrade slot two, choice two, "triple filtered fuel" is misspelled as 'TRIPPLE'


  • Increased base damage
  • Moved Quickfire Ejector mod to Tier 1 and increased it's value for even faster reloads
  • Added a new damage mod to tier 3 to take place of the relocated quickfire ejector
  • Decreased value of the tier 2 Increased Caliber Rounds mod
  • Decreased value of both the Expanded Ammo Bags mods
  • Increased the base ammo count
  • Increased the power of the Recoil Compensator mod and it now affects both actual recoil and spread per shot
  • Increased base spread per shot slightly

Experimental Plasma Charger[]

  • Renamed most of the mods to better match the naming convention used for other weapons
  • Increased base speed of the charged shot projectile
  • Increased value of the Overcharged Plasma Accelerator (charged projectile speed) mod
  • Decreased the recoil from normal shots
  • Decreased overall shot spread
  • Lowered the value of the damage upgrade from +6 to +5 because OCD
  • Increased the base speed of the normal projectile slightly
  • Added the Increased Particle Velocity (normal projectile speed) mod
  • Decreased value of Improved Charge Efficiency (charged shot energy cost) mod
  • Lowered the base ammo count slightly to cleanly divide into shot cost (OCD again)
  • Lowered the value of the Larger Battery mod slightly
  • Added the High Density Battery mod to Tier 4 for more ammo options
  • Decreased the amount of heat generated by normal shots
  • Decreased the base cooling rate of the weapon
  • Fix normal shots going through armor

Satchel Charge[]

  • It’s no longer possible to place more than one Satchel Charge at a time. The damage of the charge was tweaked to be the most powerful explosion in the game. Stacking that damage in one area wasn’t intended and it removes the challenge from fighting some kinds of enemies.


  • Fixed Geyser sound too loud/too many spawned
  • Naedocyte Breeder sound now stops when it dies


  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Enemy health bars now show all kinds of status effects (Stun, Radiation, Neurotoxin etc.)
  • Improve the performance of all enemies and 10x perf improvement on Q’ronar
  • Warden's weak point collision adjusted. It wasn't registering correctly some hits that should count as weak point hints
  • Naedocyte Hatchlings changed to look more distinct from Shockers
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Acid clouds now blow up from all fire damage sources
  • Fixed Bulk Detonator stuck particles
  • Naedocyte Hatchlings and Shockers aren't marked correctly with the Laserpointer
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Lowered the chance of multiple Bulk Detonators -
  • A little less increase over time in enemy pressure on Point Extractions
  • Decreased the magnitude of the enemy wave in the beginning of Point Extraction
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] The Bulk Detonator will not attack for the first 5 seconds after spawning to give players a small window to get to a safe distance
  • Fixed a case where the grabber was screaming but not chasing a player
  • Some animation optimizations on Bosco, Naedocyte Trawler, BET-C and Naedocyte Breeder
  • Mactera Bomber goo sacks now light up individually when you shoot them
  • The parasites on BET-C can now be lit on fire
  • Fixed a bug that made BET-C wait close to 5 seconds after switching from machine guns to grenade launcher

Small Fixes and Misc. Changes[]

  • White backgrounds on menus fixed
  • Fixed freezing / heating UI icon flipping constantly if near both a heat and cold source
  • Milestones added for the new Warning Mutators
  • Mutators/Warning-icons updated
  • Discord Employee of the Month screen added
  • Fix Armor impact particles not working on pickaxe
  • Power attack can now be activated when hitting air
  • Throwing a grenade no longer causes you to take out the wrong weapon
  • Smoke trails added to hitscan weapons
  • Added a long screw to zipline projectile.
  • [Ansel] Adjustments and improvements to ansel and camera manager
  • Added more hot springs in ice caves
  • Typos/grammar fix on a couple of modifications
  • New Character Vignets Videos added. Driller and Gunner here!
  • Fixed Ansel in mission complete screen
  • Carriables should now always be usable after Bosco picks them up
  • Slightly altered Icon Color for Elimination and Extraction missions, so not to clash with Warning Mutator Icon as much
  • Bosco can now be ordered to target Trawlers properly
  • Added accessibility option to the controls menu that allows players to manually input a mouse sensitivity value without limits
  • Added an option to toggle the Laserpointer by pressing CTRL per request from the community
  • Hide join and solo options from mission select if people have joined your session.
  • Add attempt to reconnect option to esc menu
  • Fixed untranslatable text fields in Memorial Hall etc.
  • Broken Jukebox display SHOULD be fixed
  • Shield Disruption now gives you more base health to be a little less brutal.
  • Fixed depositing issues in the MULE while too far away but close enough for interaction prompt
  • Fix for Molly going back to a previous position when she should be going to the Drop Pod
  • Fixed most cases of Molly failing to locate the Drop Pod
  • Fixed cases of pickaxes floating mid air at the start of mission
  • Fixed spelling error "jelous" in mission names
  • Laser pointer no longer gets stuck when saluting
  • Potential fix for flashing white screen on Nvidia GTX 970 cards
  • Fix an issue with characters becoming selected after hovering over them in the Character Selection Terminal
  • Fixed typos in Weekly Assignment description
  • Fixed 8-9-0 keys breaking when rebound to
  • Fixed Trade Terminal Assignment gives 0 Croppa
  • Fixed No hollomite does not appear when it is secondary objective
  • Fixed spawn collision (Swarmers from spawner)
  • Fixed enemies can be hit after they are dead
  • Fixed Sticky Grenade doing physical damage, triggering perks

Links to Experimental Builds' Change Lists[]

Known Major Issues[]

  • Customizable HUD: In this build, you'll get your HUD reset to default settings. The feature is still work-in-progress, so further tweaks will be added which may require a new reset. Consider yourself warned!
  • Loading a mission can in rare cases result in black screen or load-bar not progressing. We have seen this at the office but have yet to find what's causing this.
  • Interplanetary Miners Union: This feature is in an a TESTING phase where it is only available on Discord. It's very experimental, and using Discord was an easy way for us to test and balance it. If the feature proves successful, we'll look into how to expand it to other platforms, including Steam. Time frame on this is not known right now.
  • The auto-refunding of 9 of the weapon Mods doesn't give resources. [FIXED with Hot Fix 1] These are the affected Mods:
    • Removed Weapon Mods U25
    • Explosive Rounds - Bulldog
    • Glyphid Neurotoxin Coating - Bulldog
    • Dead-Eye - Bulldog
    • Flying Nightmare - EPC
    • Unstable Containment Field - EPC
    • Homebrew Explosive - PGL
    • Longer Burst - BRT7
    • Blast Wave - Boomstick
  • Weapon Upgrade Screen: some users report hard crashes when changing weapons. [FIXED with Hot Fix 2 - we hope!]
  • Deep Dives: Gold will not give any rewards on Mission End screen. [FIXED with Hot Fix 2]

Post Update Hotfixes[]

Hotfix 1[]

26th September, 2019

  • Added explanatory tool tip to forge mastery bar
  • Names no longer overlapping on Shared Assignment display on mission map
  • Fixed upgrades that should have been refunding their cost, not actually giving any credits or resources. These are the specific Mods that didn't give refund:
    • Removed Weapon Mods U25
    • Explosive Rounds - Bulldog
    • Glyphid Neurotoxin Coating - Bulldog
    • Dead-Eye - Bulldog
    • Flying Nightmare - EPC
    • Unstable Containment Field - EPC
    • Homebrew Explosive - PGL
    • Longer Burst - BRT7
    • Blast Wave - Boomstick

NOTE: Players that were affected by this will not get refunded retroactively with this fix. We are really sorry :-/

Hotfix 2[]

26th September, 2019

  • Fixed spelling mistake in neurotoxin mechanic description
  • Fixed Deep Dives not showing credits gained from gold and fixed calculation (was giving only half).
  • Fixed crash related to analytics
  • Temporarily disable mixer interactivity because of crashes
  • Skin window performance fix. This should fix the crash in the weapon selection screen. NOTE: We have identified some additional smaller memory issues in this screen, but fixing them takes longer than the scope of a small hot fix.
  • Fixed Teams returning from Deep Dives still showing up in the Deep Dive server browser terminal even though they dont have a Deep Dive selected.
  • Fixed shield generator sometimes becomes unusable on the next stage of a deep dive

Hotfix 3[]

27th September, 2019

  • GFX tweak of loading bars on Mission Loading Screen
  • Slowdown icon added
  • Minehead material tweaks
  • Added "Deep Dive Stage X" label to HUD objectives box
  • Forge Scene matched up closer to Space Rig looks
  • "Deep Dive" marker on ingame Objectives Window
  • Fixed Robert's fix for HUD Objectives box
  • Assignment name bigger on mission map
  • Mission Control's speech box has slightly more space at bottom
  • Fixed missing mastery skins on Subata and Plasma Charger
  • Fixed the text in the Repair objective to say mini M.U.L.E.s
  • Forge Menu: Added weapon icons for skin matrix cores + renamed "Weapon Skin" -> "Weapon Skin Set"
  • In spacerig menus top bar, credits are updated correctly (for real this time)
  • Fix terrain related crash
  • Potential fix for unwanted square terrain artifacts
  • Fix crash related to terrain scanner
  • Fix latejoin crash in Drills
  • Allow pause in sole deep dives
  • Elegant Handlebar renamed to Exquisite Handlebar (because it had the same name as other one)
  • Fix host crash when player joins
  • Weapon Upgrades: Fixed bar always stretching to end of row
  • Fixed a crash related to grabber screaming
  • Fixed Host crash related to beer buffs. needs network testing before 100% fixed
  • Fix for deep dive crash
  • Subata 120's mod Quickfire Ejector was asking for 0 Magnite
  • Fixed Autocannon RoF stat display
  • Linecutter armor damage stat fix
  • Armor visual tweak
  • Yaw Man OC spelling fix
  • Turret EM Discharge Spelling fix
  • Voltaic SMG stat display fix
  • Super-Slim Rounds OC spelling fix
  • Magnetic Pellet Alignment OC spelling fix
  • Automatic Fire OC added display of RoF increase bonus
  • Flamethrower RoF stat fixed
  • EPC text tweaks
  • Cryo stat display fix
  • Fix issue with enemyspawning that could end up spawning less than wanted
  • Reduced the amount of extra Aquarqs spawning in Point Extraction with 1 Aquarq
  • Throw UI More visible

Hotfix 4[]

30th September, 2019

  • Fixed crash when shooting electric crystal with the epc
  • Fixed crash when latejoining
  • Fixed crash related to looking at an object just as it is destroyed (very rare)
  • Fix crashes related to terrainscanner
  • Player boxes on loading screen resized back up
  • Forge Item Category mockup added to Forge window + slight layout tweaks to Overclock Details + Header removed from Forge Item window
  • Fix for community terminal UI's and reducing network requests
  • Forge Menu: Added category to forge dialog box
  • Fix for community goal description
  • Changing Interplanetary Miner's Union to Interplanetary Miners Union
  • Fixed Hollow-Point Bullets mod asking for 0 Umanite
  • Salute pitch fix
  • Speak tweaks
  • Reduced chance a lot for Scout shouting when using grappling hook
  • Reduced chance for Drill shout when Impact Axe throwing
  • New overclock unlocking rule: Now requires at least one owned gear mod for each tier of the give weapon. This replaces the previous rule where it was tied to Weapon Mastery.
  • Fix the Cargo Crate exploit
  • Cargo Crate should now look correct to late joiners
  • M1000 fire tweaks
  • Localization update (all languages

Hotfix 5[]

2nd October, 2019

  • Fixed overclocking icon also showing up for items without overclocks
  • Fix dreadnoughts do not count toward elimination objective if you remove the ground below the egg before it cracks.
  • Possible fix for black loading screen
  • You can no longer deposit or use items while throwing a gem.
  • Snap Bulk Detonator and Dreadnought to ground after they do a carve attack to prevent them from getting stuck in mid air.
  • Fix impact axes can be picked up multiple times as client if spamming use
  • Fix several instances of Hosts language used on clients even if different
  • Beers can now survive opening a terminal!
  • Fixed trading station credits overflow and resource icon alignment
  • Fix spiky planet errors
  • Chest beacon sound update
  • Fix treasure box not always giving clients a skin.
  • Fix treasure box can be invisible to clients. (Maybe)
  • Fix treasure batteries spawn inside other objects
  • Tweaks to Ghost's cold and electrocution resistance
  • Fix for mission end screen opening on the spacerig after a deep dive has been completed
  • Tweaked Power attack shouts and saluting shouts
  • Bosco no longer steals a small amount of minerals from the player when he digs
  • Fix for community console crash
  • [Community] Fix for ui issue
  • [Community Terminal] Fixed issue with external ui not properly initializing with right faction
  • "Loading..." removed from Loading Screen
  • EPC Balance tweaks
    • Increased damage bonus from the Higher Charged Plasma Energy mod
    • Decreased base velocity of both the charged and normal projectiles
    • The Overcharged Plasma Accelerator mod now only affects the speed of the normal projectile and is less extreme than before in its effect
    • Removed all shot spread so that the first shot is always accurate, there is still recoil so consecutive shots will lose accuracy based on your rate of fire
    • Fixed EPC stat display showing crazy numbers for projectile velocity
  • Subata tweaks
    • Decreased base recoil slightly
    • Increased speed of spread recovery
  • Fixed the flamethrower preview showing the wrong model
  • Color of Selected Grenade tweaked to be more visible
  • Fixed tool tips for grenade loadout UI
  • Assignment member names no longer pushes Assignment icon to the side on Mission Map

Hotfix 6[]

3rd October, 2019

  • Treasure chest sound updates
  • Tweaked sound on loading screens
  • Forge UI sound update
  • Sticky mine no longer gets activated by about to explode exploders
  • Fixed cave generation where items can spawn "under" items. So some things are back....
  • Fixed latejoin crash
  • Fix difficulty filter on server list for specific mission
  • Supply Pod Spawn sound volume bug fix
  • Electric damage affliction shown from Naedocyte Shockers. Less movement reduction + less damage from them.
  • More attempts at fixing stuck at loading level
  • Fix epic music not stopping after killing dreadnought in elimination
  • Supply pod spawn sound fix
  • Fix dreadnought rear armor regeneration issues. Should lessen occurrences where it would regain shield immediately after breaking the shield.
  • Unique shouts for forging weapon skins
  • Fixed how skins are distributed from chests to ensure you always get one you don't already have.
  • Fix expiration time calculation in deep dives terminal (timezone mistake).
  • Fixes for cargo crate

Hotfix 7[]

4th October, 2019

  • Attempt to rebalance difficulty levels and enemy spawns
  • Additional fix for the black screen issue
  • Fix minehead not deploying correctly after latejoining
  • Fixed Praetorian breath attack not always getting cancelled correctly when stunned.
  • Fixed Praetorian head popping when killing by shooting the read end. Now it pops when shooting the head.
  • Flare Gun auto reload sound plays although the gun is out of ammo
  • [Community Terminal] Changed beers to drinks
  • Haunted Cave warning allowed on Point Extraction
  • Escape menu can now show deep dive info when on spacerig

Hotfix 8[]

7th October, 2019

  • Supply pod audio tweak
  • Fix bombers wing sound not fading after it dies
  • Attempt to fix issue with grenades and flares not being available
  • Fixed issue where overclocking could incorrectly be locked
  • Treasure chest new sounds added/old sounds tweaked
  • Make Spectator spawn far away from spacerig to prevent briefly hearing music during level transitions
  • Dynamic HUD: Health & Shield visible when laserpointer equipped and while using any item
  • Mutator Display behaves like Mission Objective Display
  • Fix minehead landing unfolded in point extraction
  • Fix sandstorms can leave fog post effect in weird state on clients
  • Power Attack now shows effects for others when hitting terrain
  • Crash fix
  • Attempt to fix issues with being unable to "use" anything after handling gems.

Hotfix 9[]

9th October, 2019

  • Mactera Grabbers can no longer target people inside the Escape Pod
  • Disable rotate character with right stick in forge screen
  • Deep Dive header added to Mission Complete Screen and implemented animation on Mission Complete bottom bar
  • Price of Promotion now scales up over time. The first couple of promotions are now way cheaper than they used to be, but as you progress it becomes more and more expensive to promote a Dwarf.
  • BET-C can no longer be frozen (she would still be firing even if she got frozen)
  • Increased XP and Gold payout for completing Deep Dives... Just because you are doing such a fine job!
  • Final end screen tweaks
  • Fixed a crash if you were disconnected during a Deep Dive stage but managed to reconnect to the next stage
  • Enabled the ability to pause Solo Deep Dives
  • Fixed Bosco related crashes
  • Potential fixes for some instances of spawning outside of the Drop Pod on mission start
  • Warthog Combat Shotgun tweaked:
  • Magnetic Pellet Alignment OC - reduced rate of fire penalty and added a magazine capacity penalty
  • Fixed Woodlouse rolling into Drop Pod kicking players out.
  • Fixed the enemy's ability to enter the Drop Pod while its landed.
  • [Community Request] We have changed the word “drinks” back to “beers” regarding Miners Union BEER Event. We didn’t think much into this word change originally....but in hindsight it should have stayed “beers”, and to clarify we are obviously NOT removing beers from the game. Have a cold one and chill a bit ;)
  • Fixed mission icons in Server List
  • Refactored the Customizable HUD system. Old settings are reset to recommended as a side effect. Sorry about that!. More fixes and changes will come in the next hotfix!
  • [HUD] Team Display - Dynamic: Always visible when player down
  • [HUD] Team Display - Dynamic: Always visible when Laserpointer is equipped
  • [HUD] Team Display - Dynamic: Always visible when player is down and the camera is following other players
  • [HUD] Team Display - Feature: Added ammo counter to team mates icons, showing overall ammo status. Ammo counter is only visible when the player is looking at a resupply pod or the Laserpointer is equipped.
  • [HUD] Health & Armor - Dynamic: Always on when Laserpointer equipped
  • [HUD] Health & Armor - Dynamic: Always on while player holds down fire button.
  • [HUD] Mutator & Warnings icons show and hides like Objectives icon
  • Possible fix for enemies being able to push players inside Dreadnought Eggs.
  • Improved the scaling of difficulty on Point Extraction missions.
  • Fixed team display ammo counter not initialized
  • Fixed Naedocyte Breeder frozen death leaving sound behind forever
  • Fixed Milestones and Achievements related to Deep dives, they now increment the amount of completed deep dives like they should (they only count up the first time you complete a deep dive since they track unique deep dive completions, so if you already completed this weeks deep dives you will not be able to get the progress for those)

Hotfix 10[]

9th October, 2019

  • Fixed the bug that required the Satchel Charge detonation animation to be played at full length before a new Satchel Charge could be deployed
  • Added COMPLETED text on Weekly Assignment that have been completed
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to "use" anything as client
  • Fixed a UI bug that caused Credits to show 0 after forging
  • Fixed a bug with voice chat transmitting openly with Push to Talk enabled

Hotfix 10.1[]

10th October, 2019

  • Fixed deep dives resetting before weekly countdown under certain conditions

Hotfix 10.2[]

10th October, 2019

  • Fix for Naedocyte Breeder crash that was happening a lot

Hotfix 11[]

11th October, 2019

  • Molly deposit sound stuck fix.
  • Tweaked Customizable hud for Team Display, Flares & Grenades
  • Ui sound added when Boss Health bar is zero.
  • Fix infestation larva did not have correct center mass set, it should now be hit better by sentry, betc etc.
  • Change Sentry gun line of sight change to be more correct.
  • 5-10% more damage dealt by enemies on Hazard 5
  • Customizable HUD fixes
  • Insect swarms should no longer be target by bosco and guns
  • Fix for being able to bypass duplicate restriction when late joining
  • Customizable HUD: Bosco Icon now adheres to 'Team Display' mode
  • Subata Tweaks
    • Decreased maximum possible spread
    • Decreased base recoil a bit
    • Decreased accuracy penalty when moving
    • Made spread recovery more snappy
  • Fixed dynamic HUD issue with Bosco widget
  • Customizable HUD: Added separate setting for Sentry Gun Display + dynamic behavior and fixed some bugs
  • Pushed kill shout of dreadnaught 2 seconds to give space or sound on health bar off.
  • Text fix explaining GK2 weakpoint stun more clearly
  • M1000 - Supercooling Chamber - Lowered the focus damage bonus a bit and changed the ammo penalty to be percentage based so that it also affects ammo mods
  • Cryospray - Ice Spear - Removed projectile drop and it now stuns enemies as well. The accuracy issue is on the to do list but not fixed yet.
  • Customizable HUD: Fixed issues with Bosco & team icons
  • Warthog Combat Shotgun Tweaks
    • Fixed stat display for miner adjustments mod not displaying the RoF increase
    • Changed the Compact Shells OC to a clean overclock with small bonuses to magazine capacity and rate of fire
    • Improved the ammo and magazine capacity bonuses of the Mini Shells overclock
    • Decreased the base spread penalty and added a small damage bonus to the Cycle Overload overclock
  • Flashlight sound update
  • A bit more gravity applied to jumping swarmers for nicer jump.
  • Improve ability of minimules returning to drop pod.
  • Attempt to fix bug where all dwarves are pushed on top of the drop pod on landing
  • Fixed drop pod deep dive carving
  • Fix to some tunnels in Crystalline Caverns being generated not tall enough.

Hotfix 12[]

28th October, 2019

  • Fixed player rank displaying incorrectly in-between Deep Dive stages
  • Fixed pink fog on weather effects
  • Fixed a bug that made the damaging aura of the green crystals in Radioactive Exclusion Zone persist after the crystal was destroyed
  • Fixed other biome specific bugs like geysers that were broken by the floating egg bugfix

Halloween Update[]

25th October, 2019

  • Halloween Activated
    • New Hat Available: The Witching Hour
    • Old Hat Available: Pumpkin King
    • Increased Chance of encountering Haunted Cave Mutator
    • The Spacerig Dressed up for Halloween
    • Planet Hoxxes got infected by Pumpkins!
  • Misc. Tweaks and Bugfixes
    • Save gamestate after awarding a skin from cargo crates to avoid losing them if you crash later in the mission.
    • Various memory and performance optimizations
    • Tweaked Shield Disruption Warning. You now have more base health and the level you play in will spawn double as much Redsugar.
    • Tweaked Hazard 5 to give you 10% health back when revived (previously 5%).
    • Fix for floating eggs
    • Tweaked Lethal Enemies Warning to only increase physical damage types from enemies