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Update 22: One Year In Orbit
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Release Date February 25th, 2019
External Link(s) Steam
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Update 21: Going Lethal Update 23: Horrors of Hoxxes
Believe it or not, Deep Rock Galactic has now been live for ONE WHOLE YEAR. We launched on the 28th of February 2018, and that means it’s celebration-time with this mini-update!
— DRG Update Page

Update 22: One Year In Orbit introduced anniversary decorations in the Space Rig, many new headwear to purchase from the Accessory Shop, a big update to the Supporter Edition, and weekly Assignments. It was released on February 25th, 2019, three days before the games Early Access release on February 28th, 2019.

New Features[]

Supporter Edition Upgrade[]

We’ve wanted to add more content to the game’s Supporter Upgrade for a long time, and what better occasion to do so than the One Year Anniversary! Here are the new goodies that current and new owners have in store:

  • Supporter Weapon Skins
    • Gilded Supporter skins for the weapons for all characters!
  • A Very Special Ghost Ship Games Helmet
    • This supporter helmet might be a little too old school for space, but it sure makes you look cool!
  • Special Supporter Glyphid Slammer
    • Serving one of our Supporters is always a pleasure! As a Supporter, you will get special treatment when ordering Glyphid Slammers at the Abyss Bar.
  • Better Supporter Show-off In Text-chat
    • Supporters now get their name and supporter icon displayed in blue when using the text-chat. Developers get their names displayed in green if you should be so lucky as to play with one :-)

Weekly Assignment[]

Weekly Assignments are a new addition to the Assignment system where a new Assignment is generated each week for you to complete. Complete it and earn a hefty cache of credits and minerals.

New Headwear[]

Snappy Beret for your Gunner? Check. A nice, warm Beanie to cover up that bald, freezing head? Double check. A pig-iron mohawk or iron plates bolted to your skull? We got you covered. Thirteen new headwears have been added for you to look fancy in the dark.

Cave Generation Improvements[]

More structures have been added to the cave generator which will result in a greater variety of levels in all mission types. Additionally, improvements to the underlying systems mean you should see more variations out of the existing cave shapes as well.

Fixes and Improvements[]

  • BET-C
    • A light ring displays the area of effect of BET-C’s grenades.
    • BET-C’s friendly fire damage (once converted, that is) has been reduced. Now BET-C feels a bit more like a trusty companion than before.
    • Improvements to BET-C’s friendly movement behavior, in an effort to make her stop sitting on top of the player.
  • Server List UI Improvements
    • The server list has gotten a beefy overhaul, for an overall better overview of the different active games. We’ve improved the filtering options, and added tooltips to better explain the different icons.
  • Other
    • Fixed an issue the screen would flash white throughout gameplay, on GTX 970/980 graphics cards
    • Various spelling errors fixed

Post Update Hotfixes[]

Hotfixes are small patches meant to fix bugs and balancing.

Hotfix 1[]

25th February 2019

  • Fixed an issue preventing BET-C from spawning
  • Fixed an issue where BET-C would crash the game