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Update 20: Bigger, Better, Bosco
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Release Date December 18th, 2018
External Link(s) Steam
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Update 19: Guns! Lots of Guns! Update 21: Going Lethal
X-MAS has come to Hoxxes and we are bringing you a gift just in time for the Holidays! Furthermore, we’re happy to announce that it’s not a soft one!
— DRG Update Page

Update 20: Bigger, Better, Bosco introduced the modifications system to Bosco, updated tool and weapon models, and a medbay to the Space Rig. It was released on December 18th, 2018.

New Features[]

Bosco Modifications[]

Do you need Bosco to be a Medi Drone or a Killing Machine? Now it is all up to you!

Similarly to weapons, Bosco has access to mods that can be bought and equipped. These mods will let you customize the drone using some of the existing parameters like for example number of revives or weapon damage, but we are also introducing a special secondary fire. Once the mod is active, the player can point with the Laser Pointer and press [RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON] or (LEFT TRIGGER) and Bosco will fire a rocket at the target.
The modification system has been introduced to Bosco. Modifications can be purchased and installed using a special terminal next to the Mineral Trade terminal in the Space Rig.


When you and your teammates fail a mission, you will afterwards wake up in the Medbay. Fight Together, Fail Together!

Improved Models[]

Many existing tools and weapons received model upgrades, with new sound effects and appearances.

Christmas Seasonal Event[]

Holiday Space Rig
XMas Space Rig
Main article: Seasonal Events

We couldn’t help our self and had to dress up the Space rig for the holidays. You can also buy a limited headgear and play Santa with your friends. Please don’t destroy the decorations!
Festive decorations have been added into various parts of the Space Rig, contributing to a festive atmosphere. Presents and baubles can be found in various parts of the hangar, and can be kicked around similarly to barrels. The baubles can be destroyed if kicked around, much to Mission Controls disapproval.
Ambient Christmas songs and carols will play for the duration that the player is within the Space Rig, and gifts can be seen floating in space outside a window near the Abyss Bar.

Patch Notes[]

  • Weapon Balancing: "Warthog" Auto 210
    • Base damage increased.
    • Supercharged Feed Mechanism mod rate of fire reduced, Bigger Pellets mod damage increased
    • Base damage increased. Supercharged Feed Mechanism mod rate of fire reduced.
    • Bigger Pellets mod damage increased
    • Base reload time reduced from 2.3 to 2.0
  • Weapon Balancing: CRSPR Flamethrower
    • Tweaked Flamethrower Sticky Flames upgrades to be better balanced against direct burning of targets.
  • Other Weapon Fixes
    • Killing enemies with sticky flame and setting them on fire should now correctly reward a kill
    • Fix sawed-off shotgun would always auto reload even if you did not have the perk equipped
    • Fix dual pistol animation in loadout terminal
    • New weapon sounds added
    • Added new Mission control speaks for all weapon and promotion assignments
    • Updated Weapon icons: Combat Shotgun, Pistol, Revolver
    • Fixed m1000 does not reset zoom if reloading with full clip
    • Fixed Dual Pistols fire animation could get stuck after revive
    • Fixed Burst fire pistol would keep firing if changing weapons during a burst
    • “Stagger” has been renamed to “Stun” since it caused some confusion.
  • Fixes and Improvements
    • Removed flickering monitors from mission select
    • Fixed Accessory Yes/No popup not responding to controller shortcuts
    • Fixed Space Rig UI issue when changing character
    • Improved late join flow - you can now select your character before the level loads and a - back button has been added.
    • Fix crash related to walking on ice.
    • Fix join in progress crash
    • Fix late-join crash
    • Fix crash related to freezing
    • Fix crash when joining game
    • Fix magma maggot not doing any damage
    • Fixed Lava geyser doing 0 damage on explode
    • Dreadnought can spawn more enemies
    • Fix Jittery Revive for clients
    • Improve Spawning on enemies feedback
    • Improve exploder logic when about to explode and you headshot or freeze it.
    • Fix some enemies can catch fire if they walk upon the mining platform in point extraction
    • Fix Air and Lava geyser bubbling sound staying around after getting destroyed
    • Kick animation added to third person characters. Barrel kicking has never been more realistic!

Post-Update Hotfixes[]

Hotfixes are small patches meant to fix bugs and balancing.

Hotfix 1[]

19th December, 2018

  • Fix Trade Terminal Crash
  • Save games restore will only use the Branch your playing on
Update 20.1[]

4th January, 2019

  • Ended Yuletide event
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Can bind to the "P" key on PC
Update 20.1 Hotfix 1[]

10th January, 2019

  • Fixed an issue where waves would continually spawn if an Egg was freed while a wave was active in Egg Hunt mission.