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Update 2
Update 3
Update 3
Hello, fellow Miners!

After weeks of testing new features on the Unstable Testing Branch, we have finally pushed Closed Alpha 0.2 to Steam. This is not the same as it is completely stable or anything (hint: it's not) - it's just good enough to get a wider audience. Closed Alpha is in itself a way for us to test the game before we launch on Early Access later this year. And a way for you to contribute to the development of the game.

Update 2 mainly focused on missions. It went live on February 17th, 2017.

New Features[]

The focus here is on the core game. This means things like Menus, HUD and other wrappings are very much placeholder and will probably be kept so for while. And while we support single-player, the design focus is still on the co-op experience.

New Missions[]

For this update, we have added more missions with a lot more caves to explore. The mission structure is still quite generic, again focusing on the core gameplay and not the wrapping.

First dive: Perfect introduction to the game. You will get to know your tools and weapons in a fixed level.
Duration: 10-15 min, Players: 1 - 4

Rookie grinder: The level is the same every time that you play. However, you will need to show some skills in navigation and combat to make it out alive. Either alone or in a group, practice here until you feel confident for the next step.
Duration: 15-25 min, Players: 1 - 4

Infested Chasms: Linear random level. Explore every cave, mine the Morkite and continue to the next one until you reach the objective quota.
Duration: 20-30 min, Players: 2 - 4

Black Hulrum: The longest and most challenging linear level. With many cave variations, it is the optimal experience for teams of seasoned players.
Duration: 30-40 min, Players: 2 - 4

Fractured Cavity: Open level full of intersecting caves. Make your own path, collect the minerals, and explore a very different map in every session.
Duration: 20-40 min, Players: 2 - 4


The M.U.L.E. was first introduced in this update also giving dwarves a mineral carry limit of 40 units. The dwarves now have to deposit their minerals into the M.U.L.E. to claim them.


Morkite was introduced as the new primary objective mineral. Previously needing to collect gold to finish the mission, it now serves as a bonus and supply ore.

Laser Pointer[]

New tool which is carried by every dwarf, can be used to mark any objects or surfaces for your team to see.

Detonation Pack[]

A detonation pack was given to driller and gunner. The detonation pack can be placed down and remotely detonated for massive damage.

Patch Notes[]

  • Five New Missions:
    • First dive.
    • Rookie Grinder.
    • Infested Chasms.
    • Black Hulrum.
    • Fractured Cavity.
  • Other than general improvements and tweaks for most aspects of the game, these are the major changes and additions that you will encounter:
  • Difficulty settings! Pick from mewling babby to TRUE DWARF difficulty. (lots more balancing to do as we progress, of course)
  • Each dwarf now has a limit on the amount of minerals he can carry. Don't worry, we have a plan:
    • Meet Molly, the Robotic Mule! She will carry whatever the dwarves cannot, and accompany you on your missions. Walk up to her and deposit your gold (for calling in supply pods) as well as the new Objective Mineral (called Morkite).
  • The Laser Pointer will let you communicate with the rest of the team by pointing out and marking specific locations in the level.
  • The Detonation Pack is our new (and probably most deadly) weapon yet.
  • The caves will fight back harder than before with new enemy variations.
  • We have implemented a load of new barks for different in-game actions.
  • You should see a lot more variation in the caves. It's still early days, mind - we have much more work to do here.
  • We are in the process of changing animations, so expect weirdness until it's done.
  • Finally, rather untested, it is now possible to join a game in progress.

Post-Update Hotfixes[]

Patch 0.2.1[]

February 28th, 2017

  • Push to talk is implemented and default (Z).
  • Join in progress now works much better.
  • You can not join a game after the escape pod has been sent in.
  • Fixed issue with VR headsets starting up when you open the game.
  • Improved weapon recoil.
  • Caves now have a fixed Biome to make them more recognizable.
  • More and new vegetation in some of the biomes.
  • More sounds on cave leech.
  • Gave all the menus a facelift.
  • Increase amount of flares.
  • Increase shotgun damage.
  • Fixed M.U.L.E can get stuck and that she cant get to escape pod.
  • Fixed several particle systems that would not display on lower effect settings .
  • You can now see if you are getting revived.
  • Show server status and difficulty in server browser.
  • Fixed enemy audio can sometimes disappear.
  • Fixed waves were not spawning correctly in Rookie Grinder and Fractured Cavity.
  • Fixed tiny holes in cave mesh, also added safety net in case you still fall out of the world.
  • Trimmed time from fade to black to mission complete screen.
  • Fixed that the Escape pod icon would disappear before you had reached the escape pod when digging your way to it from the ground up.