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Update 17: Oktoberfest
Update 17
Release Date September 20th, 2018
External Link(s) Steam
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Update 16: Winter has come Update 18: Job Opportunities
It’s time to raise the “bar” again … welcome to Oktoberfest in space! Besides celebrating the opening of the Abyss Bar, we have a bunch of cool new features for you to explore and enjoy! Happy Mining everyone!
— DRG Update Page

Update 17: Oktoberfest introduced a brand new area on the Space Rig, the Abyss Bar, and five new perks to purchase at the KPI monitor. It was released on September 20th, 2018.

Update Preview[]

New Features[]

The new major content introduced in this update.

The Abyss Bar[]

  • Say hello to your drone bartender Lloyd, who will be serving cold refreshments for all of you hard workers! Be aware that the refreshments come in different potencies, so take it easy and drink responsibly - you are at work after all!
  • The Jukebox has 13 new songs for you to enjoy, Dance Monkeys!!
  • Hoop the Barrel added to the Space Rig. Who is paying for the next round? Go kick some barrels through the incinerator hoop and see who wins!
  • To really celebrate Oktoberfest, you can buy the OKTOBERFEST FEDORA for 1200 credits from the Vanity Shop. The Fedora is on sale for a limited time only, so get it quickly!

New Perks[]

  • We have added a bunch of new perks:
    • Heightened senses: Get a warning when a cave leech is targeting you
    • Loveable: Take 50% less damage from friendly fire
    • Iron Will: When your HP reaches 0, you will remain functional for a short while
    • Vampire: Regain small amounts of HP when you kill medium or large sized enemies with melee attacks
    • Strong Arm: Throw flares further
    • Tweak to Veteran depositer: 30% Damage reduction when near the M.U.L.E when the perk is at its max level

Ansel Support[]

NVidia Ansel support added. By default, players with NVidia graphics cards can press Alt + F2 to bring up the Ansel menu.

Biome Features[]

  • Magma Core
    • Earthquakes may now crack the ground open, exposing deadly crevices lined with hot rock.
    • Tiny magma geysers may spawn in groups

Other Notes[]

  • Enemies:
    • Damage of Praetorian acid spray reduced by approximately 50%
    • Improved Bomber death animation
    • Enemies take more damage when they are frozen
  • Sounds:
    • A bunch of new voice lines for the dwarves!
    • New weapon audio: Minigun, Flamethrower
  • Fixes and Improvements:
    • Privacy tab added to Options to give players better control over their data. Everything is anonymous, but you can still opt out if you want to.
    • Improved cave generation, items less likely to spawn inside level geometry
    • Map display resolution increased
    • Voice lines for destroyed terrain no longer trigger if volume mined is 0
    • Proper naming on a Red Crystal in Salt Caves + particles
    • Weapon can no longer be reloaded when you’ve run out of ammo
    • Molly’s Destination Marker should no longer rotate weirdly if joining in progress
    • Client’s screen should no longer shake if the Host is trying to break free of ice
    • Fixed issue with Discord UI not receiving key events while on top of focused UI
    • Correct animation now plays if the Bomber dies while spitting acid
    • Language settings changes are now correctly saved
    • Milestones related to Vanity or Upgrade acquisitions will retroactively be awarded to those who achieved them before they were introduced.
    • New fire system, fire now propagates to other creatures. After being under flames for a duration, enemies will become ignited.

Post-Update Hotfixes[]

Hotfixes are small patches meant to fix bugs and balancing.

Hotfix 1[]

21st September, 2018

  • Intoxication:
    • You can no longer pass-out while on a mission
    • Fixed a bug where the view in the character selector, vanity and upgrade terminals would still have drunk effects activated even when the player is not intoxicated
  • Ansel Photo Mode:
    • Fixed problems with Ansel while transiting from space rig to mission and back
    • Fixed problems with Ansel when Jukebox music stops with Ansel still on
    • Fixed certain items like deposit bucket and scanner getting suck in player hand if they are on during Ansel session
    • Fixed Ansel camera breaking with Cave Leach
    • Fixed Ansel crash on Space Rig
  • Scout Shotgun reload time was accidentally nerfed - it's now back to normal
  • The vanity shop lists will now include the next available items