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Update 16: Winter has come
Update 16
Release Date August 31st, 2018
External Link(s) Steam
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Update 15: Mutation Warning Update 17: Oktoberfest
Hello miners! We’re back in the saddle after some lovely summer vacation and have cranked out a new patch for you. In response to all the hot weather we’ve been having, we figured the obvious thing to do was add an ice biome. Right?
— DRG Update Description

Update 16: Winter has come introduced the Glacial Strata biome, the Mactera Goo Bomber, the temperature mechanic, and improvements to Bosco. It was released on August 31st, 2018 on Steam, Xbox One and The Windows 10 Version.

Update Video[]

New Features[]

The new major content introduced in this update.

Glacial Strata[]

Glacial Strata - a brave all-new icy hellscape biome, complete with unstable and deadly ice spikes in the ceiling, terrifying crevices opening up under your feet, exclusive enemy types, and the first iteration of our all-new Temperature system! Play it cool - just be careful you don’t end up as a meat popsicle...


The Glacial Strata biome has been released. The cave walls consist of ice, and the Driller can use his CRSPR Flamethrower to melt them.


  • New Flora in the Glacial Strata Biome
    • Cryo Foamers, contains liquid that instantly freezes once the plant is destroyed, forming a convenient platform for the dwarves to stand on.
    • Cryo Bombs, similar to explosive plants, release a freezing wave of ice when shot that freezes enemies (or dwarves!)


  • New variants of glyphids in Glacial Strata, Several glypids have adapted to the cold.
    • Glyphid Frost Praetorians now spit freezing acid, and leave behind a cold cloud of gas after death.
    • New enemy: Mactera Goo Bomber. Attacks players by shooting balls of goo at them, and leaking sticky goo from its pouches as it flies over them. The two pouches can be shot off to prevent the Goo Bomber from leaking any goo over the players.
    • Variant of the Mactera Goo Bomber, the Mactera Ice Bomber. shoots balls of ice at the player to lower their temperature, and fly over the player while leaking an extremely cold substance from their pouches.

Environmental Hazards[]

  • New Environmental Hazards in the Glacial Strata Biome
    • Unstable crevices. In some areas, the ground is unstable and will crack below the players feet dropping them into a deep crevice.
    • Unstable icicles in the ceiling filled with algae. Deals enormous amounts of damage to any player or enemy it falls on.
    • Frozen lakes consisting of slippery ice. Causes the player to slide when they stand on it.
    • Cold Vents occasionally release blasts of chilly air.

Temperature System[]

Introduced, First used in the Glacial Strata.

Discord Rich Presence[]

Discord users can now see what mission you are playing in game, and directly join you.

Other Notes[]

  • Bosco Updates:
    • New HUD icon so you always know what Bosco is up to.
    • Bosco no longer mines dirt that is closer to the Player than the wall instructed to mine at.
    • Bosco now always goes for the Grabber / Cave leech that grabbed the Player.
    • Bosco will not revive the Player without being near him/her after getting killed by a Cave leech or Grabber.
    • Tweaked Bosco’s priorities - he’ll now focus on the enemies instead of mining when instructed to.
    • Optimization while pointing at enemies.
  • Tons of new voice lines added.
    • Improved the way savegames are handled - your savegames are now named after your SteamID to prevent problems when sharing a single machine.
    • Backups are now written to separate files each session to prevent save game corruption from accidentally trashing the backups.
    • Fixed Molly choosing to walk away while someone is depositing. Manners, Molly!
    • Fixed Scout IFG Grenade not applying the proper damage resistance penalty.
    • Fixed an issue with Ziplines where clients could move slightly and increase speed while on the zip line.
    • The Spitball Infector now starts dormant and only wakes up if you get too close or it is injured in any way.
    • Mactera Spawns have become much weaker to melee attacks.
    • Mactera Grabber should no longer scream unless it’s actively chasing you.
    • Enemies should no longer continue making sounds after they’re dead. Stands to reason, really…
    • Mactera Spawn should no longer get stuck outside the Navmesh after dashing.
    • Fixed framerate drop when pointing the laser pointer at Glyphid tunnels and embedded minerals.

Post-Update Hotfixes[]

The hotfixes were all related to the Server List not working properly.

Hotfix 1[]
  • Added a PSA screen on the server list.
Hotfix 2[]
  • Changed server list backend call.
Hotfix 3[]
  • Fixed that Time on the server list does not update
  • Fixed that closed games still look open on the server list
Hotfix 4[]
  • Fixed that Time on the server list does not update
Hotfix 5[]
  • Removed server list PSA message
Hotfix 6[]
  • Removed a PSA screen, we forgot in the Quick Join menu