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Update 15: Mutation Warning
Update 15
Release Date July 3rd, 2018
External Link(s) Steam
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Update 14: Feature Creep Update 16: Winter has come
Before we head out for a couple of weeks of sorely needed summer vacation, we have cooked up a lovely little mutation to the game for you all!
— DRG Update Page

Update 15: Mutation Warning mainly introduces mutators to missions and includes some general improvements as well as vanity items. This update went live on July 3rd, 2018.

New Features[]

The new major content introduced in this update.

Mutator System[]

All missions now have a chance to have mutators attached. Warnings are negative and anomalies are either neutral or positive (there cannot be two warning or anomaly mutators on the same mission, only one of each). Missions with warnings add to the hazard bonus.

  • Warnings: Exploder Infestation, Shield Disruption, Mactera Plague and Cave Leech Clusters.
  • Anomalies: Gold Rush, Mineral Mania, Triple XP, Low Gravity, Critical Weakness, Golden Bugs and Rich Atmosphere.

Terrain Scanner[]

The ol’ flat Terrain Scanner has had an overhaul! The camera is now fully rotatable and zoomable, and you’ll have a much easier time finding where you need to go.


  • New hair styles added
    • The Frankin
    • The Gamekeeper
  • Dwarves can now be rotated on the Vanity Terminal.
  • Custom hair colors implemented

Patch Notes[]

  • Mutator System released with 4 warnings and 7 anomalies.
  • Vanity Updates:
    • You can change hair color once more.
    • Added Amethyst, Jade, Silverfox and Ancient hair colors.
    • Added The Franklin, The Gamekeeper and more variations to existing headwear.
    • Dwarves can now be spun in menus.
  • Bosco Updates:
    • Bosco's AI improved.
    • Bosco's damage lowered from 8 to 6 per bullet.
    • Bosco will now return if the host is left alone in an online match.
  • Server Improvements:
    • You will now instantly host a private lobby upon game launch, making friend invites simpler.
    • Press the C key while in a lobby to invite players from your friend list.
    • Full servers are now visible in the server list.
  • Salvage Operation Tweaks:
    • Uplink and Fuels Cells have gotten new models and animations.
    • Escape Pod powering up time reduced from 120 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Perk Changes:
    • Increased the sprint speed bonus of the Weekend Athlete perk.
    • Rank 3 Field Medic Perk will send nearby Glyphids fleeing when you finish reviving a teammate.
    • Rank 5 Resupplier Perk will auto-reload all your weapons when you resupply.
    • Fixed grammar and typos on several Perks and Milestones.
    • Red Sugar Rocks: Max rank will give you a 20% speed boost for ten secs.
  • Terrain Scanner is now in 3D, use TAB or M keys to bring it up.
  • Can no longer move while using the Terrain Scanner.
  • Redesigned the Minigun model.
  • Minigun accuracy will decrease slower after firing.
  • An icon will show up on a voice chatting player.
  • The HUD appearance has changed.
  • Some pieces of the HUD can now be hidden (hold H to hide the HUD all together).
  • You will regenerate health up to 15% of your maximum.

Post-Update Hotfixes[]

Hotfixes are small patches meant to fix bugs and balancing.

Hotfix 1[]

4th July, 2018

  • Fix zoom in / zoom out - Text on Scanner.
  • Late join crash fix when joining someone playing alone.
  • Fix server list sometimes does not show joinable servers.
Hotfix 2[]
  • Fix Bosco does not spawn in the tutorial.
  • Warnings and Anomalies appear more often on the mission map.
  • Fix new-missions timer shown on mission select.
  • Fix minor server list entry text alignment bug.
  • Fix item related crash.
  • Fix server list alignment issues.
  • Remove Max Reward on Golden Bugs Anomaly.
  • Cancel session search if joining an invite.
  • Attempt to fix out of sync errors.
Hotfix 3[]
  • Make a global cooldown for when grabbers can re-grab you.
  • Remove grouping separator from gatling ammo counter.
  • Fix for WideScreenFOV.
  • Attempt to reduce Turret light bug on 700-900 series NVidia cards.
  • Mactera projectile speed reduced.
  • Fix perks are not always activated for clients.
  • Try to fix over brightness for stasis grenade.
  • Fix Grabber screaming too much.
Hotfix 4[]
  • Fixed Engineer Turret Placement, where it could get in a state where you couldn't build it unless you recall it back first.
  • Fixed Quick Join, so it is working again.