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Update 14: Feature Creep
Update 14
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This time around we’ve cooked up a fairly massive update together for you, just in time for summer vacation. And speaking of summer vacation - DRG just canceled yours! New missions and monsters await and you got a ton of milestones to meet! So get to work!
— DRG Update Page

Update 14: Feature Creep's main focus was a large amount of new content and features, with the introduction of a new mission type, new enemy type, a perk system and an overhaul for the vanity system. This update went live on June 15th, 2018.

Update Preview[]

New Features[]

The new major content introduced in this update.

Key Performance Indicators[]

Deep Rock Galactic is now tracking your work performance! On the KPI screen in your cabin, you can check out detailed stats on your performance. By reaching predefined milestones, you earn perk points, which can be spent on awesome perks for your dwarves, making your day to day work a little easier.

Mission Type: Salvage Operation[]

It is your job to go in and clean up after a failed mining expedition. You will have to salvage three Mini Mules and repair a damaged drop pod to bring all the lost equipment home. Get ready for a combat heavy experience where teamwork and good preparation is key to success! Don’t be another failure!

Enemy Type: Mactera Grabber[]

The Mactera Grabber is the new terror from the sky. It snatches up a random dwarf and flies away with him, before dropping him to crack like a nut on the floor below! Depending on your luck, you might end up with some bruises - or you might get dumped into a chasm!

Vanity 2.0[]

The Vanity System has had a complete overhaul, expanding greatly on our options. Here are some of the new features:

  • Build the beard of your dreams! Individually customize hair, eyebrows, sideburns, moustache and beard! 
  • All armor has received an overhaul! More detail has been added in general, and armor now supports textures! Look at the nice tiger stripes on the Gunner’s armor!
  • The original selection of beards has been broken up into parts and added back in to support the new system. 
  • A small selection of new Hats, Hair, Helmets, Beards, Moustaches, and Sideburns have been added. We are by no means done here yet, this was just what we managed to get in for this patch.
New Environmental Hazards[]
  • During missions in the Sandblasted Corridors, you will now have a chance of encountering blinding sandstorms and forceful wind tunnels.
  • The Magma Core just got a lot hotter! Try to avoid the hot magma rock - It burns! Also, notice that explosions will expose the hot magma rock under the surface - turning the battle zone into a dangerous place for friends and foes.

Patch Notes[]

  • Added statistic, milestone and perk systems.
  • Added new mission type: Salvage Operation.
  • Added new enemy type: Mactera Grabber.
  • Added new passive creature: Silicate Harvester to Dense Biozone and Radioactive regions.
  • Vanity System overhaul:
    • You can individually customize hair, eyebrows, sideburns, mustache and beard of your dwarves.
    • Original beards have been broken into parts and re-added to the new system.
    • Armor appearance received an overhaul with more details.
    • Most old armor has been removed.
    • Added a few new vanity items.
  • Balancing:
    • Engineer: Platform Gun
      • Starting ammo increased from 10 to 12 platforms.
      • Magazine size increased from 3 to 4 platforms.
      • Extra platforms upgrade added which adds additional 4 platforms.
    • Engineer: Sentry Guns
      • Starting sentry gun max ammo increased from 400 to 425.
      • Damage per bullet has been decreased from 7 to 5.5.
      • You can now upgrade max ammo for the sentry guns which allows you to carry 75 more sentry ammo.
    • Driller: Handgun
      • Starting clip size of the Handgun has been increased from 8 to 12 bullets.
      • Clip size upgrade has been increased from +4 bullets to +6 bullets.
    • Bosco
      • Bosco now deals 8 points of damage instead of 6 per shot.
      • Friendly fire factor decreased from 0.2 to 0.1.
  • Enemy changes:
    • Praetorians now spit acid.
    • Praetorian difficulty rating increased. It is now more deadly, so you will encounter fewer of them.
    • Fixed Deeptora Swarms not attacking players.
    • Added armor and weak spots to Infector. Also increased base HP, aim for the weak spots for a quick kill.
    • Fixed swarmer tunnel debris in Radioactive.
    • Blood splatter when enemies hit you.
    • Added Jump attack to the Glyphid Swarmers.
    • Tweaked end wave pressure.
    • Reduced the alert distance of Glyphid Grunts and Praetorians. Players have to be closer before they attack.
    • Added new Glyphid sounds and tweaks.
    • Swarmer Tunnels debris material fixed.
    • Salt Caves tunnel crystal madness fixed.
    • Exploders get a speed boost when near another Exploder exploding.
    • Fixed Glyphid Spawner weak points.
    • Increase AI avoidance for Exploders.
    • Fixed Cave Leech grabbing already paralyzed the target.
    • Align Glyphid Spitters towards the target when stationary.
    • Mactera spawn no longer shoots through walls and require line of sight before shooting at a player.
    • Mactera spawn are now able to shoot when the host isn't looking at them.
  • Biome and Cave Changes:
    • Added exploding plants to Fungus bog and Dense Biozone (as colour variant).
    • Magma Core now has magma rocks, explosions will also cause them to appear.
    • Red Sugar leaves chunks on the ground if you mine it while at full health.
    • Radioactive materials and colour tweaks.
    • Tweaks on post process effects.
    • Sandblasted corridors now have wind tunnels and sand storms.
    • Steam Geysers in Fungus Bogs can now spawn at more interesting angles. Have Fun!
    • Made the Glowtree illuminate a much larger area. The more Bulbs you shoot the brighter it gets.
    • Fungus Bogs wall material tweak.
    • Lush wall material tweaks, Nitra tweaks, Gold tweaks.
    • Slightly randomize animation speed of animated foliage so they are not all in same phase of animation.
    • New cave shapes. More variations for the level generation.
    • More randomization for the existing cave shapes.
    • Unique cave structure for the Salvage Operations.
    • Cave complexity is now more accurate, making sure that the difference between simple and complicated caves is more apparent.
    • High Complexity missions are now locked to player rank (2 for medium and 3 for high complexity).
    • Hazard level: Tourist has been removed for now. Very few players were playing this mode, and it felt a bit broken how you were earning zero gold or XP.
  • Added laser pointer warning to radioactive crystals.
  • Added Gatling Gun gunsling animation.
  • Fixed laser pointer distance bug.
  • Holding time to equip laser pointer with controller is shorter.
  • Sentry gun fix - It would sometimes shoot things that were not enemies.
  • Bullet casings for Gatling gun and assault rifle have been reactivated.
  • Teammate icons are always displaying current health, special states (like being grabbed by a cave leech), and shouts.
  • Laser pointer pings when it hovers over a resource.
  • When laser pointer equipped, hold FIRE to place a personal waypoint.
  • New crosshairs for most weapons.
  • Hit indicators removed in their previous form. Now some parts of the crosshair will turn red to confirm that an enemy has been hit. Red arrows appear on the health bar when the shot hit a weak spot.
  • Update Chinese translation.
  • Turkish added to supported languages.
  • Fixed trading buy/sell crash exploit.
  • Fix Bosco related crash.
  • Tweaked 'Player Down' HUD & team icons.
  • Mission Control now announces gravity re-calibration.
  • The hosting player now jumps the same height as clients (was lower before).

Post Update Hotfixes[]

Hotfixes are small patches meant to fix bugs and balancing.

Hotfix 1[]

15th June, 2018

  • Decreased trigger radius around the mini mules for the enemy wave in the Salvage Mission.
  • Also, decreased the number of enemies in the same wave.
  • Tweaked reward up for the Salvage mission.
  • 1st person glove texture improved.
  • Fix scout armor upgrade no longer providing Fall Damage Resistance.
  • Fixed some network sync issues in several active cave elements
Hotfix 2[]

19th June, 2018

  • Salvage Operation changes:
    • Tweaked down the amount of enemies in Salvage Operation when defending uplink and fuel cells.
    • Tweaked end wave in Salvage Operation a little bit harder.
    • Too complicated caves excluded from Salvage Operation generation.
    • The damaged drop pod in Salvage will now block enemies from entering the pod.
    • The Beacon showing where the Fuel Cells will land now looks different from the supply pod beacon.
  • Slightly increase pathfinder blocker on Drop pod to prevent Mactera Grabber from entering.
  • Fixed a bug in difficulty settings making a 3 player game on Dangerous difficulty a bit too hard.
  • Fix Turkish translations.
  • Fix Korean translations.
  • Fixed drillers handgun clip size upgrade so it increases clip size by 6 bullets and not only 4.
  • Hot Magma Rocks can now be drilled.
  • Laser pointer marker now shows correct material icon when clients put up the marker.
  • Fix gunners explosion resistance upgrade not working.