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Update 11: Dead And Gun
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This week's update contains some cool new features, some important tweaks and several bug fixes.
— DRG Update Page

Update 11: Dead And Gun released a rework for the Gunners "Lead Storm" Powered Minigun, deadly electro crystals in the Crystalline Caverns, and Team cameras. It was released on March 23rd, 2018.

New Features[]

These are new major content introduced during this update.

Gatling Gun Rework[]

There’s a been a lot of talk about the Gatling Gun being too weak especially on higher difficulties. We agree, and we have made a bunch of tweaks to it:

  • Starting Ammo Capacity changed from 1800 to 1600 rounds. It is now fed ammo continuously from a single, upgradeable ammo drum - no more reloading!
  • Overheats slightly faster - tweaked from 10 seconds of continuous fire to 9.
  • Overheating is more punishing - time to cool down raised from 8 seconds to 10
  • Upgrades reworked: Upgrades involving ammo and magazine increase have now been made to only focus on the magazine size. First upgrade originally gave you +400 bullets to max ammo it has been changed to +400 to magazine size. Second magazine upgrade will give you a total boost of +400 bullets where it before only increased the magazine size. Resulting in the Gatling Gun packing impressive 2400 bullets when maxed out!
  • New Tungsten Bullet upgrade for Gatling Gun has been added allowing you to boost the damage 25%. A mandatory upgrade for players with affinity for Extreme difficulty.
  • Added smoke effect to make it more obvious when the gatling gun is overheating.

Team Cameras[]

The first iteration of Team Cams - Keep an eye on your teammates are doing while you are incapacitated. Now it is less of a downer being down!

Electro Crystals[]

Deadly Electro Crystals have been added to Crystal Caverns. Don’t get too close - they pack a punch!

New Space Rig Content[]

A temptingly tantalizing button called “Gravity Recalibration” has been activated on the Space Rig. Management will likely frown on employees abusing it - but it’s so big and red...

Traversal Tools Prohibited In Drop Pod[]

Platforms (and Supply Pods) can not spawn/ attach to drop pod anymore. We get it... some of you had fun filling up the Drop Pod with platforms, but Management reminds you that Platform Concrete is notoriously hard to clean out!

Patch Notes[]

  • Weapons
    • Gatling gun starting ammo capacity reduced from 1800 to 1600 rounds
    • Gatling gun now overheats in 9 seconds (previously 10)
    • Gatling gun reloading removed
    • Gatling gun Cooldown time increased from 8 seconds to 10
    • Ammo upgrades reworked. Now has two ammo upgrades adding 400 rounds each
    • New Gatling Gun upgrade: Tungsten bullets. increases weapon damage by 25%
    • Gatling gun smoke effect added
    • Pickaxe will be less aggressive in hitting non hostile objects
    • Grappling hook no longer gets stuck in grapple mode
    • Prevent pickaxe when using last equipped weapon key
    • Rephrased super shotgun upgrade to match that it does not get double barrel fire only faster fire rate.
    • Fixed Shotgun reload speed upgrade not showing correct numbers
  • Bosco
    • Bosco is now better at mining small chunks of minerals
    • Tweaked bosco to try and prevent him getting in the way of the player while mining
  • Multiplayer/Server Browser
    • New team cams implemented, downed players can now view their teammates in third person view
    • Server list bug fixed, players can now see games in their region
    • Server list visual upgrade
    • Fixed search distance in server browser
  • Cave Content
    • Electric crystals added to Crystalline Caverns
    • Fixes to try and prevent dead end tunnels
  • HUD/UI
    • FIX: Control layouts now contains Controller Layout (again)
    • Fixed large upgrade digits barely fit in the UI
    • Mission Map locked mission gfx update
    • Mission Map: Mission Icons now transparent if mission is locked, Password has correct spacing
    • Fix ui bug if incoming player is kicked before he selected character
  • Space Rig
    • Gravity recalibration button added to the Space Rig
  • Sound/Animation/Effects
    • Improved cave leech sounds
    • Made Fire animations for flamethrower and gatling gun loop correctly instead of starting over repeatedly
    • Fixed tracer on assault rifle
    • Shield & health damage overlays now clears after revive
    • Drop Spike audio fix
    • Added maggot crawl audio
    • Tweaked camera offset on 1st person arms.
    • Gatling Gun muzzle particle offset tweaked
    • Tweaked Tentacle audio location
    • Add Weapon Sway to all items
    • Added new gatling overheat particles
    • Power Drills is now smoking when they overheat.
    • Scaled up the flamethrower particles
  • Localization
    • Updated all languages from Crowdin
    • Korean added to game
  • Other
    • Minor fix. Make molly prefer positions on floor when searching for random spot
    • Try to fix/improve network errors. Enable kick of players that have not selected a character
    • Fixed flare gun flare randomly getting ejected from walls when they are destroyed nearby
    • Fixed depth meters for Biomes
    • Better support for pathfinder blockers and danger zones. NPCs recalculate paths when entering an area that has changed.
    • You can no longer revive while carrying a gem
    • Fixed enemies not being able to walk where the drop pod was landed after it has taken off
    • Platforms can no longer form inside the drop pod
    • Supply Pods can only be called down on terrain.
    • Better host quit message
    • Newest FOV changes... moved the weapons a bit further away in some animations
    • Fix dwarf status is not shown on endscreen

Post-Update Hotfixes[]

Hotfixes are small patches meant to fix bugs and balancing.

Hotfix 1[]

23rd March, 2018

  • Fixed not being able to ride ziplines while holding eggs or gems