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Update 10: Tunnel Vision?
Update 10
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We have another update here with both some important fixes and a bit of new content.
— DRG Update Page

Update 10: Tunnel Vision? introduced a variety of new cave content, including new tunnels connecting caves, sticky goo in the Fungus Bog and unstable crystals in the Salt Pits. This update went live on March 16th, 2018.

New Features[]

These are new major content introduced during this update.


Before update 10, all tunnels connecting the various cave rooms were basically the same shape. We have now added different shapes to the various regions (biomes) and will continue to evolve this system for more spatial variation and identity.

First Person View Models[]

The weapon and hand/arms models in the first person view used to be set to a FOV of 100. This resulted in both stretched models and some clipping. We have now lowered this to 90 along with some other resizing tricks resulting in better looking weapon models and much less clipping.

Patch Notes[]

  • Community Requested Fixes:
    • Fixed several issues with mouse sensitivity. Sensitivity was not the same in Space Rig and in a Mission, they are now the same. Sensitivity had different values for horizontal and vertical, they can now be set in option.
    • Steam Region search option (Note: this one is hard to test for us, so any feedback on the value of this is welcome).
    • Disconnecting controller no longer disables mouse and keyboards.
    • Test fix for primary monitor (somewhat untested!).
    • Fixed Grappling hook infinite life bug.
  • Cave Content:
    • First implementation of different tunnels for every planetary region.
    • Added crystal spikes than can drop from the ceiling in Salt Pits.
    • Sticky Goo added to Fungus Bogs.
  • Mission Map:
    • New icons for Complexity and Length. It should now be more obvious that Complexity is a serious difficulty increase.
    • Complexity icons now shown above Mission icons.
    • Mission payout directly show below Mission icons.
  • Weapon Viewmodels:
    • Changed viewmodel FOV for 100 to 90.
    • First person view of Weapons are now less stretched .
    • Reduced overall clipping issues.
  • Scout Tweaks:
    • Sawed off Shotgun shoots 15 pellets dealing 6 damage each - increased to 10 damage each.
    • Sawed off Shotgun Max ammo 30 bullets - decreased to 16.
    • Sawed off Shotgun Max Ammo Upgrade - decreased from +10 to +8.
  • Animation, Sounds & Effects:
    • Driller Pistol Reload Animations.
    • Driller Pistol and Scout Shotgun are now considered reloaded when it fits the animation, not when the animation ends. This will be implemented on other weapons when they get their own reloads. (Sound update missing).
    • Fixed console background anims on clients.
    • Laser Pointer gfx update.
    • Background removed from Interact popups.
    • Damage Overlay gfx updated.
  • Localization:
    • Added more space between text lines on terminals (for accented languages).
    • Updated all languages from Crowdin.
  • Minor Fixes:
    • Server list defaults to not show password servers.
    • Asteroids no longer smooth shaded on loading screen!!!
    • Controller Right stick is now used as mouse scroll wheel.
    • Remove Steam Friend test when inviting friends. Private sessions should handle it better now and it was preventing clients inviting friends that were not friends with the server.
    • Fixed Molly not being Golden in Memorial Hall when unlocked.
    • Make Molly and the large spiders prefer to walk on floor.
    • Fixed Weapon crash.
    • Enemies are no longer "staggered" by physical damage (Melee).
    • Fixed updated Ammo and Clip size was not applied when you first spawned into the mission.
    • Changed Item scale in first person so that they clip less with other objects.