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Tyrant Shard
Tyrant shard icon
Resource Details
Type Bonus Resource
Hardness 0 (Not mined directly)
Rarity Guaranteed drop from Korlok Tyrant-Weeds
Value Credit 350 per unit
Experience Points 500 per unit

Tyrant Shard is an object dropped by Korlok Tyrant-Weeds when defeated. It is a heavy object and must be picked up and carried by hand, or via Bosco. When carrying it a dwarf cannot do anything but throw flares / throwables, ride ziplines, and move with a 25% speed penalty (Sprinting is also disabled). It can be dropped by switching weapons or using the Laser Pointer, it can also be thrown far away by holding the [FIRE] key ("Left Mouse Click" by default) before releasing it.


The Tyrant Shard is a large resource resembling the core of a Korlok Tyrant-Weed with glowing white spikes stemming from a glowing green base.