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The Forge
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The Forge is a special terminal introduced in Update 25: Endgame - Part 1 that is located on the Space Rig. This terminal allows the player to be able to craft their Weapon Overclocks, Cosmetic Overclocks, and Material Containers from Infused Matrix Cores. The Forge's functions can be used once the player receives their first Infused Matrix Core acquired from Deep Dives, Machine Events or Breach The Core and the Weekly Core Hunt assignments.

When interacting with the Forge, the player can view their Forge History, that details their crafting history.

The Forge[]

The player will be able to craft their Infused Matrix Cores here for a certain cost. The cost to forge a core is different for each core and their corresponding values can be seen in either the Weapon Overclocks or the Matrix Core Cosmetic pages.

Forge Mastery[]

Icon Forge Mastery

Forge Mastery

The Forge introduces a Forge Mastery mechanic that allows the player to receive bonus Infused Matrix Cores upon reaching the required Mastery level. Each forged Matrix Core will increase the Mastery experience by 1. Five forges are required per level. The reward for reaching each level alternates between a Weapon Core (Blank Matrix Core if all weapon overclocks are owned) or a Cosmetic Core (Mineral Container if all cosmetic overclocks are owned).

Blank Matrix Cores[]

Matrix Core Blank Matrix Cores are obtained from Deep Dives, Weekly Core Hunts or Forge Mastery. The Rival Escalation assignment rewards two Blank Matrix Cores on the first and third mission. Its only purpose is to be spent at Machine Events in exchange for Infused Cores (Cosmetics, Weapon Overclocks or Mineral Containers).

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