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Bug if you die while using pickaxe[]

When you die while using you pickaxe, if you are revived you will still be swinging your pick even without holding the button. This continues until you hit the button again. Unsigned

Minerals Display[]

My friends and I would like an option/ UI display that shows how many minerals you have collected rather than having the mineral count only show up when depositing. Unsigned

You can see the team's depository at any time by bringing out the Laser Pointer. Please use the official Discord server for these discussions. Regular dummkopf (talk) 06:48, 7 January 2019 (UTC)

Option to use 3rd Person Camera during gameplay.[]

It would be awesome to be able to stay in the third person view, similar to the Jukebox area, permanently.

Supply Pod customization[]

Hey! So, I have a really cool idea- What if we could customize our supply pods, to make them our own unique and personal touches, just like the customization with the dwarves! However, this type of customization will be different- Do you remember when you could call in floodlights or automated turrets? How about putting them with the supply pods? Just think- For just a little bit of gold and crafting materials, you could put floodlights or some sort of turret on top of the Pod... I think that would be an extremely cool feature. And not only that, but you could add little cosmetics to the pod as well... Like the little dice from the drop pod, or change the skin or color of the pod, etc. It's just a suggestion... But I think it would make an extremely awesome feature in DRG.

And thank you so much for taking the time to read this, you're frigging awesome.

All of you are wonderful people, and I hope you have the day in your hands.

You'll hear from me again soon with another idea! I love you all!!!