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This template doesn’t do anything by itself, it is used by the {{Creature TabBox}} and {{Creature Infobox}} templates to create views of the model of the creature at different angles.

Parameters for this template:
{{Umodel TabView
| umodelTab1    = // Optional. Name of the first tab.
| umodelView1   = // Optional. Link to the first image for the umodel view.
| umodelTab2    = // Optional. Name of the second tab.
| umodelView2   = // Optional. Link to the second image for the umodel view.
| umodelTab3    = // Optional. Name of the third tab.
| umodelView3   = // Optional. Link to the third image for the umodel view.
| umodelTab4    = // Optional. Name of the forth tab.
| umodelView4   = // Optional. Link to the forth image for the umodel view.
| umodelCaption = // Optional. A caption explaining the color code used.