Deep Rock Galactic Wiki
Item Type Description
BF Explosive Spore.png
Explosive Spore
Hazardous/Supportive Plant holding a large explosive spore which will pop out if damaged. The spore explodes on impact and regenerates after a few seconds.
BF Sandstorm.png
Hazardous Impairs vision and slows down movement of all dwarves in the cave. Creatures only have their movement speed affected. Fog will become much more dense seconds before a sandstorm hits.
BF Wind Tunnel.png
Wind Tunnel
Hazardous Periodically blasts air and sand out horizontally. This can launch dwarves very far, which can be fatal.
BF Fossilized Xenoform.png
Fossilized Xenoform
Neutral Fossilized giant bones of alien creatures.
BF Rock-Tree.png
Neutral A fossilised tree that shatters when mined.