Salt pits biome features

Item Type Description
BF Glowing Salt Crystals.png

Glowing Salt Crystal
Supportive White crystals emitting bright light which greatly helps with navigation.
BF Unstable Crystal.png

Unstable Crystal/White Crystal
Hazardous/Supportive Large white crystals jutting out of the ceiling which can fall down if damaged or an exploder detonates near it. Once the crystal falls its name changes to "White Crystal" from "Unstable Crystal".
BF Unstable Platform.png

Unstable Platform
Hazardous/Supportive Jagged platform which can temporarily hold a dwarf before shattering.
BF Red Crystals.png

Red Crystals
Neutral Large amount of tiny red crystals which break when running through them.
BF Red Salt Crystal.png

Red Salt Crystal
Neutral Big red salt crystal which can be destroyed easily.
BF Salt Crystal.png

Salt Crystal
Neutral Salt crystal formations.
BF Stalacite.png

Neutral Harmless red rock formations hanging from the ceiling.
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