Deep Rock Galactic Wiki
Item Description Statistics
BF Volatile Uranium.png
Volatile Uranium
Active uranium crystals that glow and deal radiation damage when something gets close. Can be disabled by digging out the crystal's glowing center. Hardness: 1

Damage: 6

BF Spider Web REZ.png
Spider Web
Thin webs that slow anything passing through them and impair the vision of dwarves. Can be burnt with the Flamethrower or other sources of fire damage. Health: 1

x0.5 Movement Speed

BF Inert Uranium.png
Inert Uranium
An exhausted uranium crystal. Hardness: 1
BF Radipuff.png
A pale green puffy flower. Health: 30
BF Breather.png
Pale green flora/fauna that breathes slowly. Can be petted. Health: 70
BF Tumorous Growth.png
Tumorous Growth
Grey tumors with green spots embedded into the cave's walls. Health: 70
BF Rock-Tree.png
A fossilised tree that shatters when mined. Health: 20/45
BF Wall Eye.png
Wall Eye
Organic eyes with purple bits surrounding them covering the walls of a cave. Damaging an eye will make it close for a short while. Also found in Crystalline Caverns. Health: 50