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"Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon [Expand/Collapse]
Overclock Effect In Game Description Price
Composite Drums
Frame Overclock Clean.png
Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Pos.svg +110 Max Ammo

Pos.svg -0.5s Reload Time

"Lighter weight materials means you can carry even more ammo!"
Credit.png 7850 Credits
Croppa 135 Croppa
Magnite 105 Magnite
Enor Pearl 70 Enor Pearl
Splintering Shells
Frame Overclock Clean.png
Icon Upgrade Area.png
Pos.svg +1 Area Damage

Pos.svg +0.3m Effect Radius

"Specially designed shells splinter into smaller pieces increasing the splash damage range."
Credit.png 7300 Credits
Croppa 95 Croppa
Jadiz 125 Jadiz
Magnite 65 Magnite
Carpet Bomber
Frame Overclock Balanced.png
Icon Upgrade Area Damage.png
Pos.svg +3 Area Damage
Pos.svg +0.6m Effect Radius

Neg.svg -7 Damage

"A few tweaks here and there and the autocannon can now shoot HE rounds! Direct damage is lower but the increased splash damage and range lets you saturate an area like no other weapon can."
Credit.png 7350 Credits
Croppa 120 Croppa
Magnite 105 Magnite
Umanite 70 Umanite
Combat Mobility
Frame Overclock Balanced.png
Icon Upgrade MovementSpeed.png
Pos.svg +35% Movement Speed While Using
Pos.svg x0.7 Base Spread
Pos.svg x1.5 Rate of Fire scaling
Pos.svg +0.9 Starting Rate of Fire

Neg.svg x0.5 Magazine Size

"Fancy custom ammo drums improve weapon balance making it more accurate and easier to handle on the move while the improved feed motor increases the speed with which the max fire rate is reached. All this however comes at the cost of magazine capacity."
Credit.png 7650 Credits
Croppa 70 Croppa
Jadiz 120 Jadiz
Magnite 95 Magnite
Big Bertha
Frame Overclock Unstable.png
Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
Pos.svg +12 Damage
Pos.svg x0.7 Base Spread

Neg.svg x0.5 Magazine Size
Neg.svg -110 Max Ammo
Neg.svg -1.5 Top Rate of Fire

"Extensive tweaks give a huge bump in raw damage at the cost of ammo capacity and fire rate."
Credit.png 8400 Credits
Croppa 105 Croppa
Umanite 80 Umanite
Bismor 125 Bismor
Neurotoxin Payload
Frame Overclock Unstable.png
Icon Overclock Neuro.png
Pos.svg +Neurotoxin Payload (50% Chance)
Pos.svg +0.6m Effect Radius

Neg.svg -2 Damage
Neg.svg -5 Area Damage

"Channel your inner war criminal by mixing some neurotoxin into the explosive compound. The rounds deal less direct damage and splash damage, but affected bugs move slower and take lots of damage over time."
Credit.png 8100 Credits
Croppa 100 Croppa
Jadiz 75 Jadiz
Magnite 135 Magnite