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Subata 120 [Expand/Collapse]
Overclock Effect Description Price
Chain Hit
Frame Overclock Clean.png
Icon Upgrade Ricoshet.png
Pos.svg +75% Weakpoint Chain Hit Chance Any shot that hits a weakspot has a high chance to ricochet into a nearby enemy.
Credit.png 7600 Credits
Croppa 120 Croppa
Jadiz 100 Jadiz
Bismor 65 Bismor
Homebrew Powder
Frame Overclock Clean.png
Icon Overclock ChangeOfHigherDamage.png
Pos.svg +Randomized Damage
(between x0.8 and x1.4 damage)
More damage on average but it's a bit inconsistent.
Credit.png 7150 Credits
Croppa 100 Croppa
Magnite 70 Magnite
Bismor 135 Bismor
Oversized Magazine
Frame Overclock Balanced.png
Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
Pos.svg +10 Magazine Size

Neg.svg +0.5s Reload Time

Custom magazine that can fit a lot more ammo but it's a bit unwieldy and takes longer to reload.
Credit.png 9000 Credits
Croppa 70 Croppa
Jadiz 110 Jadiz
Umanite 130 Umanite
Automatic Fire
Frame Overclock Unstable.png
Icon Upgrade FireRate.png
Pos.svg +Automatic Fire
Pos.svg +2 Rate of Fire

Neg.svg x2 Base Spread
Neg.svg x3.5 Recoil

Fully automatic action, watch out for the recoil.
Credit.png 7400 Credits
Croppa 65 Croppa
Enor Pearl 120 Enor Pearl
Bismor 95 Bismor
Explosive Reload
Frame Overclock Unstable.png
Icon Overclock Special Magazine.png
Pos.svg + Explosive Reload

Neg.svg x0.5 Max Ammo
Neg.svg x0.49 Magazine Size

Micro-explosives that explode inside hit targets when you reload. However these fancy bullets come at the cost of total ammo and magazine capacity.
Credit.png 8100 Credits
Magnite 65 Magnite
Umanite 125 Umanite
Enor Pearl 95 Enor Pearl
Tranquilizer Rounds
Frame Overclock Unstable.png
Icon Upgrade Stun.png
Pos.svg +50% Stun Chance

Neg.svg -4 Magazine Size
Neg.svg -2 Rate of Fire

Part bullet, part syringe these rounds are very effective at stunning most enemies.
Credit.png 7150 Credits
Croppa 95 Croppa
Jadiz 135 Jadiz
Umanite 75 Umanite