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"Stubby" Voltaic SMG [Expand/Collapse]
Overclock Effect Description Price
Super-Slim Rounds
Frame Overclock Clean.png
Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
Pos.svg +5 Magazine Size

Pos.svg x0.8 Base Spread

Same power but in a smaller package giving slightly better accuracy and letting you fit a few more rounds in each magazine.
Credit.png 8550 Credits
Croppa 130 Croppa
Enor Pearl 75 Enor Pearl
Bismor 90 Bismor
Well Oiled Machine
Frame Overclock Clean.png
Icon Upgrade FireRate.png
Pos.svg +2 Rate of Fire

Pos.svg -0.2s Reload Time

When you need a little more sustained damage.
Credit.png 8400 Credits
Croppa 65 Croppa
Jadiz 95 Jadiz
Magnite 140 Magnite
EM Refire Booster
Frame Overclock Balanced.png
Icon Upgrade FireRate.png
Pos.svg +2 Electric Damage
Pos.svg +4 Rate of Fire

Neg.svg x1.5 Base Spread

Use the electron circuit of the SMG to boost its fire rate and damage but the accuracy suffers as a result.
Credit.png 8300 Credits
Jadiz 135 Jadiz
Enor Pearl 90 Enor Pearl
Bismor 60 Bismor
Light-Weight Rounds
Frame Overclock Balanced.png
Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Pos.svg +180 Max Ammo

Neg.svg -1 Damage
Neg.svg -2 Rate of Fire

They don't hit quite as hard, and can't handle fast fire rates but you sure can carry a lot more of them!
Credit.png 8700 Credits
Jadiz 65 Jadiz
Umanite 135 Umanite
Bismor 90 Bismor
Turret Arc
Frame Overclock Unstable.png
Icon Upgrade Electricity.png
Pos.svg +Turret Arc (15m range)

Neg.svg -120 Max Ammo
Neg.svg -2 Rate of Fire

Use the gemini turrets as nodes in an electric arc. Zap! The downside is less ammo and a slower rate of fire.
Credit.png 8350 Credits
Croppa 135 Croppa
Umanite 60 Umanite
Bismor 100 Bismor
Turret EM Discharge
Frame Overclock Unstable.png
Icon Upgrade Area Damage.png
Pos.svg +Turret EM Discharge (5m range)

Neg.svg -5 Magazine Size
Neg.svg -2 Damage

Shoot a turret to turn it into the epicenter of an electric explosion! The bullet modifications unfortunately also lower the direct damage and electrocution chance.
Credit.png 8450 Credits
Jadiz 125 Jadiz
Enor Pearl 105 Enor Pearl
Bismor 80 Bismor