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"Bulldog" Heavy Revolver
Overclock Effect Description Price
Homebrew Powder
Frame Overclock Clean.png
Icon Overclock ChangeOfHigherDamage.png
+Randomized Damage

(between x0.8 and x1.4 damage)

More damage on average but it's a bit inconsistent.
Credit.png 7350 Credits
Croppa 135 Croppa
Magnite 70 Magnite
Enor Pearl 105 Enor Pearl
Chain Hit
Frame Overclock Clean.png
Icon Upgrade Ricoshet.png
+33% Ricochet chance on bullets Any shot that hits a weakspot has a chance to ricochet into a nearby enemy.
Credit.png 7300 Credits
Jadiz 110 Jadiz
Magnite 120 Magnite
Enor Pearl 80 Enor Pearl
Volatile Bullets
Frame Overclock Balanced.png
Icon Upgrade Heat.png
+300% Damage Vs Burning

-25 Damage

Fuel on the fire! These rounds are extremely effective against burning targets but at the cost of direct damage dealt to unaffected creatures.
Credit.png 7350 Credits
Croppa 130 Croppa
Jadiz 110 Jadiz
Magnite 60 Magnite
Six Shooter
Frame Overclock Balanced.png
Icon Upgrade ClipSize.png
+2 Magazine Size

+8 Max Ammo
+4 Rate of Fire
+0.5 Reload Time
×1.5 Base Spread

An updated casing profile lets you squeeze 2 more rounds into the cylinder and take a few more rounds with you, but all that filling and drilling has compromised the accuracy of the weapon and it takes longer to reload.
Credit.png 7750 Credits
Croppa 60 Croppa
Magnite 100 Magnite
Bismor 120 Bismor
Elephant Rounds
Frame Overclock Unstable.png
Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
x2 Damage

x0.5 Base Spread
-13 Max Ammo
-1 Magazine Size
+0.5 Reload Time
x2.5 Recoil
+71% Spread per Shot

Heavy tweaking has made it possible to use modified autocannon rounds in the revolver! The damage is crazy but so is the recoil and you can't carry very many rounds. Also only 3 rounds fit in the gun and reload time is a bit slower but base accuracy is improved.
Credit.png 7300 Credits
Magnite 90 Magnite
Umanite 65 Umanite
Enor Pearl 140 Enor Pearl
Magic Bullets
Frame Overclock Unstable.png
Icon Upgrade Ricoshet.png
+Magic Bullets

+8 Max Ammo
-20 Damage

Smaller bouncy bullets ricochet off hard surfaces and hit nearby enemies like magic and you can carry a few more due to their compact size. However the overall damage of the weapon is reduced.
Credit.png 8750 Credits
Croppa 105 Croppa
Magnite 130 Magnite
Umanite 75 Umanite