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Item Type Description
BF Red Exploding Plant MC.png
Exploding Plant
Hazardous/Supportive Glowing plants of varying size that explode violently when damaged. The larger the plant, the less damage needed to detonate it and the larger the explosion.
BF Lava Geyser.png
Lava Geyser
Hazardous Rocky geysers which periodically spit out lava upward and burns anyone near it or directly in contact with it. Once destroyed they will explode violently, dealing large amounts of damage to any enemy or dwarf in the vicinity.
BF Hot Rock.png
Hot Rock
Hazardous Hot rock which deals damage to any dwarf and glyphid stepping on it. It can be found in large patches on the floor, but also appears from explosive damage made to the ground.
BF Earthquake.png
Hazardous The cave violently shakes, slowing down the dwarves and creatures movement. It can also create crevices around the dwarves.
Spicy Hole.jpg
Small Lava Geysers
Hazardous Groups of small holes in the ground which periodically shoot lava a short distance upwards and deal a small amount of burn damage to anything standing in the jets.
BF Yellow Tubel.png
Yellow Tubel
Neutral Tube shaped plant sucking in particles through the yellow tip.
BF Chromepuff.png
Neutral Puffy flower with chrome coloring.
BF Mineral Chimney.png
Mineral Chimney
Neutral Rock formations letting out smoke from their holes. Also found in Crystalline Caverns.