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{{icon warning}} is used to insert icon images of the Warning Mutator icons. By default, the icon will not link to anything.



  • Placeholder — Placeholder
  • Cave Leech Cluster — Cave Leech Cluster
  • Exploder Infestation! — Exploder Infestation!
  • Haunted Cave — Haunted Cave
  • Lethal Enemies — Lethal Enemies
  • Low Oxygen — Low Oxygen
  • Mactera Plague — Mactera Plague
  • Parasites — Parasites
  • Regenerative Bugs — Regenerative Bugs
  • Shield Disruption — Shield Disruption


  • Default icon size is 50px, and will align to the bottom of text.
  • The extra parameter can be used for additional image formatting options.
  • Warning names should have the first letter of each word capitalized.