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{{icon skin}} is used to insert weapon cosmetic icons for each skin set.


{{icon skin|Beyond The Circuit}} creates Icon Skin Beyond The Circuit.png

{{icon skin|Beyond The Circuit|20px}} creates Icon Skin Beyond The Circuit.png

{{icon skin|Beyond The Circuit|extra=super}} creates Icon Skin Beyond The Circuit.png


Icon Skin Beyond The Circuit.png

— Beyond The Circuit

Icon Skin Custom Engineered.png

— Custom Engineered

Icon Skin Dark Descent.png

— Dark Descent

Icon Skin Dark Future.png

— Dark Future

Icon Skin Desert Ranger.png

— Desert Ranger

Icon Skin Digital Danger.png

— Digital Danger

Icon Skin Fourth Relic.png

— Fourth Relic

Icon Skin Ghostly Pale.png

— Ghostly Pale

Icon Skin Glyphid Trophy Hunter.png

— Glyphid Trophy Hunter

Icon Skin Jungle Raid.png

— Jungle Raid

Icon Skin Mechanized.png

— Mechanized

Icon Skin Megacorp.png

— MegaCorp

Icon Skin Metallic Vintage.png

— Metallic Vintage

Icon Skin Mint Assault.png

— Mint Assault

Icon Skin Neon.png

— Neon

Icon Skin Primal Blood.png

— Primal Blood

Icon Skin Stock.png

— Stock

Icon Skin The Supporter.png

— The Supporter (also known as "Gilded")

Icon Skin Tool Of Destruction.png

— Tool Of Destruction

Icon Skin Warmonger.png

— Warmonger


  • Default icon size is 50px, and will align to the bottom of text.
  • The extra parameter can be used for additional image formatting options.
  • Icon names should have the first letter of each word capitalized.

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