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{{icon resource}} is used to insert linked icon images of resources found in the game. By default, the icon will link to its individual resource page.


{{icon resource|Morkite}} creates Morkite

{{icon resource|Morkite|50px}} creates Morkite

{{icon resource|Morkite|link=Morkite}} creates Morkite

{{icon resource|Morkite|extra=super}} creates Morkite


  • Alien Egg – Alien Egg
  • Apoca Bloom – Apoca Bloom
  • Boolo Cap – Boolo Cap
  • Fossil – Fossil

  • Aquarq – Aquarq
  • Dystrum – Dystrum
  • Hollomite – Hollomite
  • Morkite – Morkite
  • Mini-M.U.L.E. Leg – Mini Mule Leg

  • Bittergem – Bittergem
  • Compressed Gold – Compressed Gold
  • Gold – Gold
  • Nitra – Nitra
  • Red Sugar – Red Sugar

  • Bismor – Bismor
  • Croppa – Croppa
  • Enor Pearl – Enor Pearl
  • Jadiz – Jadiz
  • Magnite – Magnite
  • Umanite – Umanite
  • ERR://23¤Y%/ – Unknown Artifact / ERR

  • Barley Bulb – Barley Bulb
  • Yeast Cone – Yeast Cone
  • Malt Star – Malt Star
  • Starch Nut – Starch Nut

  • Matrix Core – Matrix Core

  • Quantrite – Quantrite


  • Default icon size is 20px, and the icon will align to the bottom of adjacent text.
  • The extra parameter can be used for additional image formatting options.
  • Resource names are not strictly case sensitive, however, how they are formatted in the template will affect how they appear in hover-text.
  • e.g. {{icon resource|eNoR PeArL}} will display the appropriate icon and link to the correct page, but the hover-text will appear as it was entered, though the first character will be automatically capitalised.
  • Unknown Artifact/ERR and Mini Mule Leg are exempt from this, they will always have ERR://23¤Y%/ and Mini-M.U.L.E. Leg respectively as their hover-text.

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