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{{icon perk}} is used to insert icon images of perks.


{{icon perk|Bug thing}} creates It's a Bug Thing

{{icon perk|Bug thing|20px}} creates It's a Bug Thing

{{icon perk|Bug thing|extra=super}} creates It's a Bug Thing


Names in parenthesis will appear in the icon's hovertext, if it differs from the template perk name. Template will not accept names in parenthesis.

  • Berzerker – Berzerker
  • It's a Bug Thing – Bug thing (It's a Bug Thing)
  • Deep Pockets – Deep Pockets
  • Veteran Depositor – Expert Depositor (Veteran Depositor)
  • Elemental Insulation – Elemental Insulation
  • Field Medic – Field Medic
  • Iron Will – Iron Will
  • Heightened Senses – Leech Sense (Heightened Senses)
  • Friendly – Friendly
  • New Passive Perk Slot – More Perks (New Passive Perk Slot)
  • Sweet Tooth – Red Sugar Rocks (Sweet Tooth)
  • Resupplier – Resupplier
  • Strong Arm – Strong Arm
  • Strong Back – Strong Back
  • Hover Boots – Thick Soles (Hover Boots)
  • Vampire – Vampire
  • Second Wind – Second Wind
  • Souped Up Zip Line Motor – Zip Zoom (Souped Up Zip Line Motor)


  • Perk names are not case sensitive.
  • Icon hovertext is set to the appropriate perk name.
  • Default icon size is 50px, and the icon will align to the bottom of adjacent text.
  • The extra parameter can be used for additional image formatting options.