Deep Rock Galactic Wiki
Item Type Description
Dry Thorn Tumble.png
Dry Thorn Tumble
Neutral A tumble weed-like plant which can be kicked around by the player.
Bough Cone.png
Bough Cone
Neutral A giant white acorn which can be kicked around by the player.
Creeper Vine.png
Creeper Vine
Hazardous A thin red parasitic vine that rapidly retracts when damaged by the player.
Bloated Vine.png
Bloated Vine
Hazardous A bloated form of the creeper vine that does not react to the player, but which has hazardous spiked that will regularly retract and shoot out.
Corpse Feeder.png
Corpse Feeder
Neutral A strange larva-like creature that wriggles and retreats into the wall when the player comes near.