Deep Rock Galactic Wiki
Item Description Statistic
BF Oasis.png
Warm heat vent with lush red vegetation growing in close proximity. Raises a dwarves temperature meter quickly when they are near. N/A
BF Cryo Foamer.png
Cryo Foamer
Cyan colored plants containing a liquid. When damaged sufficiently, it will burst and the liquid inside will immediately freeze, forming a stable platform to stand on. Health: 10

Hardness: 2

BF Cryo Bulb.png
Cryo Bulb
Blue bulb plants that explode when damaged, releasing icy gas. This gas will chill or freeze any dwarves or creatures nearby before dissipating. Health: 40

Damage: 80 Cold
Radius: 4m

BF Cold Vent.png
Cold Vent
Cracks in the walls periodically releasing blasts of freezing air that lower the temperature of anything standing in it. TBD
BF Smooth Ice.png
Smooth Ice
Slippery ice with low friction that dwarves can slide upon. Sliding speed is not restricted to a dwarf's normal movement speed. x1.5 Movement Speed
BF Unstable Ice.png
Unstable Ice
Large green icicles jutting out of the ceiling which fall down if damaged or an explosion occurs nearby. They shatter on impact. Damage: 1000/20

Radius: 2m

BF Snow.png
Deep Snow
Piles of deep snow that impede the movement of anything walking through it. Deep snow will also reduce fall damage if landed on. x0.95 Movement Speed
BF Blizzard.png
Impairs vision and slowly freezes all dwarves in the cave, while also reducing movement speed of creatures and dwarves. Fog will become much more dense seconds before a blizzard hits. TBD
BF Crevasse Crack.png
Crevasse Crack
Once stepped on will break into a deep crevasse that dwarves can fall into. Rock platforms form inside the crevasse for easier escape. N/A
BF Stalacite GS.png
Small diagonal stalactites jutting out of the ceiling. N/A