Deep Rock Galactic Wiki
Item Type Description
BF Glow Tree.png
Glow Tree
Supportive Trees with various bioluminescent bulbs at the end of its branches. The bulbs will shed a purple light on the surrounding area if they are shot or hit with a pickaxe, hitting all five bulbs will make the tree light up permanently.
BF Steam Geyser.png
Steam Geyser
Hazardous/Supportive Rocky geysers which periodically spray hot gas and liquid, propelling dwarves in its faced direction (usually upwards.) If destroyed they will explode violently, dealing large amounts of damage to any enemy or dwarf nearby.
BF ExplodingPlant Red.png
Exploding Plant
Hazardous/Supportive Glowing plants of varying size that explode violently when damaged. The larger the plant, the less damage needed to detonate it and the larger the explosion.
BF StickyGoo.png
Sticky Goo
Hazardous/supportive Thick bubbly green gunk. Slows down any dwarves or glyphids attempting to pass through it. it also reduces fall damage if landed on.
BF Poison Fungus Spores.png
Poison Spores Fungus
Hazardous Releases harmful green lingering vapors when a dwarf gets too close, causing damage over time. They also release vapors when destroyed.
BF GlyphidEggs.png
Glyphid Eggs
Hazardous Glyphid Swarmers burst out if an egg is damaged. Random chance all the nearby eggs will burst as well.
BF Xenofungus FlatBlue.png
Blue Plateau Xenofungus
Neutral Large, flat, plate-shaped fungus that grow out of the walls and can support a dwarf's weight.
BF Xenofungus ThinTurtle.png
Tall Helmet Xenofungus
Neutral Tall fungus with an irregular texture that are often surrounded by smaller iterations of themselves.
BF Xenofungus BellGrey.png
Grey Bell Xenofungus
Neutral Tall fungus that are grey and black and are often surrounded by smaller iterations of themselves.
BF Xenofungus Puffball.png
Brown Puffball Fungus
Neutral Tall and chunky fungus that are brown with purple gasses emitting from the largest in the family.
BF Grassy Vines.png
Hanging Grassy Vines
Neutral Masses of grassy material that hang down from the roof and obstruct vision.
BF Rare Xenofungus.png
Rare Glowing Xenofungus
Neutral Rare xenofungus. Glows blue in the darkness, making it easy to spot.