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Item Type Description
BF Blue Crystals.png
Blue Crystals
Supportive Blue crystals emitting bright light which greatly helps with navigation.
BF Electrocrystal.png
Hazardous/Supportive Will shock and slow anyone that comes in contact. Electricity travels through nearby crystals.
BF Spider Web CC.png
Spider Web
Hazardous Temporarily slows down and impairs the vision of any players running into it, can be burnt with the Flamethrower or Breach Cutter.
BF Pink Crystals.png
Plain Quartz
Neutral Pink crystals which can be easily destroyed, often commented on how useless it is.
BF Crystal Circle.png
Plain Quartz
Neutral Circle structure formed of crystals. They can spawn on their own, or in group.
BF Mineral Chimney.png
Mineral Chimney
Neutral Rock formations letting out smoke from their holes.
BF Wall Eye.png
Wall Eye
Neutral Organic eyes with purple bits surrounding them covering the walls of a cave. Damaging an eye will make it close for a short while. Also found in Radioactive Exclusion Zone.