Deep Rock Galactic Wiki


1 Warnings

   1.1 Cave Leech Clusters
       * appearance rate increase: how much? what is the normal chance without warning?
   1.2 Exploder Infestation
       * Exploder appearance rate (amount of exploders and time between packs)
       ** is this escalating or random?
       * Exploder vs Infestation Exploder differences?
       ** Image of Infestation Exploder vs regular variant
   1.3 Haunted Cave
       * Unknown Horror stats, behavior description
       * Unknown Horror image
       * Some more tips on how to deal with it
   1.4 Lethal Enemies
       * Physical damage increased only, so...
       ** what counts as physical damage?
   1.5 Low Oxygen
   1.6 Mactera Plague
       * Some more tips on how to deal with this
   1.7 Parasites
       * Larvae image
       * Some more tips on how to deal with this
   1.8 Regenerative Bugs
       * Image of Bug regenerating (green-blue glow)
   1.9 Shield Disruption
       * How much is the HP increase?
       ** Flat increase or % increase?

2 Anomalies

   2.1 Critical Weakness
       * More mentioned examples of creatures without weakspots
       * Explain how it works in more detail:
       ** What counts as a weakspot hit? What about AoE damage? Flamer for example doesn't seem to profit from this
       * Better image
   2.2 Double XP
   2.3 Gold Rush
       * Better image
       * Specific amount of gold that tends to be in these veins
   2.4 Golden Bugs
       * Better image
   2.5 Low Gravity
       * How much is gravity reduced by?
   2.6 Mineral Mania
       * More details on how mineral deposit amounts are generated
   2.7 Rich Atmosphere
       * How much of a speed increase?
       ** Same for Dwarves as for enemies?
   2.8 Volatile Guts
       * How much damage?
       * How big is the area affected?
       * Are these the same for all enemies?
       * Can this prevent Bulk/Crassus Detonators from using their normal death explosion?

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