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Attaches to a surface and provides deadly supressing fire. Deploying this device causes indiscriminate radial volleys of gunfire in all directions, so R&D do encourage the user to duck and cover upon activation.
— Item Description

The Tactical Leadburster is an unlockable Throwable for the Gunner.

Resembling a spiked rod more than it does an actual grenade, the Tactical Leadburster behaves like a single-use turret. Once thrown, the Tactical Leadburster will remain stuck on the terrain it encounters, be it wall, floor or ceiling. Immediately after affixing itself, the Tactical Leadburster activates, spewing bullets in a 360 degree radius.

Any entity, whether it is a Dwarf or a creature from Hoxxes, will be damaged while within the Leadburster's radius. Those closest to the Tactical Leadburster will take minimal damage, with the damage increasing significantly as they get farther away. This piece of equipment is incredibly devastating against enemy swarms, dealing significant damage to anything caught within its area of effect.

As this grenade can deal significant damage to the user and the user's teammates, it is best to take cover prior to deployment and exercise caution when doing so.

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Gunner Level 15
Purchased for:
Credit 5600 Credits
Enor Pearl 30 Enor Pearl
Initial Stats
Carried Amount 4
Aiming Time 0.4s
Damage Stats
Damage per bullet (1.8m or closer) 2 Piercing
Damage per bullet (1.8m - 7m) 20 Piercing
Damage per bullet (7m or farther) 50 Pierce
Armor Break 30%
Friendly Fire 50%
*Will benefit from Weakpoints
Bullets Fired Stats
Bullets per Volley 12
Volleys per Burst 16
Bursts per Leadburster 3
Status Effect
Status Chance 100%
Damage per Tick 50 Piercing
Tick interval 2s
Duration 0.7s



  • The Tactical Leadburster likely uses sequential superposed loads to fire multiple shots from each of its five barrels without reloading. With superposed loads (aka stacked charges) multiple projectiles are loaded nose to tail in a single gun barrel with propellant packed between them. Since superposed load weapons do not use separate ammunition storage or a feeding mechanism, they can be extremely compact for the firepower they deliver.

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