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Will stick to any surface or creature, and then explode after a short time. Sometimes keeping it simple is best.
— Item Description

The Sticky Grenade is the Gunner's default Throwable. It is a traditional "pineapple" grenade with an oversized ringpull, colored dark green. The grenade is covered in spikes which are retracted while in the Gunner's hand but stick out once thrown, hence explaining the grenade's sticky nature.

This grenade's fuse timer begins once it latches onto a surface. It can stick to almost any surface and will not roll. It will explode after the brief fuse timer.

The grenade has Fear Factor effects: a target stuck with the Sticky Grenade has more chance to flee (guaranteed on some enemies), and the resulting explosion can scare away other creatures as well, resulting in a chain Fear effect.

Grenade Stats
Direct hit Damage 20 Kinetic
Direct hit Fear Factor 250%
Carried Amount 6
Direct hit explosion 90 Explosive
Explosion Stats
Area Damage 130 Explosive
Explosion Fear Factor 100%
Maximum Damage Radius 1.5m
Radius 4m
Minimum Damage 20%

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