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This self-propelled chariot is responsible for countless beard-related workplace injuries. Once unleashed, it will not stop going forward until its structure can no longer sustain the friction of spinning at over 800 RPM through and along rock and carapace.
— Item Description

The Springloaded Ripper is an unlockable Throwable for the Driller.

Resembling three sawblades attached to a handle, the Springloaded Ripper behaves more like a temporary lawnmower than it does a grenade or a throwable.

Once thrown, the Springloaded Ripper will continue to follow the same path until it self-destructs. The Springloaded Ripper can stick to walls and ceilings, as such, it is more optimum to use this in extremely enclosed tunnels to maximise its effects. Damage of the Springloaded Ripper is immense, instantly killing lesser Glyphids and dealing significant armour-piercing damage to Praetorians.

The Springloaded Ripper can be seen as an alternative to the Impact Axe for the Driller as they are both throwables that deals armour-piercing damage. The main difference is the Springloaded Ripper's long duration, lack of any AOE and high risk of damaging allies.

There is however, one main weakness of the Springloaded Ripper despite its extreme damage and crowd control. As the Springloaded Ripper craws on the ground, walls and ceilings, it is utterly useless against aerial targets which are often out of reach from the Springloaded Ripper's ground pathing.

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Driller Level 15
Purchased for:
Credit 5600 Credits
Magnite 30 Magnite
Direct Hit Stats
Damage 145 Kinetic
Armor Break 0%
Friendly Fire 70%
Total Damage 950 damage cap; 7.75s duration
*Will benefit from Weakpoints


  • On release the Springloaded Ripper had the single highest friendly-fire damage in the game at 110%. It was known to single-handedly take down Dwarves in one hit without their shields. This has since been reduced to 70% after far too many innocent Dwarves lost their lives to stray buzzsaws.

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