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Good job, Miners. Spring Bunny secured. Performance Point bonus activated!
— Mission Control

The Spring Bunny is a special creature found only during the The Great Egg Hunt event. These mechanical toy contraptions act as an experience multiplier, giving each player x2 Experience Points upon finding, defeating and capturing the Bunny.

The Spring Bunny resembles a pink mechanical rabbit with a wind-up mechanism at its back and a deep, glowing heart on its chest. The Bunny leaves a trail of confetti and Easter eggs when it moves around. At around a foot and a half tall, the Bunny is one of the smallest mobs in the game. With only the Yuletide Elf being smaller. Despite its small size, the Bunny hops all over the place making it hard to take down. Moreover, it has as much health as a Glyphid Praetorian, so taking it down is a team effort. Like the Yuletide Elf, it is able to somehow hop on both the walls and the ceiling.

Therefore, trying to take it down is a challenge. The best class to do this is to play as Scout, as the Scout's Grappling Hook allows him to easily keep up with the Bunny. If hit, the Bunny 'bleeds' a cloud of Easter confetti.

Health and Armor[]

I found the Spring Bunny!
— Dwarf when they encounter the Bunny

Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Normal Mission DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1 187.5 375 825 975 1125 825 1162.5 1350 1275 1725
Dwarfcount2 577.5 1125 1425 1500 2400 975 1462.5 1575 1650 2475
Dwarfcount3 577.5 1125 1425 1500 2400 975 1462.5 1575 1650 2475
Dwarfcount4 1387.5 1500 1725 1950 2175 1725 1950 2100 2100 2700

Spring Bunny (Object)[]

Spring Bunny
Spring Bunny 2
Resource Details
Type Bonus Resource
Hardness 0 (Not mined directly)
Rarity Event
Value Experience Points x2 multiplier per unit
I got the furry white little menace!
— Dwarf after defeating the Bunny

Once taken down, the Bunny's body goes limp and becomes a heavy object that has to be carried with two hands. As an object, the Spring Bunny would proceed to either fall or eject from whatever explosion that killed it. This can be a bit irritating given that it may fall down in either a inaccessible or dangerous place.

Fortunately, the Spring Bunny's deep pink and magenta glow makes it very noticeable and easy to find. Once killed, the Bunny becomes a highlighted object on the terrain scanner, much like other heavy objects such as jadiz, gunk seeds, compressed gold, etc. The Bunny is shown on the terrain scanner in the shape of a rabbit's head.

Once the Bunny has been deposited inside Molly, the Bunny's body would grant each player the double XP in the same vein as the other seasonal resources.



  • The Spring Bunny is the second creature that could also act as an object, with the other being the Yuletide Elf and the Halloween Skull coming third.
  • The Spring Bunny is also the second seasonal event 'mob' to be released in the game after the Yuletide Elf again.
  • Compared to the Yuletide Elf, the Spring Bunny is comparatively easier to hit, given that it is not as fast as the Elf, has a bigger profile and its hops are relatively slow and easy to predict. Likewise, its brighter magenta glow and trail of Easter eggs makes it far easier to spot than the feint yellow glow of the Elf.