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This is a list of possible news that can appear on the Mineral Trade Terminal.


There are currently 95 base templates that be used.

  • {Creature} Kills Mining Crew Leaving {Resource} Quota Unfulfilled
  • BREAKING NEWS: {Person} Discovers That {Creature} {Verb} {Resource}
  • BREAKING NEWS: {Person} {Verb} {Person2} And {Resource} Sales Decline
  • BREAKING NEWS: {Creature} {Verb} {Person} Because Of {Resource}
  • BREAKING NEWS: {Person} {Verb} {Person2}
  • DRG Profit Increased Year-Over-Year: {Resource} Sales Up
  • DRG Pursuing New Mining Adventures: {Person} In Front
  • {Person} Declares: Hoxxes Best Work Place for {Person2}
  • {Person} Earns a Fortune Selling {Resource}
  • {Person} Steals {Resource} From {Person2}
  • {Person} And {Person2} Joining Forces In New Mining Operation
  • Everything You Need To Know About {Resource}
  • Wild Life Organisation Fights For {Creature} Rights
  • Wild Life Organisation: Killing Of {Creature} Has To Stop!
  • STOCK REPORT: {Resource} Prices Declining!
  • STOCK REPORT: {Resource} Sales Is Down
  • {Person} Invests In {Resource} Factory
  • STOCK REPORT: {Resource} Prices Rising!
  • STOCK REPORT: {Resource} Rates Rise While {Person} Employment Drops
  • STOCK REPORT: {Resource} Stocks Up In Downtrending Market
  • STOCK REPORT: Financial Report Shows A Decline In {Resource} Earnings
  • STOCK REPORT: {Resource} Sale Is Up
  • {Person} Invents New Way To Produce {Resource}
  • {Person} Writes New Bestseller: {Mission}
  • New Musical Film: {Mission}, Has Stunning {Person} In Leading Role
  • Blockbuster Movie Streaming Now: {Mission}
  • PLACES TO VISIT: {Mission}
  • Looking For New Gear? {Person} Guides You To The Best Mining Equipment
  • Looking for Cheap {Resource}? Visit {Mission}!
  • NEW BOOK OUT NOW! {Mission}: How To Survive {Creature} Encounters
  • Watch This Week's Action Movie: {Mission}
  • {Person} Loses A Fortune On Investment In {Resource}
  • {Resource} Shipment Lost In Space: {Person} Claims No Involvement
  • {Person} Builds {Creature} Farm At {Mission}
  • Rushhour At {Mission}: {Resource} In High Demand
  • Catastrophe Avoided! {Person} {Verb} {Person2} And Saves The Day
  • {Person} Finds {Resource} In The Belly Of {Creature}
  • {Creature} Escaped! {Person} Says, {Resource} Shouldn't Have Been Left Unattended
  • Management Disapproves: {Person} Stock Pilling {Resource}
  • {Person} Uses {Resource} And Discovers New Mineral: DRG Claims Mining Rights
  • {Person} Suing DRG Over {Resource} Debacle Has Gone Missing!
  • STOCK REPORT: Tradewar On {Resource} Makes Prices Drop To All Time Low: {Person} Lost Everything!
  • Extra {Percent} Tax On {Resource} Rolled Out! DRG Response: We Need To Think About Our Share Holders!
  • {Person} Died In Cave Accident At {Mission}
  • {Person} Falls Asleep While Docking Cargo Ship. {Resource} Shipment Destroyed And Stocks Are Down {Percent}
  • Cargo Ship Havocs: Only Part Of {Resource} Shipment Salvaged
  • {Person} Smuggles {Creature} Onboard Cargo Ship
  • Cargo Ship Accident: {Person} Accused Of Insurance Fraud
  • {Person} Injured! Tried To Pet {Creature}
  • Worker's Union Accused Of Skimming Funds: {Person} In Focus
  • New Development In Bank Heist Case: {Person} Was Disguised As {Creature}
  • Intergalactic Bank Robbed: {Person} Is Main Suspect
  • New Evidence: {Resource} Has Dangerous Side Effect
  • New Suspect In Robbery Case! {Person} Says It Was {Person2} Who Came Up With The Plan
  • {Person} Caught Destroying Robbery-Case Evidence
  • {Person} Sells Data To DRG: {Person2} Upset Over Impact On {Resource} Pricing
  • {Person} Finds A Cure Against {Resource} Allergy
  • {Resource} Potion Works! Hairless {Person} Grew {HighNumber} Hairs In {LowNumber} Days
  • {Person} Claims {Resource} Cures Loss Of Hair
  • WORKING VIOLATION! {Person} Keeps Pet {Creature}
  • {Person} Invents New Beard Style
  • OPEN JOB POSITION: DRG Looking For A New {Person}
  • {Person} Does Incredible Career Comeback After {Resource} Scandal
  • LOST IN SPACE: Still No Lifesign From {Person}
  • Personal Data From {Person} Stolen And {Resource} Sale Is Up
  • {Person} Says Substantial Degree Of Mortality Inevitable In Future Mining Operations, Maybe {Resource} Could Be Part Of The Problem
  • Trade Union Requests Review of {Resource} Export
  • Strange Tremors Discovered At {Mission}: {Person} Suspects Crazy {Creature} Mutations
  • Worker's Union Fighting For Lower Promotion Cost. DRG: Promotions Are More Expensive Than What They May Seem
  • DRG Accused of Exploiting {Person}! Management Denies!
  • DRG Management Reports Record Employee Satisfaction Third Year in a Row. {Person}: I Never Felt Better!
  • New Guns in Development: Expected to Highly Improve Survival Rates
  • {Person} Wants Higher Payouts! {Person2} Leading The Negotiations
  • No Success Yet! Worker's Union Negotiating {Percent} Higher Payouts For {Person}
  • {Person} Claims: Working In Space Drastically Reduces Life Expectancy
  • Groundbreaking New Study: Dancing Make Beards Grow {Percent} Faster
  • Dwarf Sets New Record And Gets Fired: Didn't Shower for {LowNumber} Years
  • {Person} In Uproar! Mining Company Says Employees Must Shower Once Per Week
  • Release Date Announced: Triple Blade Pickaxe Model Coming Soon
  • WILD BEARD GROWTH! {Person}: I Had No Idea My Nose Was Blocked For 26 Years
  • Investors Should Be Considering {Resource} Stocks Right Now, Says {Person}
  • {Person}: Paying To Get A Promotion Is Unfair.
  • {Resource} Stocks Are On Fire, But These {Resource2} Stocks Could End Up Just As Hot
  • {Person} Expects A {Percent} Increase In {Resource} Sales
  • {Person} Pays {HighNumber} Credits To Hire {PersonOrCreature}
  • It Seemed Like A Brilliant Idea! {Person} Loses Everything On {Resource} Trade
  • {Person} Teams Up With {Person2} And Buys {Percent} In {Resource} Company
  • {HighNumber} Spotted: {Creature} Horde Roaming {Mission}
  • {Person} Falls {HighNumber} Feet And Survives. {Person2} In Denial
  • {HighNumber} Reasons Why You Should Invest In {Resource}
  • {Person} Gets Lost In Mine Again! Even {Person2} Could Have Done A Better Job
  • {Person} Sentenced to {LowNumber} Years Of Penal Labour on Prison Planet
  • Dreaming Out Loud: {Person} Always Wanted To Be {Person2}
  • {Person} Unemployment Rising And {Resource} Stocks Dropping {Percent} As A Direct Consequence
  • STOCK REPORT: Tax Decreased {Percent} On {Resource} Trades

List of Words[]

Eats Kills Licks Owns Devours
Befriends Likes Loves Sues Examens
Studies Hates Hires Fires Promotes
Carries Marries Helps Assaults Exploits
Sues (repeat) Accuses Blames Incriminates Manhandles
Abuses Mistreats Protects Defends Fosters
Ignores Abandons Manages Saves Fears
Distrusts Challenges Suspects Rejects Praises

Driller Scout Engineer Gunner Medic
Barber Mission Control Captain Pilot Mercenary
Bartender Crew Member Doctor Professor Scientist
Miner Board Member Green Beard Dwarf Drone
Sole Survivor Expert Miner Rock Hauler Elite Miner War Veteran
Mythic Miner Longbeard Honor Guard Technician Mechanic
Cave Runner Rookie Miner Physiotherapist Chiropractor Master Chef
Worker Rock Collector Scavenger Dwarven Elder Tax Collector
Space Admiral Teammate Barrel Kicker Vegan Dwarven Analyst
Investigator Accountant Psychologist Rock Climber Leaf Lover
Hitman Robotic Engineer Space Engineer Trophy Hunter Wingman
Space Rig Manager Daytrader Smuggler Space Pirate Caretaker
Hoxxes Biologist Flight Commander Prospector Lawmaker Sidekick
Leaf Lover (repeat) Drill Operator Stevedore Dockworker Entrepreneur
Blacksmith Bootlegger Con Artist Investment Advisor Mineral Expert
Bookkeeper Mining Coach Squad Leader Drill Sergeant Galactic Ranger

Glyphid Dreadnought Mactera Spawn Mactera Brundle Mactera Tri-Jaw Mactera Goo Bomber
Mactera Grabber Crassus Detonator Bulk Detonator Glyphid Hiveguard Cave Leech
Lootbug Glyphid Swarmer Glyphid Web Spitter Glyphid Acid Spitter Glyphid Praetorian
Glyphid Oppressor Glyphid Grunt Glyphid Slasher Glyphid Slasher (repeat) Nayaka Trawler
Q'ronar Youngling Q'ronar Shellback Naedocyte Breeder Korlok Tyrant-Weed Spitball Infector
Fester Flea Maggot Silicate Harvester Hexawing Gniffer Huuli Hoarder

Umanite Morkite Liquid Morkite Bismor Croppa
Magnite Jadiz Enor Pearl Beer Barley Bulb
Malt Star Starch Nut Yeast Cone Nitra Sandwich
Omelette Ammunition Grooming Kit Gold Hollomite
Apoca Bloom Boolo Cap Bittergem Glyphid Slammer Burning Love
Oily Oaf Brew Leaf Lover's Special Arkenstout Blackreach Blonde Blacklock Lager
Mactera Brew Blackout Stout Smart Stout Underhill Deluxe Flintlocke's Delight
Malt Rockbearer Gut Wrecker Slayer Stout Skull Crusher Ale Refined Gold
Pots Of Gold Wormhole Special Flamethrower Weapon Pickaxe
Beard Armor Headwear Helmet Grenade Ommoran Heartstone
Subata Flare Weapon Framework Armor Paintjob Matrix Core
Infused Matrix Core Terrain Scanner Mushroom Drop Pod Drone
Iron Plastic Gun Powder Radioactive Waste Mactera Goo
Grappling Hook Flare Gun High-Intensity Flare Sticky Grenade Power Drills
Shield Generator Zipline Launcher Hologram Mining Helmet Skullplate
Industrial Goggles Gun Metal Bull Dog Deepcore Beer Mug
Thunderhead Bulldog